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Is Shocktopus in drop pool or is it a bug?

Here’s what I see in Unowned:


Does it mean he’s in the drop pool already?
@Cyrup, @Saltypatra?

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As far as I know… He is not the drop pool. And won’t be for a couple of weeks (as of last Monday).

From what I gather it is “in the data” and flagged as an actual functioning troop, but NOT in any drop pools.

I want to say the promise is we’ll all be given a copy and THEN it will be in the drop pool.

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Can’t wait for her, she lookin sweeet.

Shocktopus is NOT in chests or drop pools at the moment. We will let you all know when it is.

Please tell us we gonna see him after reset? :slight_smile:

I had him on my tribute screen! PS_Messages_20180122_064628


He’s such a teaser :slight_smile:

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We know todays event, we know next weeks event. The week after, Shockopus!