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Delves: all about rooms and plans

Sunken Fleet (Bright Forest)

Faction title: Wreckage of the Maraji Fleet
Faction map name: The Maraji Queen
Start room: Broken Barge
Finish room: Maraji Queen
Faction info: In ages past, the Summer Queen defeated the fleet of Al-Maraj, banishing them to the Underworld.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3069
Faction weapon (Last Harbor): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1272

The most interesting faction, not very profitable, but curious by design. There are 2 occasional treasures (room IV on south is plain as far as I could find out) and 1 firm treasure room, but the funny part is in the center.

“O” are 2 plain Ocean rooms (I took it from TimeKnight’s explorations) in the main path, each of them can be one of the following 5:

  • Smuggler’s Den (II)
  • Dark Wave Pool (III)
  • Coral Cave (IV)
  • Drowned Grotto (V)
  • Murky Deep (V)

Yes, there are also some treasure rooms with Ocean theme, but they do not appear here. So the easiest path will be “II - III” or “III - II”, and the hardest - “V - V”.

And one plain “N” room is “Naga”, it can be one of the following 3:

  • Slither Pit (III)
  • Scaled Court (IV)
  • Viper Nest (IV)

It’s the only faction with themed rooms, and I wonder why the devs didn’t make others. If you examine list of rooms closely, you’ll see many other themes: “Monsters”, “Undead”, 'Fire", “Ice”, “Goblins”, “Dragons”…

(Thanks to @TimeKnight for exploration of this faction.)


Wild Court (Divinion Fields)

Faction title: Riders of the Wild Hunt
Faction map name: Feywild Forest
Start room: The Wild Glade
Finish room: Hunter’s Court
Faction info: Every year, the Fey of the Wild Hunt embark on a quest to hunt down any prey they find.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3048
Faction weapon (Wild Hunter): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1286

Another faction full of treasures (but with not easy treasure collecting). Like in the City of Thieves, you can see different treasure rooms’ levels - from “II - II - II” to “IV - V - V”. All non-treasure rooms are plain as far as I could explore.

Crypt Keepers (Sword’s Edge)

Faction title: Tomb of the Forgotten Knights
Faction map name: Ancient Crypt
Start room: Keeper’s Hall
Finish room: Deep Crypt
Faction info: Long ago, a group of Knights saved Sword’s Edge, but their tomb was never found.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3040
Faction weapon (Secrets of the Crypt): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1224

A simple faction with not very difficult rooms.

Primal Rift (Forest of Thorns)

Faction title: A Tear in the Elemental Planes
Faction map name: The Primal Tear
Start room: Riftway
Finish room: Primal Throne
Faction info: Strange dark forest creatures have made their home in this pocket of the elemental planes.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3043
Faction weapon (Riftblade): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1238

Sometimes you may see both blind-end rooms as treasures. (They become actual treasures independently, of course.)

Sea of Sorrow (Merlantis)

Faction title: The Dark Waters
Faction map name: Sea King’s Lair
Start room: Sea Cave
Finish room: Sea King’s Throne
Faction info: Strange half-blind Merfolk inhabit this dark ocean, devouring all intruders.

GoWDB link: http://gowdb.com/kingdoms/3041
Faction weapon (Writhing Staff): http://gowdb.com/weapons/1225

The most “poor” faction, so to say - no treasure rooms here (not even occasional ones).