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Invasion Weekend: Orcs

Originally published at: https://gemsofwar.com/invasion-weekend-orcs/

Returning Invasion Troop: Vor’Karn Vor’Karn has returned to lead the Orcish Horde during this weekend’s Invasion. You can get him from the Event shop during this event. New Weapon: Bonescrapper This weekend it will be available in both the Event shop, and in the Soulforge.

So with the Lower rewards, you have dropped the tower amount from 5250 down to 4500.

So the devs are saying, 4 days less is only 1/7th less?? Shouldnt it be 4/7th less??

On top of the shit show that is the world event requirements??

Saying Im extremely dissapointed would be an understatment.


Can somebody do the math? How achievable is this?

I’m too dispirited by first impressions to even attempt it :frowning:

First stage is shorter, maybe the others are as well? This would mean you get to the later tower stages faster and need far less battles to reach that score (but also that it scales harder faster). I’m still seeing orbs on the rewards, so I’m not sure what is less than the previous rewards. Does anyone have the full rewards before without looking for a ton?

Note: For this one at least, weapon is new. Make sure you get it before the weekend is over, either by event shop or soulforge. I’m getting it in the event shop.

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Running math atm. The fights have decreased from 5 to 3 per each mini tier, and not sure if more ravens than normal.

Running t4 atm to see what we get on different accounts and then will know numbers

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We need 150 towers from each member. That is 50 battles. Tier 3 gets you 42 battles on average. :roll_eyes: Tier 4 required.

They took 4 days away and reduced the amount of towers needed by around 17% to get all the rewards.
I believe everyone that works for I+2 needs to go back to school and relearn Math.
And I suck at math so I’ll be happy to join them.

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Is it correct to get Easter Towers?

You can see them on Tarans website if your guild is linked to it. Go to weekly events, then choose the last Invasions and you’ll see it towards the bottom.

Your every decision is a failure.


Following @awryan’s instructions:


Basically this is the same invasion as always (Tier 3-4 to unlock all rewards) BUT we only have 3 days to complete it instead of 7.

There is about 6 battles difference between old reqs (175 towers each) and new reqs (150 towers each)

I bought t4 today (as can be seen in pic) in the name of Science.

120 Towers done for t4. 8 more sigils, so thats 32 more towers min, depends on ravens.

So everyone in the guild buys t4 for the event, it will finish. Thats providing everyone in the guild is able to buy t4 and arent busy all weekend, as lets be honest a lot of people have shit going on on weekends.



4,500 Towers Total (5,250 previously)
150 needed per member
Towers at Tier 3 = 120-140 (approx)
Towers at Tier 4 = 160-184 (approx)

There is some variance in the tower numbers because of valravens and depending on if I use 2x or 2.25x

Rewards are exactly the same it appears. Shop tiers too.

That is my math on the situation so far.


When you compare the time needed for this event compared to other events it’s actually not too bad. 50 battles could be done in 30 mins, compare that to Bounty or Delve or ToD events is nothing.

I would have preferred even less tower kills required even if that meant less rewards. A Tier 3 purchase should be enough for these. I’m dreading when we get a weekend ToD event. For sure that will require more than 30 mins.


Tier 3 here 84 Towers: compare this quick pace Vs the CoC nightmare compliments of the weapon restriction.
:sweat_smile: :vulcan_salute:

Tier 6/7: Council of Chiefs and Tier 4: Invasion on the same week. Jeez.

Someone’s taking this participate in what you want thing a little too far.


Took about 40 minutes.

Less than 20% reduction in portal totals appears really bad.
But the reduction in sub stages really speeds it up.
So no complaints.
And compared with Council of Chiefs… It’s like night and day on the reasonable scale.

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After completing my sigils to confirm a bit more, I believe a guild could complete the event with 1/4 of the guild getting tier 4 and the rest just doing tier 3.


The issue is that it has a new weapon this time, so most people would buy to tier 3. How many people would like to do the same if there’s no new weapon?