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Delves: all about rooms and plans

Wild Court (Divinion Fields)

Faction title: Riders of the Wild Hunt
Faction map name: Feywild Forest
Start room: The Wild Glade
Finish room: Hunter’s Court
Faction info: Every year, the Fey of the Wild Hunt embark on a quest to hunt down any prey they find.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3048
Faction weapon (Wild Hunter): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1286
Faction pet (Minirino): http://gowdb.com/pets/13036

Another faction full of treasures (but with not easy treasure collecting). Like in the City of Thieves, you can see different treasure rooms’ levels - from “II - II - II” to “IV - V - V”. All non-treasure rooms are plain as far as I could explore.

Crypt Keepers (Sword’s Edge)

Faction title: Tomb of the Forgotten Knights
Faction map name: Ancient Crypt
Start room: Keeper’s Hall
Finish room: Deep Crypt
Faction info: Long ago, a group of Knights saved Sword’s Edge, but their tomb was never found.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3040
Faction weapon (Secrets of the Crypt): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1224
Faction pet (Minito Mori): http://gowdb.com/pets/13103

A simple faction with not very difficult rooms. Mark this faction’s weapon, it’s rather useful. And Grave Seer is a useful troop from this faction.

Primal Rift (Forest of Thorns)

Faction title: A Tear in the Elemental Planes
Faction map name: The Primal Tear
Start room: Riftway
Finish room: Primal Throne
Faction info: Strange dark forest creatures have made their home in this pocket of the elemental planes.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3043
Faction weapon (Riftblade): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1238
Faction pet (Dire Rose): http://gowdb.com/pets/13052

Sometimes you may see both blind-end rooms as treasures. If you met this faction’s plan with south-eastern room as a final room - it’s an obsolete plan.

A “uniform” faction: troops work well with other Elementals and Feys from the Forest of Thorns.

Alderfather is a useful troop from this faction.

Sea of Sorrow (Merlantis)

Faction title: The Dark Waters
Faction map name: Sea King’s Lair
Start room: Sea Cave
Finish room: Sea King’s Throne
Faction info: Strange half-blind Merfolk inhabit this dark ocean, devouring all intruders.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3041
Faction weapon (Writhing Staff): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1225
Faction pet (Bulb-Biter): Bulb-Biter - Pets - Gems of War Database

The most “poor” faction, so to say - you’ll see actual treasures very seldom.

One of “uniform” factions: more Merfolk troops added to Merlantis.

Dark Pits (Mist of Scales)

Faction title: The Arena of the Rattigar
Faction map name: The Dark Pit
Start room: The Pit Fight
Finish room: Dark Antechamber
Faction info: The Rattigar of the Dark Pits work for the Naga, trading services for fresh captives.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3049
Faction weapon (Pit Knife): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1251
Faction pet (Joust Mouse): gowdb.com/pets/13108

Not a very difficult faction with various ways to the finish.

Sledgepaw is a useful troop from this faction.

Eldrazhor (Zhul’Kari)

Faction title: Palace of the Deep Elves
Faction map name: Eldrazhi Palace
Start room: Spider Hall
Finish room: Matron’s Gallery
Faction info: This ancient corrupt offshoot of Dark Elf society was banished to the Underworld in ages past.

GoWDB link: Eldrazhor - Kingdoms - Gems of War Database
Faction weapon (Eldrazi Wand): Eldrazi Wand - Weapons - Gems of War Database
Faction pet (Itsy Bitsy Drider): Itsy Bitsy Drider - Pets - Gems of War Database

Not a poor faction (according to treasures), but without many high-level rooms.

One of “uniform” factions: some more Elves for a Dark Elven kingdom of Zhul’Kari.

Stonesong Eyrie (Suncrest)

Faction title: Temple of the Harpies
Faction map name: Stonesong Temple
Start room: Harpy Roost
Finish room: Queen’s Nest
Faction info: High on a dark mountain, the Harpy Queen and her minions work on the Unfinished Song.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3067
Faction weapon (Stoneflight): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1273
Faction pet (Bin Chicken): http://gowdb.com/pets/13111

Many ways of passing this faction. 5 paths that resemble musical stave have not many high-level rooms and only occasional treasures. But we like this faction for its troops, Harpy Mage and Queen Xochi especially. Good Stryx addition to Suncrest kingdom, well “uniformed” faction.

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The Labyrinth (Wild Plains)

Faction title: The Maze of King Minos
Faction map name: Minos’ Labyrinth
Start room: Maze Entrance
Finish room: Center of the Maze
Faction info: The exiled Minotaur, King Minos, built a maze in the Underworld to protect his treasure.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3059
Faction weapon (Minos’ Cleaver): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1385
Faction pet (Dinotaur): Dinotaur - Pets - Gems of War Database

A faction with a curious scheme. According to the picture itself, the northern treasure room may be accessed either from north-western II and north-eastern III rooms, but now it can be accessed from north-western II room only. Even more weird is the second “feature”: you may enter the final room only through southern IV room, while according to the picture you may skip it and go to the center from south-eastern II room. So do not believe maze picture and believe my magenta arrows.

It’s not a very player-friendly faction anyway, because faction troops have team-jumbling powers.

A “uniform” faction, so to say: it runs well with its kingdom: more Tauros for Wild Plains.

Mark also this faction’s banner: it has “Green +2, Red +2, Purple -1”. It’s the only banner with 4 pluses (instead of usual 3).


Emperinazar (Khaziel)

Faction title: Emperina’s Kobold Followers
Faction map name: Shrine to Emperina
Start room: The Mother’s Mouth
Finish room: The Statue of the Great One
Faction info: This wayward group of Kobolds has found a new God to worship – the Dragon Emperina.

GoWDB link: Emperinazar - Kingdoms - Gems of War Database
Faction weapon (Emperina’s Tooth): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1394
Faction pet (Kobold Kitty): Kobold Kitty - Pets - Gems of War Database

This faction presented a new “complex” race of Kobolds - they are “Naga / Goblin”. All previous “races” were hard-coded by the devs (“Gnolls” in Queen Moonclaw’s spell are only 3 of 7 gnolls in the game and they belong to 24 Wargare troops; “Spiders” in Cocoon’s spell are 5 troops that belong to either Beasts or Daemons). And as far as they are half-Goblins, their spells work with 50% chance of an extra turn. About the faction plan - nothing special to say, it’s simple enough, just one treasure room, al others are plain.

Frostfire Keep (Stormheim)

Faction title: High Elves in Exile
Faction map name: The Frostfire Throne
Start room: Frozen Hall
Finish room: Frostfire Throne
Faction info: Long ago, a renegade Elven Lord of Frost and Fire made his home here.

GoWDB link: Frostfire Keep - Kingdoms - Gems of War Database
Faction weapon (Frostfire Jewel): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1294
Faction pet (Dr. Sno): http://gowdb.com/pets/13126

Faction’s work title was “Ice Rift”, but later the devs changed it. I saw maximum 3 actual treasure rooms at once. (Maybe central rooms are occasional treasures too, I’ll clarify it later.)

The Frostfire King is a useful troop from here.

Version 1.0 of factions’ plans is finished. I’ll test some delves more though: Sea of Sorrow, Frostfire Keep, Emperinazar. And if some things will be changed by the devs (The Labyrinth, for example), I’ll update data. (Update 1: I finally found 1 occasional treasure room in Sea of Sorrow.)

What can I say about factions so far? We can consider first factions (All-Seeing Eye, Hall of Guardians, Crypt Keepers, Sea of Sorrow, Primal Rift, The Warrens) as probe ones. Some of them have level I rooms. Later the devs withheld these unpopular rooms, and the lowest room level is II for all factions after Primal Rift, which was nice. More treasure and occasional treasure rooms were added for some factions, and it was nice too. All factions have 9 rooms (except the very first, All-Seeing Eye), and I believe 9 will be constant for all following factions: we unlikely will see a faction with 10 rooms.

The last faction at the moment, Duergaroth, brought new behavior in the game (well, almost new - the first was NUTCRKR 1225 from Adana): dealing with stone blocks. Creating, destroying and exploding them - that was very different than just removing them with other gems by some random mechanism. Before stone blocks were Doomskulls, and we have 3 delve troops to deal with them (Chaos Hound, The Maraji Queen and The Infernal Machine).

What will be the next addition to the board? And how factions will deal with it? Will there be more interesting factions’ plans (like Sunken Fleet or Lyrasza’s Lair)? Will there be more weapon concerning factions (like Chalice of Eyes)? How factions will develop after the last one will be added to the Underworld?..


Dripping Caverns (Grosh-Nak)

Faction title: Home of the Oozes
Faction map name: Rainbow Caverns
Start room: Oozing Cavern
Finish room: Shoggorath’s Lair
Faction info: Corruption from Krystara has seeped into the rocks here, creating all manner of corrupt monsters.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3058
Faction weapon (Jelly Shot): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1414
Faction pet (Ice Jelly): http://gowdb.com/pets/13021

A simple faction with rare treasures. I saw maximum 3 real treasure rooms at one delve, and it was too seldom. More often you’ll see here no treasures at all.


Hell Gate (Maugrim Woods)

Faction title: The Gate of the Dead
Faction map name: The Gate and the River
Start room: The Gate Room
Finish room: Hall of Judgement
Faction info: On the other side of the gate once guarded by Kerberos, the Judge of the Dead awaits any would who come his way.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3057
Faction weapon (Hellblade): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1366
Faction pet (Slightly Judgy): http://gowdb.com/pets/13160

1 room is a firm treasure, 6 others are occasional treasures. But my estimation is about 2 treasure rooms per delve. Sometimes you’ll see only 1 treasure, sometimes - 4 (I never saw 6 or 7, can’t guess what are chances of this event). The most rare treasure room is IV, I saw it as an actual treasure only in 1 of 60+ delves.

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Number IV can be Dark Magus’s Secret, so I guess, occasional treasure as well.

I’ve also found a Treasure room in that hard-designated Tier IV space. (Dragon Fountain if I’m recalling correctly.) So it probably is another “occasional treasure” chamber.

Okay, thanks, I fixed it, but I asked to notify me about mistakes privately.

Indrajit’s Palace (Pridelands)

Faction title: Palace of the Daemon Raksha
Faction map name: Indrajit’s Tower
Start room: Hellclaw Gate
Finish room: Indrajit’s Throne
Faction info: Indrajit and his servants are regarded with much suspicion. They deal in all manner of unsavory goods.

GoWDB link: https://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3054
Faction weapon (Indrajit’s Claw): https://gowdb.com/weapons/1391
Faction pet (Hellkitty): http://gowdb.com/pets/13161

This faction is almost total chaos: 6 rooms surrounding the throne room can be anything at all: any level from 2 to 5 (no rooms level I), treasure or plain. The only rule remaining is that all rooms are different within one delve. And yes, after passing the first and second rooms (S and T), you have an access to all 6 rooms around the F room, that’s what I wanted to show with a magenta oval with arrows.

With 1 firm treasure room, the average of treasure room amount in one delve is about 2.08 (by my own observations during the faction event: 53 delves from level 20 to level 500). Maximum what I could see was 4 treasure rooms at once. (What is probability of a treasure room in such conditions? 10 treasure rooms remain among 62 possible, so for 4th treasure room it’s 10/62 * 9/61 * 8/60, or about 0.3%.) The average of the room level is about 3.46, so it’s not very useful for everyday delves, just another curious faction. You may use it as your “luck meter”: spend 1 sigil and see how many rooms are treasures and how many rooms have levels V and IV. I hope the devs won’t add another faction with such a mess of rooms.

It’s a uniform faction: more Rakshas to the kingdom of Pridelands.

About using these schemes in statistics: there is a post by @TimeKnight ( Delve's Statistic (Major update coming soon!) ) that shows average values of chest upgrade chances and treasure multipliers. I improved this approach and calculated these parameters for known factions, you can see results in a GoogleCalc sheet: Delves Effectiveness - Google Sheets . They may answer some questions, like “why City of Thieves is so good” or “why Duergaroth is nothing special”. Figures presented in the sheet can be not very exact due to a general approach, without deep examining all possible combinations of rooms in delves.


Awesome work!

I saw that you include 6 new Palace rooms as well, nice!

I still updating my file privately, just kinda abandon that old post, as I don’t feel like being here anymore.

In my version, I named that 6 rooms “Wild”, as it can be anything (except Common), including Treasures. But as there are a lot of possibilities, the avarage ended up at just 1.24 multiplier. So it doesn’t make Indrajit’s Palace a good farming place. But still, it’s the only faction with 5.20 as maximum multiplier!! And I thought 4.0+ is hugh!