Everyday delves and backing them up

The best faction for everyday delves is City of Thieves, it’s known. (You may read here - Best/worst factions for everyday delves? - #11 by Nullings - about why it is so.) But - what if you cannot play everyday delves one day? And you do not want to lose these sigils? As long as we have 27 factions for now, you may think about starting a delve in some faction and returning to it tomorrow. If you make some maths, you’ll figure out that you may save everyday sigils for 9 days maximum.

Not every faction is equally useful for everyday delving though. What we need from everyday delves? Good resources in the end, after the last room is passed. In the City of Thieves we just have higher chances to get Treasure Chest level 9 or 10 (and in All-Seeing Eye - lower chances, that’s why ASE is one of worst factions to farm resources). Okay, we save 1 sigil in the CoT for tomorrow. What about other 2?

We have to look for factions with at least 2 rooms V - to have good chances for high level treasure chest. No matter how you prefer to play everyday delves: at level 50 or at level 500 or at your own fixed farming level, the question remains the same: which factions are better for farming resources?

My list of sigil backup factions is:

  • Mirrored Halls (2 constant rooms V, possible treasure rooms V among 4)
  • Depths of Sin (2 constant rooms V, possible treasure rooms V among 2)
  • Fang Moor (2 constant rooms V, possible treasure rooms V among 2)
  • Silver Necropolis (2 constant rooms V, possible treasure rooms V among 2)
  • Lyrasza’s Lair (2 constant rooms V and 2 constant rooms IV)
  • Duergaroth (1 constant room V and 1 constant room IV, but 4 treasure rooms with possible Vs)

I’d like to run a poll, but in a free format, just tell me please what factions you prefer for such saving for future. Maybe I’ll make a better list of backup factions.


I was of the dissenting opinion that Mirrored Halls was the best back then.

Somewhat related, I do like that CoT allows you to choose your own path more than MH. I also prefer to run my delves at 500 vs 50. Which brings me to my two questions:

In the original thread, you had mentioned that Shards was you primary motivation to do Delves. I guess Gold, Souls, and other resources can be farmed in Explore moar quicklier.

 Question 1:  Does the .5 start "Penalty" have a significant impact on final room treasures?  I started 3 delves today, (plus found I had one CoT on standby, possibly from last September).

I will post results as they occur. My Xbox is currently refusing to let me play. Separate issues.

MH (500)
Current treasure bonus: 1.1

CoT (500)
Current treasure bonus: 1.1

Labyrinth (PF 500)
Current treasure bonus: 1.1

Fang Moor (50)
Current treasure bonus: 0.6

 Question 2:  Is there an optimal order for room multipliers (Highest to Lowest, Lowest to Highest, or Varies)?  

I prefer to leave Dwarven Ale Vault (Grudge) for last when possible to maximize the Glory gained. Cedric is done as soon as possible. Dark King’s Hoard and Pot o’ Gold Leprechauns also tend to be near the end, because when I use Tesla on MH, I rarely get any 4 matches before the match is over.

I appreciate the amount of effort you are putting into the thread highlighting Delve paths, and did not wish to interrupt your efforts there with my questions. And the Megathread is already quite cumbersome to navigate. I thought about asking these in my own thread, but some might have already muted that based upon it’s author.

Anyway, another thing I would like to compose is a list of “Expected Damage Values” for rooms at 500.

Example 1: My Labyrinth PF Run has a Spectral Knight and Xathenos staring at it (Liches Crypt), and I can’t quite recall how much dmg those fools hit for. I’d prefer to at least be able to survive one shot.

Example 2: Vanya Soulmourn recently crushed my alt’s PF faction run because I forgot Dark Cabal would give her Arcane, which pushed her past the “I can survive two of her casts” limit.

I believe a list of expected values will help others plan how high they need to get their hoard, and hoped you or others may already have some information before I do my own research.

Much obliged. I am looking forward to your completion of the other thread. :slight_smile: :+1:


Yes, and there are no limits for Explores.

Never thought about such room order, only went for “Cedric’s Hideaway” firstly to collect more gold. How do these rooms (Dwarven Ale-Vault and Dark King’s Hoard) affect Glory? I usually try to make treasure rooms firstly to enhance my team, then beat plain rooms.

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Dwarven Ale Vault awards 30 glory x the treasure multiplier, so at 4.0 it gives 120 glory. To my low level alt, that is more significant than it is to me, but it adds up.

Dark King’s Hoard is more for the Gold (1600 x 4 = 6400) than the Glory (5) or Souls (40), but those add up as well to a newbie.

Pot o’ Gold gives 2000 base Gold, but only 1 soul/glory, and so I will do it before the Hoard.

Off Topic, I just noticed after Lava Cracks, all future enemies are Aflame, while after Infernal Den, all future enemies gain Aflame. Consistently inconsistent.

I can’t find a pen at the moment, and I forgot how much damage those Worms did in the Tunnels, but Spectral Knight did 65 at Lvl 250 in Keeper’s Hall. And even after typing this, I forgot to check how much damage Spectral Knight and Lady Morgana did in the final room. D’oh. :axe::rage::shield:

(Temporarily using this post as a notepad of sorts)

Vanya, 130 base, 142 max. (assuming no Arcane :slight_smile: )

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During Faction Event:

Battle Number 6:
Dragon Fountain (End Multiplier 3.3)

 Delve Room Gold:  1200 x 3.3 = 3960 
 Delve Room Souls:  30 x 3.3 = 99
 Delve Room Glory:  4 x 3.3 = 13

Battle Number 7:
Dark King’s Hoard (End Multiplier 3.7)

 Delve Room Gold:  1600 x 3.7 = 5920
 Delve Room Souls:  40 x 3.7 = 148
 Delve Room Glory:  5 x 3.7 = 19

Battle Number 8:
Dwarven Ale-Vault (End Multiplier 4.0)

 Delve Room Gold:  250 x 4 = 1000
 Delve Room Souls:  10 x 4 = 40
 Delve Room Glory:  30 x 4 = 120

Next Run:

Battle Number 7:
Dragon Fountain (End Multiplier 3.65)

 Delve Room Gold:  1200 x 3.65 = 4380 
 Delve Room Souls:  30 x 3.65 = 110
 Delve Room Glory:  4 x 3.65 = 15

Battle Number 8:
Sunken Treasure (End Multiplier 4.0)

 Delve Room Gold:  1200 x 4 = 4800
 Delve Room Souls:  30 x 4 = 120
 Delve Room Glory:  not applicable

Feeling bored, on a Tuesday. I never knew how much I miss chat. It be like that sometimes.

I could have flipped Dragons with Sunken, as the Water Runic stones round up anyway. I would have received +1 Glory…For the Hoard. :slight_smile:

3rd run sucked, after 8 battles the multiplier was only 3.55.

I will say that I prefer Steamwhistle’s Workshop layout more than the one from Illitihia. With Illitihia, I was clicking on every room to see if they were worth fighting first or last, which probably ending up being more wasteful in terms of efficiency. Direct path to the end is the way to go. Ending transmission now. gl hf

Tl;Dr version of the above post…

Lvl 70 Run, quick scan of treasure rooms, base values:
Sunken Treasure: 1200g, 30 souls, 1 Runic
Crypt’s Treasure: 1000g, 25 souls, 1 Runic
Dragon Fountain: 1200g, 30 souls, 4 Glory

Crypt goes 6th because less gold, Dragon goes last because Glory. Finished at 3.75 multiplier. :axe::rage::shield:

Still bored, c’mon, c’mon. Is it May yet?

Of what year?

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How did you find it out? Do other awards (in other rooms) depend on current treasure multiplier?

Thought this was a well-known fact. It’s the reason why Tuesday faction events have a specific optimal route from high to low multiplier, since the current multiplier affects how many points you get. And during normal delves, you might leave treasure rooms for last, like this 30 glory one or Leprechaun with its 2k gold.

It won’t visually change on the room, but you’ll see the difference on the reward screen.


Looks like I missed these well-known facts. Where I can find all of them? Packed in a single post preferably.


Sorry. Reading it back now, I sound extremely condescending. I’m sure the facts are gathered somewhere though, or could be gathered, assuming we know what we want to say. A new Beginner’s Guide or something.


If it helps I didn’t notice until this thread. I knew each room gave different number of rewards but thought they were all similar and stopped paying attention. This thread has changed how I delve. :laughing:

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I used the Delve Room Table - Gems of War Database from @Lyya’s gowdb.

I don’t know how or when I noticed. But I saw a long hated rival comment in global chat that room order does not matter, when for the Dwarven Ale Vault I believe it does, so I thought I would share. I hope it helps.

Sorting by Gold, Pot o’ Gold is best at 2k gold, followed by Dark Lord’s Hoard at 1600 (which gives more Glory), and then Dragon Fountain and Sunken Treasure at 1200.


Do you want to say that all rewards from treasure rooms depend on your current treasure multiplier? So they must be wiped later, after the multiplier raised higher, in order to get more gold, glory and souls?

Basically. If you know a room has a currency you want, make sure to do that room last before the boss room. That way your multiplier will be the highest it can be, and you will earn the most currency.

For example, in City of Thieves the available rare treasure rooms average to 1200 gold (two are worth 800 each, and the Leprechaun room is worth 2000). The ultra-rare rooms have an average value less than that: several worth 1000 gold and then that one dwarf room worth only 250. The epic rooms are worth 1100 on average, and the legendary rooms are worth 1400 on average.

Given the above info, and given that I want gold more than glory or souls, my typical CoT run looks like this: (1) do the two legendary rooms to boost the multiplier early, (2)then do the two epic rooms, (3) then do the three treasure rooms in III->IV->V->II order of rarity.


Just wow. The whole path choosing must be reviewed according to this fact. And Mirrored Halls become the best faction to collect treasures, then goes Duergaroth with another 4 treasure rooms.

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Mark the Wyrmrun faction, it’s more rich than CoT. And the path is simple enough: pass any good treasure room to the central V, pass central V, then all other rooms (5 treasures) in descending “Treasure Multiplier” order.