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Design-A-Troop Competition! (WEEK 3: Spell and Colour)

It’s time for our third round! Spell and colour suggestions go!

Of course, this is concerning a Shocktopus style troop! Get creative everyone. :slight_smile:


The troop being designed will be an epic troop.
The competition will run for 4 weeks.
Each week players will spend 4 days suggesting ideas for 1-2 categories.
From these suggestions, the developers will choose their favourite 8 ideas.
For the next 3 days players will vote on these 8 ideas. The idea with the most votes will win and be included in the troop.
Each player with an idea in the 8 selected will get some points based on what position they finished.
At the end of 4 weeks we will have a troop!
We will then distribute rewards to the players with the highest finishing points values over the course of the competition.


Day 1-4: Suggest a Kingdom & Troop Type for the troop (From existing kingdoms.)
Day 5-7: Vote on Kingdom & Troop Type for the troop (From existing troops types.)

Day 1-4: Suggest a Theme & Visual Style for the troop
Day 5-7: Vote on Theme & Visual Style for the troop

Day 1-4: Suggest a Spell & Colour for the troop
Day 5-7: Vote on Spell & Colour for the troop

Day 1-4: Suggest a Name & Traits for the troop
Day 5-7: Vote on Name & Traits for the troop
After this process, final balancing will be done by the developers.


Each week, 8 suggestions will be chosen by the dev team & voted on by the players.
Players score the following points after voting has closed (from 1st to 8th): 10,8,6,5,4,3,2,1.
Top 10 players (at the end of 4 weeks) will receive a prize:

1st Place: A Mythic version of the new troop, fully traited & levelled. 1000 Gems.
2nd - 4th Place: A Legendary version of the new troop, fully traited & levelled (to 19). 500 Gems
5th - 10th Place: An Epic version of the new troop, fully traited & levelled (to 18). 250 Gems
So, without further ado…

Please go and give the EULA a detailed read (bonus points if you can read legalese) and make sure you’re aware of the terms and conditions. https://gemsofwar.com/design-a-troop-legal-eula/33

This is the part that I think is very relevant for the majority of users here:

a) Entrant must, during the entire Contest Period, be a legal resident of the United States (excluding residents of Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, North Dakota, and Vermont), Canada (excluding residents of the province of Quebec) and Europe (residents of Europe are ineligible to the extent that their individual Country of residence prohibits entry into this Contest in any way) in order to qualify for any of the digital prizes.

I’m so sorry for all of you have already entered that aren’t in the catchment area. Please let me know who you are or amene your posts. You won’t be eligible for prizes, I’m in the process of finding out whether you can still enter and waive your right them in order to participate anyway. Please bear with me while I do some additional digging.


11 Blue: Dispel and Stun a selected enemy. Randomly create 8 yellow gems


From the spoilers, a Blue/Red Ultra-Rare (again?) and a Blue/Purple Legendary for Blackhawk kingdom are coming in December . Maybe one can want to avoid using the same colors, no?

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12 blue/green

Destroy gems in x shape, submerge and deal 15 true damage to the first troop boosted by blue gem destroyed

Because it’s almost a Mecha-Kraken, I just copy-tweak-paste Kraken’s spell:
14 Red/Yellow
Depths above
Deal [Magic + 5] damage to the first 2 enemies. Create 8 Brown Gems. Then there is a 20% chance to devour the first enemy.

  • Create Brown because it’s the 2nd most used color in Blackhawk and it’s also the color of the rust.
  • 20% of Devour because it’s only an Epic troop compared to the Legendary Kraken.
  • Red/Yellow: a more Adana-style colors because the troop was created there

Or a counter to Kraken:
13 Red/Brown
Octopy Hook
Deal [Magic] damage to an enemy, boosted by blue gems and then destroy them. Deal double damage if they use Green Mana.


Purple/Yellow 13 Mana cost

Spell: Submerge all allies. Deal [15+Magic] damage to an enemy, boosted by their total Attack, Armor, and and Life. (this punishes Kraken as a troop that would gain lots of stats after a devour)

Boost ratio: 1:3


She asking only for colour and spell this week

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Ah, didnt know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Color: Rainbow

Spell: Turn enemy troops into Wisps and destroy them for all eternity


Color: Yellow/Red

Spell: Deal [Magic+2] damage to an enemy, boosted by Stunned enemies (x3). If there are 13 or more blue gems on the board, Stun all enemies. (12 mana)


Electric Depth Charge
Blue + Brown
Remove all non-yellow gems in a row. Deal damage to target enemy (scales with shoctopus’s Magic and gems removed) and all other troops that share a name with it.

color : purple/brown

spell : Move any single mana gem diagonally.

could make for some enteresting gem matching :nerd_face:

12 Blue/Yellow

Taser Dive

Stun and deal [magic/2+5] damage to a chosen enemy, double if the enemy is not submerged. Afterwards, submerge the enemy and myself.

Deals a nice spike of damage at first, but gives the enemy an advantage as well. Not spammable, especially on a team with AoE damage all spells.

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Purple/Blue 12 mana

Sonic Shockwave

Stun all enemies. Submerge all allies. Gain an extra turn.


Blue/Brown 11 Mana

Mad Scientist

Swap this character with a random enemy character. Heal both to full. Newly transferred troop gains half there mana.

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Red/Purple 11 Mana

Nether Shock

Mana-burn an enemy and stun them. If they use blue mana, deal 8 additional damage and gain 8 mana back.


U/B 12

Steel Waves

Submerge. Create 6 blue gems. Deal my attack (2:1) to all enemies. If submerged, deal the damage to submerged enemies also and create 6 black gems.

12 Blue /purple
Spell Name :we’re sorry
Spell : revert back to the old ui


Spell: Octo-Shock
Green/Yellow 12 mana
Choose a colour. Destroy 8 gems of the chosen colour. Deal [magic+something] true damage to each enemy of that colour.