Shocktopus In-Development

Hey Guys,

We promised that we would create a thread to try and keep you up to date with the Shocktopus’ development progress. The reference art for the troop and its spell has been sent off to the art team. We have included what we sent them below.


We need sperm whale to defeat Shocktopus :rofl:


plz consider letting him get stoneskin instead of armored trait. Love all the concept arts btw. Possibly its been said before, but what rarity will he be? Ultra rare?

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Epic rarity.

How about the Mantis Shrimp too. Then everyone with headaches from the colors can really enjoy themselves!


I have loved the mantis shrimp ever since I read that comic ages ago. It’s a super interesting creature. He needs his own action cartoon. :rofl:

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I don’t think this is the time to be revisiting the design that the community voted on with personal requests. That said, I’m sure the devs will consider it from a balance perspective and adapt if they feel necessary.

@nimhain can the guidance to the artists be tweaked to mention making it look like there could be a pilot inside?

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As long as it doesn’t fire sperm to kill its victims!

What color do people hope the Shocktopus will get? I am hoping for purple or dark red.

Ectoplasma :slight_smile:

Love it! Great concept art @Nimhain :smiley:


Green/Yellow as decided at the same time than the spell.

The mana colors I am already aware of. I was asking about the artwork of Shoctopus itself.

Based on the design brief I think it’s gonna be mostly bronze. But yeah, hopefully some cool skin colours will be on show too!

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bronze or rusty, good prediction I would say.

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Actually the thing I find most interesting about all of this is getting a peek into their design process, sending off examples of what they think certain things should look like, etc. Would be cool to see what they sent out for other popular troops as reference materials vs. what it came back as in the end.

Please consider renaming spell to The Shocker. giggity


This is so cool! Thanks for sharing your stuff with us players. :smiley:

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As far as I know the game hasn’t featured any ‘target troops of a chosen colour’ mechanics before, so this probably needs new code, which may mean a further delay, and may mean it can’t hit until the next client update. Probably also means bugs :wink:


Steps to reproduce problem:

  1. Start PvP match against 5-color team
  2. Cast Shocktapus
  3. Target 6th color

Expected results:

  1. No damage to enemy team
  2. No formatting of my C:\ drive