Council of Chiefs

The other thing I just thought of is with all these extra battles required to unlock all rewards along with the weekend invasion is we’ve just had added an extra several hours per week required for this game.

Devs say they listen to feedback but keep lumping us with more and more stuff to be done each week. If this event is working as intended I may just quit this game. I’m already spending way too much time on it and if they want 3 out of 4 weeks to be this time consuming? No thanks.


Bottom line, it’s very hard to justify ~900 incremental gems for a major chaos orb. Even for a guaranteed blue orb, that would be a stretch. The event itself is OK, but the reward compared to the cost of entry isn’t.


Tier 6 is 1,350 gems. Tier 7 is 1,850 gems. Some think Tier 6 for all members will get all rewards but I think Tier 7 will be required. Not sure where you got 900 from.

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One of the things I’ve noticed since leaving a b1/b2 guild is: I really don’t miss all the Invasion/Raid rewards. And I miss the guild requirements even less.

I mean, other than Stage 7 ToD. If I don’t get that Portrait plus 3500g, I’m pissed for a month. But are any of the other event stage rewards even worth the effort?

If you already have Zuul it’s true that stage rewards aren’t worth the effort/gems. ESPECIALLY this new event. But for many it’s a completionist thing that is very hard to shake.

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Fair enough :laughing:

To a certain point, that appears to be the case.

In general, mythic matches payout more than legendary ones, which pay more then epic ones. I think the problem revolves around the scaling and frequency of these matches.

This is correct. There also appears to be a flat scaling bonus based upon the level of the encounter, but it’s very gradual.

However, epic and legendary matches are far more common than mythic ones. So, while mythic matches pay out the most for the difficulty, scaling of the mythic encounter quickly falls way behind the legendary matches (Sol’Zara and Gar’Nok) because of how common they are in comparison. As a result, in the long run, the orange matches scale the quickest and eventually payout the most skulls per match reliably.

Looking at your screenshots,

The Epic encounter at 205 yielded 5 skulls.
The Legendary encounter at 360 paid 9 skulls.
The Mythic encounter at 190 paid 7 skulls.

I have personal doubts whether the Legendary encounter scaling faster than the Mythic one is working as intended.

I’m thinking it must be this, really.

gow council of chief rewards

61,744 / 30 = 2048, which might be reasonable with a Tier 4 purchase.

Reward stage 9 being lower than 8 is a bit weird, though.

If this is the case, then I guess we can stop freaking out about this one particular aspect. If not/As for the others… :stuck_out_tongue:.


1350 - 500 already spent to get to tier IV. Not exact but you get the idea.

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If this event is working as intended, I’ll just save my gems for the weekend events. This is worth neither the time, nor the gems.


Don’t get your hopes up for these weekend events, I’m betting the rewards will be drastically lower than usual invasion rewards.


I’m expecting them to be along the lines of Tuesday Delve events. In both time and rewards.

I rather have the lower rewards than fight the same troops over and over and over


As a guild leader I’m having a hard time justifying a requirement for this new event. We usually have at least a few people that like new things and I have absolutely ZERO that like it. Its been described as boring, blatant gem sink, waste of time , waste of gems for reward and other stuff that needs censored :sweat_smile:. I have played it and do agree with boring and waste of gems for reward. Yall just took class trials and slapped a new name on it it seems :roll_eyes:
In TUF: Power Gems our focus is wars ,but we do complete all events. I don’t think we will implement requirements for this event though. It needs a rework before I can justify telling my guildies that they need to sink 500- 1300 gems a week for things like this. I really had high hopes for this too :pensive:


Isn’t almost every game mode fighting the same troops over and over though?

ToD - Floor 25+ have the same 5 battles.
Bounty - Lv 20 same team exactly over and over.
Gnome Vault - Exact same team every time.
Class Event - Same 5 teams over and over.
Invasion - I think there are only 6(?) different towers?
Raid - Same boss every time and limited troops for the other 3.

And now we can add the new world events to the list.


I agree, it is the most boring event of all


So what is up with the “Eligible Troops” numbers?

I have not been able to figure out what those mean.

That should mean “troops that you can use for this event” according to the restrictions of the event.
Like Grosh-Nak troops for this week.

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I think ‘Eligible Troops’ refers to Troops able to be used for the Event, given the restrictions – in this case it’s Grosh’Nak(i) troops.

So if I only buy tier 2 in the shop then I can only use 10 troops from Grosh-Nak? Which 10? Does the game choose or is it random? This needs more explanation, I appreciate both of your responses but I was able to read the lame description from mousing over the item as well, its not clear what it means or does.

You can use any troops from Grosh’Nak. That’s 10 more copies of those troops.