Design-A-Troop Competition! (WEEK 3: Spell and Colour)

Welcome to Design-A-Troop, where the names are made up and the types don’t matter!

I don’t see how we can come up with a fitting spell without knowing a) WHAT a “shocktopus” is, and b) HOW it is a mech and a merfolk. I sure hope the designers have something better in mind than the deluge of jokes about kraken’s current popularity.

Also: this troop had better not get flavor text with a pun on “current”. Tesla’s already covered that ground.

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Mana cost : 11
Mana colors : Yellow / Blue
Spell : Ink-apacitate.
Blind an ennemy and mana burn them, boosted by my magic. Create 9 brown gems if the target was already blinded.

(Blind : while this effect lasts, targeted spells will hit a random target instead)


Spell: Depth Charge
Brown/Purple 12 mana
Destroy a random column. Deal [magic+something] damage to a chosen enemy, boosted by Blue gems destroyed (x3 ratio). Deal triple damage if the enemy is submerged.


Blue /yellow
‘skull subsurge’
Directs all skull damage to the targeted troop, plus create 5 skulls.
With a 10% chance to cleanse each turn, going up by 10% each turn.

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Good luck everyone! I’m out from this part on but enjoyed creating 2 fully fleshed out Troops.

Edit: Probably should include Mana Burn somewhere ^^

12 yellow/green (or yellow/red)


fireproof - immune to burn
air (electric) bound - +1 magic for each yellow ally at the start of the game
mana shield - immune to mana burn
empowered - starts with full mana

‘Ink Shock’
transforms all blue gems into purple and mana burn one random enemy
(or it could transform them into brown instead, whats the color of ink?)


Whirlpool Drain
12 Mana

Explode 8 random Purple gems. Deal [Magic + 8] damage split amongst the second and third enemy, boosted by all Mech and Merfolk allies. Web and drain 8 Mana from all Monsters. (friendly too)

Blue/Yellow: Deal (magic+1) true damage to an enemy. If the enemy is a monster, steal their mana and death mark them.

I feel this troop could be something created by Sparkgrinder to keep the citizens of Blackhawk safe, and as such be a Kraken killer!
This spell would make the troop a good Kraken counter by stopping devour spam and by STEALING its mana it can also counter the number of double Kraken teams we’re seeing lately. The fact it deals true damage also gives it a slight viability against non-monsters too without being OP.

Blue mana for its water background, yellow mana for the metal and electricity making it a Shocktopus!


14 Yellow/Green

Explode 8 random gems and Shock 2 enemies. Shocked enemies are stunned, and cannot cast spells or gain mana for 2 turns.

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20 Yellow/Brown
Treasure Hunter
Use a map and play a Treasure Hunt instead of the player. Cast be cast only once.


Color: blue/yellow (15 mana)
Spell: 1-3 dmg to everybody (except Shocktopus), and paralize (web, entangle, silence or stun) 2-3 random troop.
Explanation: damage to everybody is based on magic, paralize does entangle/web/silence/stun but those effects dont stack on one troop with one cast.

Spell name would be: Surprise to everyone

As Jainus commented above, it seems unlikely that the developers will want to create/test an entirely new mechanic for this contest. Unless someone with gem flair says something, it may be wise to restrict your suggestions to things currently in the game.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to actually have this confirmed by devs though?

Agree in principle, but given the hour in Australia I wouldn’t bank on getting an announcement in the next ten or so hours.

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Can somebody confirm anything about what the troop IS?
I am gathering that it is a Mech/Merfolk, or Mech/Beast?

This would really be helpful in determining an appropriate spell.

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Mech/Merfolk from Blackhawk.

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Quite Shocking!
11 Mana

Deal 8 damage to a random enemy. Deal 8 true damage to a random enemy. Cause 8 Status effects randomly split among all enemies. Gain 8 life. Repeat the effect one more time if an enemy dies.

(Idea: wanted to see an upgraded/higher rarity version of Dragonette)


Playing off the idea mentioned above that this was created by Sparkgrinder to protect the Merfolk, here is my suggestion:

Color: Yellow/Purple
Cost: 15 mana
Spell: Doc Oc- Remove all Blue gems, Heal all allies [Magic+8] boosted by Merfolk allies (x1)

This would be a troop that I could see maxing out with a Magic stat of 4, giving them the potential to heal all troops 12, but with 4 merfolks that would be 48 Life to all allies. Respectable for an Epic, I think.

Also, it would be fun to have a Mech Healer! :wink:

Spell: Dark Sigil (17 purple/brown)
Mark all gems (or numbers based on magic) of a chosen color (or a fixed color) on the board. If the marked gems are destroyed by allies, then every allie gain 1 mana for every destroyed marked gem. If the marked gems are destroyed by enemies, then every enemy take 4 damage for every destroyed marked gems.

Spell: Ultimate Spy( 18 blue/purple/green)
Swap with the strongest enemy and then deal (magic) damage to all allies. Then double my mana cost


Explode 8 random blue gems and 8 random brown gems. Cleanse all allies