Design-A-Troop Competition! (WEEK 3: Spell and Colour)

Quite Shocking!
11 Mana

Deal 8 damage to a random enemy. Deal 8 true damage to a random enemy. Cause 8 Status effects randomly split among all enemies. Gain 8 life. Repeat the effect one more time if an enemy dies.

(Idea: wanted to see an upgraded/higher rarity version of Dragonette)


Playing off the idea mentioned above that this was created by Sparkgrinder to protect the Merfolk, here is my suggestion:

Color: Yellow/Purple
Cost: 15 mana
Spell: Doc Oc- Remove all Blue gems, Heal all allies [Magic+8] boosted by Merfolk allies (x1)

This would be a troop that I could see maxing out with a Magic stat of 4, giving them the potential to heal all troops 12, but with 4 merfolks that would be 48 Life to all allies. Respectable for an Epic, I think.

Also, it would be fun to have a Mech Healer! :wink:

Spell: Dark Sigil (17 purple/brown)
Mark all gems (or numbers based on magic) of a chosen color (or a fixed color) on the board. If the marked gems are destroyed by allies, then every allie gain 1 mana for every destroyed marked gem. If the marked gems are destroyed by enemies, then every enemy take 4 damage for every destroyed marked gems.

Spell: Ultimate Spy( 18 blue/purple/green)
Swap with the strongest enemy and then deal (magic) damage to all allies. Then double my mana cost


Explode 8 random blue gems and 8 random brown gems. Cleanse all allies

Purple/Yellow (14)

The Shocker: Deal (1/2 magic+ x) true damage to the first two enemies and stun them. Silence and drain the mana of the last troop.

Short Circuit
Destroy a row, column, and gems in an X. Deal [Magic] damage to target creature, tripled if it is a monster.

This way we get all 8 tentacles hitting the board before that beak cracks open the Kraken.


I love this!! Making it like it’s tentacles work so well

They have…
In the Ts and Cs it says it must be compatible with Gems of War’s current release. So no new spell mechanics etc would be applicable.


Mana 12

Spell: Shock Therapy

Drain mana and Change mana generation of selected enemy troop to Blue with 20 percent chance to recover at start of turn. Remove all Blue Gems and Disease self.



Entangle, Stun, and Disease an ennemy, and steal half it’s mana. Explode the bottom row.

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9 Blue/Brown
Dispel all enemies. Charm a enemy and a random enemy. Jumble the board and gain an extra turn.


12 blue/brown
Destroy 8 random gems. Deal [magic] damage to the last 2 enemies, boosted by yellow gems destroyed (4x). Stun them and submerge myself.

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Unfinished idea but something like:
Deal x damage to the first enemy, half of that to adjacent enemies, half again to not yet damaged enemies and half again to still not yet damaged enemies.
Double that if I took skull damage last turn.

Colors I don’t know.
The rider (double that) could also be changed to something else, for example do triple damage to submerged enemies.

And an entirely different idea:

  • Apply the shocked status effect to all enemies
    Shocked means that actions taken by that troop and mana gained by that troop cause X damage while the effect lasts
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Blue/Yellow (water and air/electricity)

Chain Lightning: Deal [Magic+X] damage to the enemy with the highest armor, boosted by all enemy armor. Deal 1/2 that damage to the enemy with the second highest armor, 1/4 that damage to the enemy with the third highest armor, then 1/8 that damage to the enemy with the lowest armor.

The ability being an electrical charge, it makes the most sense to target armor. If the numbers are hard to add up or balance then the ability could be changed to do damage to the enemy with the highest armor, boosted by all enemy armor, then half that to adjacent enemies.

Behind the scenes, if all enemies have no armor, the ability could target at random, or you could tweak to target the enemy with the most life (meatiest target? :slight_smile: ).

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with some armored 25% skull damage reduction and moderate to low mana cost, it could be a nice mech

just need to be a bit more merfolky too? hmm

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Hey thanks! I liked the idea of targeting armor and introducing an ability that would be new to the game / something that we haven’t seen yet. :slight_smile:

Just adding, it’s great that 505 Games includes Australians in the… oh wait :no_mouth:

Colour: (just not blue mmk?)

Spell: Scan enemy team for Forest Troll and Kraken, if both are present, turn enemy team into level 1 Peasants :wink:


Explosive Arms 12 Blue/Yellow
Explode 15 random gems. Gain 25 armor and cleanse myself.

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Blue/Yellow. Deal damage to the first 2 enemies and silence them deal triple damage if they create gems as part of their spell.

Good way to deal with Krakens and trolls.