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Delves: all about rooms and plans

Here I show all delves’ plans: rooms and passes between them. Before we begin, I need to introduce some things.


In this topic you’ll see delves’ plans with rooms. All delves have 9 rooms (except All-Seeing Eye, which has 8 rooms), 2 of them are always “faction start” (always level I) and “faction finish” (always level VI) and consist of faction troops. Between start and finish we can see other 7 rooms with different levels and bonuses. You can see all these rooms here: Delve Room Table - Gems of War Database , for now the list has 149 rooms, 64 of them belong to 32 factions opened, 12 belong to towers of Doom, other 73 are common for all delves (and towers of Doom as well). Here are amounts of rooms by levels:

  • level I - 10 rooms
  • level II - 14 rooms (3 are treasure rooms)
  • level III - 19 rooms (4 are treasure rooms)
  • level IV - 17 rooms (2 are treasure rooms)
  • level V - 13 rooms (2 are treasure rooms)

There are no 2 identical rooms in any delve. All rooms are always different. Each room team inherits banner of the current faction, so in some factions specific teams will be stronger, in others - weaker.

There are 3 types of rooms on any delve plan:

  • treasure room - a room which gives a bonus to your team
  • plain room - a room which gives a bonus to your future enemies
  • occasional treasure room - a room which can be either plain or treasure

Treasure rooms (marked with green “T” on plans) have various levels: from II to V. They are chosen randomly from the whole list of treasure rooms (11 in total).

Plain rooms (marked with blue Roman numerals) have fixed levels. They are chosen randomly for each delve among non-treasure rooms of given level. You’ll never see a treasure room there.

And “occasional treasure rooms” (marked with red Roman numerals on plans) are somewhat curious because in some cases (i.e. in some delves) you can see they are almost always are treasure rooms, but in other cases they almost always are plain ones. There will be notes in each delve plan on such rooms, based on my personal experience. Sometimes you may see very many “occasional treasures” on a plan, but they won’t be all treasures many times. (I’d like to know the algorithm which appoints these rooms, if anyone knows it, please share.) Occasional treasures have fixed levels.

On the other hand, you may think about “plain” and “treasures” as more curious than “occasional treasures”, because each of them presents some special subsets of rooms, while “occasional treasures” are just rooms with fixed level, treasures or not.

If you are aware that a faction may have many occasional treasure rooms (like Illithia or Lyrasza’s Lair), you’d better check all rooms before actually fighting them. You may work out a plan firstly to maximize your profit and minimize chances of losing troops.

Magenta arrows show how you may move through rooms. Obviously, “A —> B” means you need to open room A firstly to get to room B. Two-headed arrow like “A <—> B” means you may choose either way. Many delves have evident passes, others (like The Labyrinth or Lyrasza’s Lair) - not very evident, and arrows help you find your path.

If you see mistakes or omissions in my descriptions (and I might miss something, for example, marked plain room as an occasional treasure or vice versa), please contact me privately.

I hope these plans will help understand delves better.

One may try to calculate chances of getting this or that treasure level, but for me it’s too much efforts to prove something evident, like “Hall of Guardians has higher chances than Crypt Keepers”. Consider it a good exercise in programming.

I added some lore: put together texts that belong to each faction. Map names, room names, faction descriptions.

From June ‘21 the Tuesday faction matches the current kingdom (factions’ schedule became useless: Weeky Faction Assaults schedule - obsolete (created in June '20, updated 22 May '21) ), which makes it harder to pass (with kingdom week bonus).

More on delves - if you can’t spend your everyday delve sigils today, you may back them up: Everyday delves and backing them up .

Another tool on selecting good delves to explore or save sigils: GoogleCalc sheet with statistics: Delves Effectiveness - Google Sheets .

If you want to pass level 500 with a pure faction team, @Texugo-928 's videos may be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL--AbGesk0jVALBcNH_88enmyNvtjYDsD .

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Many thanks to Taran and his taransworld.com for blank delve plans.


City of Thieves (Leonis Empire)

We begin with the faction that is loved by players for plenty of treasures and high level rooms also. And high level rooms give you hope for better treasures from finishing the delve (chaos shards, money, ingots, glory and souls).

Faction title: A Hive of Scum and Villainy
Faction map name: Thieves’ Tunnels
Start room: Back Alley
Finish room: King’s Vault
Faction info: Rules by the King of Thieves, this run-down city is home to thousands of cutthroats and scoundrels.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3063
Faction weapon (Night Dagger): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1275
Faction pet (Cactnid Kid): http://gowdb.com/pets/13039

3 rooms are treasures, and they may vary from “II - II - II” to “IV - V - V”. Occasional treasure rooms are always level IV, and 1 of them may become treasure in 1 of about 15-20 delves (my humble estimation). I saw both of them as treasures only once, and I made really many delves there, so I estimate this event to happen in 1 of about 400 delves.

Another bonus here is early access to “Cedric’s Hideaway”, if it appears among treasures. It will give you a bit more gold for each future battle.

A “uniform” faction: more Humans for Leonis Empire (a human empire mostly).


Mirrored Halls (Glacial Peaks)

One of delves with plenty of treasure rooms and high level plain rooms.

Faction title: Palace of the Mirror Queen
Faction map name: Halls of Reflection
Start room: Mirrored Chamber
Finish room: Mirrored Throne
Faction info: The Mirror Queen lives here with her servants, quietly reflecting upon her own beauty.

GoWDB link: Mirrored Halls - Kingdoms - Gems of War Database
Faction weapon (Mirror Orb): Mirror Orb - Weapons - Gems of War Database
Faction pet (Mirror Mimic): Mirror Mimic - Pets - Gems of War Database

Simple plan with evident passes between rooms. Always 4 treasures, which may vary from “II - II - II - III” to “IV - IV - V - V”.

One of “uniform” factions: more Fey for Glacial Peaks.

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Duergaroth (Karakoth)

Another delve with 4 treasure rooms.

Faction title: Servants of Nyar’Mel
Faction map name: Nyar’Mel’s Depths
Start room: Deep Cavern
Finish room: Deep Throne
Faction info: These once-proud deep dwarves have been conquered and controlled by the Daemon, Nyar’Mel.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3046
Faction weapon (Memories of Stone): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1365
Faction pet (Mephisquideles): http://gowdb.com/pets/13154

Like in Mirrored Halls, treasure rooms vary from “II - II - II - III” to “IV - IV - V - V”.

Tinker Town (Adana)

A delve with 3 firm treasure rooms.

Faction title: Where Tinker Dwarves Dwell
Faction map name: Steamwhistle’s Workshop
Start room: Factory Entrance
Finish room: The Master Forge
Faction info: Tink Steamwhistle, the most revered ancestor of the Tinker Dwarves, has built a huge mechanical city here (and gone mad).

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3045
Faction weapon (Tinker’s Buzzblade): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1370
Faction pet (Pet-o-bot): http://gowdb.com/pets/13145

Like in City of Thieves, treasure rooms vary from “II - II - II” to “IV - V - V”.

One of “uniform” factions: more Mech for Adana.

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Depths of Sin (Sin of Maraj)

Faction title: The Root of All Evil
Faction map name: The Infernal Portal
Start room: Deep Gates
Finish room: Seal of Sin
Faction info: Deep below the underworld portal the Demon Tartarus builds machines of war.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3072
Faction weapon (The Eighth Sin): The Eighth Sin - Weapons - Gems of War Database
Faction pet (Semi Deminaga): http://gowdb.com/pets/13136

Usually, many delves have treasure rooms well protected behind other rooms. City of Thieves was just an exception from this rule.

One of “uniform” factions: more Daemons for Sin of Maraj.

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Fang Moor (Khetar)

Faction title: The Setauri Wetlands
Faction map name: Temple of Set
Start room: Settite Hall
Finish room: Settite Shrine
Faction info: The Setauri are an ancient race, survivors of the fall of Khet.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3050
Faction weapon (Bloodthirsty Axe): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1250
Faction pet (Rattlebone): Rattlebone - Pets - Gems of War Database

A delve with long pass, but not bad treasures in the end. In a very rare situation both rooms V may be treasures, but I never saw such a thing (on the other hand, I don’t do this delve often).

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Illithia (Dhrak-Zum)

Faction title: Servants of the Hive Mind
Faction map name: Illithian Temple
Start room: Illithian Cortex
Finish room: Mind Palace
Faction info: A surprisingly advanced race of creatures, all controlled by the malicious Hive Mind.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3071
Faction weapon (Forbidden Tome): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1352
Faction pet (Hamsterthalamus): http://gowdb.com/pets/13141

A delve with a user-friendly plan, so to say. If you make this delve many times, you see that any room may be treasure, but I saw maximum 3 treasure rooms at once here. Maybe it can be 4 or even 5, but it’s very rare events. I suspect that each treasure room lowers chances for other occasional treasures to become actual treasures.

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Lyrasza’s Lair (Shentang)

Faction title: Tower of the Mad Mage
Faction map name: Mad Mage’s Tower
Start room: Lyrasza’s Descent
Finish room: Lyrasza’s Sanctum
Faction info: Deep within the Underworld a mad mage was imprisoned in a broken tower.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3070
Faction weapon (Staff of Insanity): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1296
Faction pet (Sad Panda): Sad Panda - Pets - Gems of War Database

Another delve with 7 occasional treasure rooms, and somewhat user-friendly plan too, but not too evident (like Illithia). We see 4 lines of rooms here:

  • 1st line - Start
  • 2nd line - II and III rooms
  • 3rd line - IV and V rooms
  • 4th line - Finish

Any room passed in the 2nd line opens you access to the 3rd line. I didn’t draw 12 arrows to show all variants, I just collected 3 arrows from 2nd line rooms into a fictitious “dot”, and 4 arrows to 3rd line rooms start from this “dot”. That’s how this delve works. You may choose any of 12 paths to make a short run through it.

Again, all 7 rooms may be treasures, but, like in Illithia, I saw maximum 3 of them to be actual treasures at once.


Silver Necropolis (Silverglade)

Faction title: The High Elven Tombs
Faction map name: The Silver Crypts
Start room: Preparation Room
Finish room: Vanya’s Crypt
Faction info: The haunted tomb of Archmage Vanya Soulmourn was thought lost for thousands of years.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3066
Faction weapon (Life and Death): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1252
Faction pet (Bonicorn): http://gowdb.com/pets/13116

Sometimes you’ll see treasures in northern and southern rooms, but I never saw them both as actual treasures in one delve.

Mark this faction’s weapon: “Life & Death” is very popular with Orbweaver hero class.

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Werewoods (Urskaya)

Faction title: The Forest of Shapeshifters
Faction map name: Lair of the Beastmaster
Start room: Beast Mouth Cavern
Finish room: Beastmaster’s Den
Faction info: These woods are overrun by creatures fiercely loyal to the Beastmaster, who can change shape into any of his subjects.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3068
Faction weapon (Beastly Claw): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1295
Faction pet (Sir Ted): http://gowdb.com/pets/13127

Well-hidden treasure room here.

Beastmaster Torbern is a useful troop from this faction.

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Hall of Guardians (Whitehelm)

Faction title: Protectors of Ancient Wisdom
Faction map name: Guardian Chambers
Start room: Guardian Hall
Finish room: Guardian Tomb
Faction info: It is said that Gaard himself created these halls to protect a sacred tome.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3042
Faction weapon (Guardian Crown): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1223
Faction pet (Tiny Dancer): http://gowdb.com/pets/13060

One of very first delves, no firm treasure rooms and only 1 occasional.

Gargoyle and Silent Sentinel are good troops from this faction. Faction weapon is useful as well.

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Fell Roost (Blighted Lands)

Faction title: The Lair of Corrupted Dragons
Faction map name: Caverns of Nocturnia
Start room: Fell Chamber
Finish room: Fell Queen’s Nest
Faction info: Corrupted by Daemons long ago, the Fell Dragons sought out a home in the Underworld.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3061
Faction weapon (Fell Ward): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1317
Faction pet (Dark Helmut): http://gowdb.com/pets/13137

The only faction with side-viewed delve (all other plans are top-viewed). About occasional treasures: I often saw at least 1 of these 3 rooms as an actual treasure.

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The Deep Hive (Drifting Sands)

Faction title: The Hornet’s Nest
Faction map name: The Hive
Start room: The Honeycomb
Finish room: Queen’s Chamber
Faction info: This is the last surviving hive of the insectfolk of the Drifting Sands, buried long ago in the Underworld.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3060
Faction weapon (Honeydipper): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1310
Faction pet (Miniskito): http://gowdb.com/pets/13053

Again, 3 occasional treasures, and 1 of them may not very rarely be actual one, like in Fell Roost.

Queen Beetrix is a useful troop from this faction.

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The Warrens (Pan’s Vale)

Faction title: The Lapina Burrows
Faction map name: The Great Warren
Start room: The Burrows
Finish room: The Deep Burrows
Faction info: A faction of Krystara’s rabbit-folk live here in the dark burrows of the Underworld.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3052
Faction weapon (Garland Staff): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1239
Faction pet (Hare-o-Plane): http://gowdb.com/pets/13106

It’s the only delve so far where you need to pass through a treasure room while fighting to finish.

Luna and Trickster are good troops from this faction.

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Amanithrax (Zaejin)

Faction title: The Mushroom Fields
Faction map name: The Mushroom Forest
Start room: Fungi Garden
Finish room: Shroom Throne
Faction info: A group of sentient fungi live here, herded for food by a strange race of Goblins.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3053
Faction weapon (Tome of Spores): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1274
Faction pet (Frog Prince): http://gowdb.com/pets/13042

Paths are barely visible here. And you’ll see 4 treasure rooms here very seldom. (Updated in 16th October '21: one treasure room became an occasional treasure Legendary room some time ago.)

King Gobtruffle is a useful troop from here.

One of “uniform” factions, where King Gobtruffle fights very well with fellow goblins from Zaejin. And recent addition of Fundigus strengthens Zaejin-Amanithrax connection.


You put a lot of work into this. Thanks.


thank you for this work and i agree: i also saw five treasure rooms in CoT only twice (not once, lol), so this will rarely happen.

All-Seeing Eye (Darkstone)

Faction title: The Ocularen Temple
Faction map name: Temple of the Eye
Start room: Hall of Many Eyes
Finish room: Ocularen Temple
Faction info: Once sentinels of the Old Gods, this temple is all that remains of the Ocularen.

GoWDB link: All-Seeing Eye - Kingdoms - Gems of War Database
Faction weapon (Jar of Eyes): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1222
Faction pet (Eye Pod): gowdb.com/pets/13102

The first delve in the game - and the worst for delving. Yes, it has 8 rooms only, and not even one firm treasure room. I hope the devs won’t do anything like it in future.

Mark faction troops and faction weapon though, they are useful. Darkstone has another weapon ( Chalice of Eyes - http://gowdb.com/weapons/1351 ) which summons faction troops.

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Sunken Fleet (Bright Forest)

Faction title: Wreckage of the Maraji Fleet
Faction map name: The Maraji Queen
Start room: Broken Barge
Finish room: Maraji Queen
Faction info: In ages past, the Summer Queen defeated the fleet of Al-Maraj, banishing them to the Underworld.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3069
Faction weapon (Last Harbor): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1272
Faction pet (Minnow): http://gowdb.com/pets/13073

The most interesting faction, not very profitable, but curious by design. There are 3 occasional treasures and 1 firm treasure room, but the funny part is in the center.

“O” are 2 plain Ocean rooms (I took it from TimeKnight’s explorations) in the main path, each of them can be one of the following 5:

  • Smuggler’s Den (II)
  • Dark Wave Pool (III)
  • Coral Cave (IV)
  • Drowned Grotto (V)
  • Murky Deep (V)

Yes, there are also some treasure rooms with Ocean theme, but they do not appear here. So the easiest path will be “II - III” or “III - II”, and the hardest - “V - V”.

And one plain “N” room is “Naga”, it can be one of the following 3:

  • Slither Pit (III)
  • Scaled Court (IV)
  • Viper Nest (IV)

It’s the only faction with themed rooms, and I wonder why the devs didn’t make others. If you examine list of rooms closely, you’ll see many other themes: “Monsters”, “Undead”, 'Fire", “Ice”, “Goblins”, “Dragons”…

Mark also faction troops: “The Maraji Queen” and “Drowned Sailor” are very useful.

(Thanks to @TimeKnight and @CaptainBuckles for exploration of this faction.)