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Council of Chiefs / Invasion bundle is probably one of the worst decisions ever made!

I will be blunt here!
In our Guild [Mean Machine] we were ALWAYS able to finish all the event stages.
Yes, we all did our part, as expected.

However, with the inclusion of this new event - Council of Chiefs and the Invasion mode together, things started to get too complicated, not just for us, but many other people as well.

Gems of War is a very time-demanding game that already has more than enough grind!
The introduction of the Council of Chiefs event is just another hidden ruse to make us spend extra Gems and grind even more while providing just some extra (hidden) lore. That’s my opinion.

Of course, that would not be a problem if the requirements would be actually reasonable enough so that you could at least claim all the rewards stages. Sadly, this is not the case.

From where are we standing now, we still have one Invasion stage to finish, and the same goes for the Council of Chiefs. Having two different events in one week is a big mistake.


If you don’t plan to cut out the requirements significantly, let me know. I don’t want to play a game that has lost the true vision when it comes down creating new and exciting content.

I don’t find anything exciting about this new event, except for the lore, so you should at least reconsider or heavily tweak this game mode, and decrease the requirements significantly, probably by 40-60%. Again, two game modes in one week is not a good design decision at all.
It’s probably best to have one event active at a time.
I would have just scrapped this new event altogether and put the Lore in the existing Event/s.

That’s all I have to say.

Thank you.
Bronka / Koromac [Mean Machine]


Bonjour Koromac , je suis , et pas seulement moi mais ma guilde aussi , d’accord avec toi , on n’arrive pas a trouvé le bon chemin , et au point de vue des gems , il y a un gros soucis , pas asser de ce côté là , nous espérons que les DEV reviennent un peu en arrière ou alors , ce sera fini de GoW


My favorite thing about council of chiefs is that it’s so bad it might break my addiction to this game.

What’s next? Maybe a weekly event with only a delve faction team?

Replace all the fun game modes like invasion and towers of doom with this. Yes, please.

I’m not even sure if I’m sarcastic here or not.

I think the only way to truly show our displeasure is to end the gem spend on events we hate.


If they’re going to make rewards more difficult to achieve, then they really should improve the rewards. Significantly.


How about they put invasion on Gw’s week? Everyone gets bored on gw’s week and it would help not to have two large events in one week.
Also I’m not a fan of the new game mode either

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Invasion is set to run every 5 weeks or so, so it won’t always be during world event week. Currently, it looks like the next invasion will be during the Tower of Doom event. Though I expect in the future, two guilds events in one week will be more common as Raid Boss moves to the weekend and it’s replaced with a “world event” as well.

Salty already answered that on the only stream of hers’ i ever saw, when this event came out…

“if you don’t want to pay this many gems, you don’t have to play the event”.

This smug attitude is why she was hired i’m sure… face of a gaming company… i’m sure they’re getting what they paid for.

(insert corona like coughing sounds here)


You’re saying it’s set to run every five weeks or so, as though I+2 has no power to change that to whenever they want. If the devs are listening and responding to feedback, then they have the power to change when it runs to correspond with what people are asking for.

I get the impression, though, that customer feedback only gets brought of after the fact to justify some change that’s really unpopular. “I swear a bunch of you asked for exactly this!”


Publishers make the decisions on cost. IP2 is just customer service on this issue. They’ll “pass along” our feedback because they can’t actually do anything about it.

Requirements must be reduced in order to complete the final stage as soon as possible. went to garbage for a huge week.

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Let me first say… I love the game, even though I dislike certain elements, but Hey… That’s life :wink:

Councin of Chiefs… Not a bad idea, considered what “building blocks” there was to be made use of, I think it’s a pretty good result… Although… The cost of completing all tasks… Terrible and very dislike other events.

Cost benefit seems like Guild Wars. Lots of spending gems for a very small reward.

I hope it will change.

Spot on!!!

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