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[solved] 16,935 tower kills required is **not** correct

I already posted this in another thread, but I’m posting here again for visibility. I have a strong inclination to believe that the current numbers of tower kills required for each reward stage are intended to be the total number of kills required to close out that reward stage from the start of the event.

Some visual aids:
Our guild’s current standings showing a total of 584 kills

We are at 324 of 500 on stage 6, so clearly the counter gets reset with every reward stage.

Stage 12 alone takes 5250 tower kills.

The sum of all stages is 16935 tower kills.

I have 48 towers after completing stage 7-1, pefect plays after day 1 with a t3 purhcase. Assuming 1 more Valraven in stage 7, that is 60 towers entering Citadel for a total of 68 tower kills by tomorrow. Every subsquent day will give me at most 16 tower kills, for a total of 148. Extending this to a full guild is 4440 tower kills for perfect plays throughout. Teir 4 for the entire guild is another 600 kills, still not putting us in range of completing stage 12 with a perfect run, unless I assume I’m also short one valraven somehow that everyone else got (or I see two valravens tomorrow within 4 battles), which puts us at 5280, just barely in range with full t4 purchases and completely perfect plays if stage 12 total was 5250 kills. Not ideal, given this is still worse than the stated intended point of “90% of the way to finishing with t3 puchases and perfect plays” like raids, but it is a starting point. To put it in perspective, 16395 would require 3 t7 purchases from every single member of the guild and a 4th t7 purchase from 5 additional members (~3k gems per person) to be barely within range with perfect plays, which nobody is going to do.

The only reasonable assumption is that there is a data entry error on the tower kill number requirements for the table. Whoever did the data entry for the tables input the total number required for each stage on the table, when they needed to input the difference of the number required for the current stage and the last stage. For example, on whatever table is used to decide the requirements for tower kills, stage 1 is input as correctly as 10, but stage 2 should be input as a 15, not 25 on the table (for a total of 25 by stage 2), and stage 3 should be input as a 25 on the table not 50 (for a total of 50 by stage 3), stage 4 as 50 (for a total of 100 by stage 4)… hopefully you get the drift.

@Sirrian @Alpheon @Nimhain @ozball @saltypatra @Cyrup

Please, please look into this before people have already wasted the gems to progress past what should be the endpoint of the event.


I have no doubt Invasion Towers kill total required is bugged.
It was possible to win all rewards from Raid boss with every member at Tier 2 or 3 (100-250 gems cost) but with Invasion, it seems that even with every members at Tier 6 (1350 gems cost!) wont be enough to unlock all rewards!


So lower, casual or new guilds will really not have a shot a this.


Thanks @Mithran for your diligence in crunching numbers. I certainly hope this receives some comment. Because I too can’t help but feel that this is some unintentional error. :fearful:

No one will have a shot at this,a full Tier 4 guild can only reach Portal 9.I thought a huge bug like this will be fixed fast,no way this is intentitonal,not even the publishers can be this money hungry for these pathetic rewards.

Or was it??? Maybe a possible intentional gem sink.

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Just think of all the guilds that don’t come in here and see what’s happens. The really did a number on us this time.

And when gnomes went live they were in office, to correct it ASAP, but this, they are no where, so I can only hope that they double check it all later when they get in the office.


We are the 1st guild on Xbox and I dont see me asking to all the members of my guild to go to tier 7 (1850 gems) just to reach this 16935 total! (is Tier 7 even enough for that? :laughing:)
I hope its just a bug because otherwise, its extremely worrying. Well, all the individual rewards of these 2 new game modes are already extremely worrying…

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I think what he means to say is:

Yes, via current numbers, only people who buy in at the highest levels have something approaching a chance of winning, because the numbers required are so high you need the extra sigils from the store.

But he’s also pointing out this seems so out of line with the Raid Boss design, it could be a simple error. The bulk of his post explains how the devs could have made a minor error that led to these numbers when they intended for a completely different, more reasonable set of numbers to be used.

Well let’s hope so, I’m not assuming anything yet. We’ll see what they have to say about it. Thank goodness for @Mithran and all the extra work he puts in solving all of this.


Yeah, it takes everyone buying T7 five times over to get to portal 12. I’m in a top 3 guild as well and we aren’t even asking members to contribute. I bet we don’t even clear portal 9, and next time we won’t even do that as members realize what a waste this is. We cleared the raid boss portals by Thursday night, in comparison.

@Mithran, I like your theory regarding cumulative totals versus individual totals. It would still make portal 12 stupid, though. Even by itself, it would require the entire guild to buy T7 rewards twice over. That’s never going to happen.

[EDIT: that’s not right, is it? nm]

Even with the “fixed” numbers, not likely. Its still pefect t4s across the board to complete the event, and unlike raid, one high spender can’t “carry” with a bunch of extra damage because they reached a higher boss level and can use sigils more efficiently. In Invasions one sigil is at most ever 4 towers, which requires a much more even participation spread unless someone really spends a ton.

Simplest explanation is a data entry error, and the numbers align way better with that than it being an intentional attempt at a gem sink. The numbers are too far off to be an effective sink, even given the worst lapses in judgment for designing reward tables.

5250 as the total number of kills required to complete the event should only require t4 across the board (or a mostly t4 with a few t5s, depending on where I am plus/minus on valravens tomorrow, since I’m t3 and havent finished event stage 7 yet). Still more than the stated intent of 90% of the way with t3 purchases, but way closer to it.

I really hope they fix this because I do like completing the event, even if I don’t take 1st place again. And I’m sure my guild does too.


No, you’re right. I edited during your reply. LOL

I’m T4 and have done all my battles with no losses and getting every valraven. That put me at 80 today. 24 more battles with 4 per is 176, for 5280 given a full guild at T4 running perfect battles. Not bloody likely, but possible, and certainly with a few people pushing further. It’s about in line with the raid boss, I think.

It cant be more simple: Raid boss allowed to unlock all rewards with 30 members buying Tier 2 or 3 and Invasion have to be the same.


Yeah, Puckjunkie’s numbers are about right. Assuming a 1 in 4 SigilFalcon appearance (which I think is right), you can just sneak through with all 30 members at T4.

At 5250 of course. 16935 is bonkers, and has to be an error.

Edit: Actually it’s a little better than Puck’s numbers, because there should be at least 1 SigilFalcon per day, which is an extra 12 hits & 48 towers if everything goes perfect during the week.

Sadly, no, as the Valraven stops appearing once you get to stage eight battles.

You know, if they made the targets cumulative AND introduced valravens to end-stage battles, the reward thresholds would be right in line with last week. Maybe they just had code that kept valravens from overwriting bosses or towers, and didn’t follow that through with a realization that meant no valravens at all once you were to four towers per battle?


That’s assuming we get 4 seals a day.
Maybe we get 6 tomorrow, then 8 Wednesday, etc…

Thats a possibility, but not likely considering how the purchase tiers sigils are exactly the same. If they intended to need more sigils to reach the same points but also interned to give more, sigils for the shop tiers would also need to be improved so as not undercut their purchases.

Well, technically the error could be the other way around, meaning we might see a severe increase in Raid Boss damage required to close portals the next time it rolls around. There’s been so little official communication so far, I wouldn’t actually be surprised.