Enter the Shocktopus!


HI everyone,

As you probably know, the Shocktopus wriggled his way into the Soulforge yesterday, a few days before he was planned to release!

So we Shoved him into chests last night as well, just to be consistent.
(and if you’ve ever tried to shove a Shocktopus into a chest… it’s a little like trying to relocate a seagull into a gumboot)

Never fear! We’ll still be doing a mailout on Wednesday/Thursday with a free Shocktopus for everyone (and some extras for the competition winners).


Nice ty sirrian!!!


What on Earth is a gumboot?


It’s what Australians call a rubber boot, or a Wellington.


Oh wellies. I can only imagine the struggles.


Lol @jzg
Chat was acting up so I don’t know if you saw my post but when you asked when Shocktopus was coming out. I replied Wednesday for Valentine’s day. Looks like my fake news could be right. :wink:


Anyone found a good team with it yet?

I tried


It wasn’t bad but not excellent


Seaguls? Shocktopus? Stuffed inside a Wellington?



Does this mean that Wednesday or Thursday 3.3 may be going live ?


Is it coming with or without traits


Thanks for the troop! Can’t wait for the mailer!!



According to my sources…
3.3 is awaiting client approval. So it could be anytime now. They would not confirm any set date for the release other than sometime this month.





Do you have/need the invite codes for the winners?


@Ghaleon, no it doesn’t. We just wanted to release Shocktopus for Valentine’s Day. (Insert tentacle love joke here.)

@Venar, it will come traited for some of the winners of the design a troop competition. For everyone else, it will be untraited. :slight_smile:


Yay for cool stuff. When’s the next Design-a-troop project @saltypatra?


Sorry, but I need to make a negative feedback comment:
You guys need to work on a few new sound bites for spells.
Shocktopus gets the guitar strings? Really?
Same for the sand bug, another recycled sound.


This bugs me too. Giant spider and mantis also share the same SFX, plus numerous others.



10 char


Shocktopus SFX = Nimhain scream. It’s the troop of love, right?