Council of Chiefs

You get 10 copies of troops that can be used in the event. Not sure why that’s unclear

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I never noticed that I was given those troops when I bought the tier from the shop.
Thanks all for clueing me in.

At least we can change our teams up as the difficulty scales.
I generally use at least three different teams in Invasion, Raid and ToD.
This event you have a very limited number of troops to use and even fewer weapons to choose from.

Event medals increase skull dmg but they picked limitation of no viable skull spam. Force you to buy tiers anyway. Seems a bad way to a sell vacuum cleaner.

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Called it.

Event working as intended.

Sorry, everyone. :frowning:


I think this event is a great way to sell a vacuum cleaner considering how much it sucks. :grinning:
But as a monthly event… No thank you. Finally a mandatory break from GoW week. I can’t wait to see the :sunny: again. :sunglasses:


Boycott engaged.
(too early to actually do it… But if nothing changes then yeah I’ll happily advise 150 members to just get the weapon tier and that’s it.)

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Where was this said?

Salty’s Monday/Tuesday GoW stream, that is just about to end.

When asked about the event system, Salty PR’d questions about the current running theory about requiring guildwide Tier 6 purchases to clear the event with a very close statement to what I wrote above. She did note that future event reward tier thresholds could be tweaked for future events.

She did not believe that there were any issues with the event as it is currently running.

She also stated that each week’s event will be scored potentially differently (we knew this already) and explanations of the scoring system will not be given each week in the spirit of the game now, or going forward.

I don’t believe anyone’s concerns about the event this week were calmed on stream at all.


Which sounds to be completely the opposite of the patch notes saying scoring will explained clearly in regards to world events.


In her defense, she kind of has to. It doesn’t help one’s employment to not side with the company in public.

That said…yeah. I would wager most guilds will back off on event requirements for excessively-extortionate events like this one.

Keep your greater orb, it’s not worth breaking my stash over.

Brb, spending more money in another game that actually gives a :poop: about its playerbase.


I agree. But, as others up-thread have posted, I think people in the stream were expecting a discussion similar to the style of the Epic Task reveal (yeah, it’s bad but it needed to happen so we are getting out in front of it before launch). This time around, almost every question about the event mode was PR’d or deflected. It didn’t calm down anyone in the stream, IMO.


Im not even mad its working as intended.

Im annoyed at the lack of explanation of any scoring mech for any of these events.


So working as intended? My gem stash will not be breaking for this event. Just b/c we are all stuck inside with this covid19 doesn’t mean we will just throw money away on this over priced event. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
sits around and waits for wars again


I didn’t watch the stream, but I have a guess as to why it went down this way.

Gold is an endlessly-farmable resource. Giving us a heads up about the gold sink tripling could be spun as allowing players to adjust their schedules/maximize their play/etc.

Gems are not endlessly farmable. Telling us about tripling the Gem sink ahead of time would have started a real barn-burner. Better to ask forgiveness than permission, apparently?


I sincerely hope this is a mistake, and as usual, salty is giving fast answers when she doesn’t understand the question, or needs an answer from the actual devs (505) before making a statement. If the standard is tier 6 for every member of a 30 person guild, followed by a standard-price, reduced reward re-run every weekend, then IP2 and 505 are out of their minds. I wish this game would get axed… so tired of trying to keep up with stupid moving goalposts that are meant to extort money out of people.

The whole “completing events isn’t required,” “and nobody’s making you” line is horse manure. They know exactly what they are doing. Everything they do interferes with guild politics, while they pretend to stay out of things. They are bringing the game in line with the standards in the industry…that’s a fact. Break away from the Gems haze for an evening and catch up on gaming industry news on YouTube. The industry is run by greedy executives who’ve never played a video game, exploiting both developer and gamer. The “devs” at IP2 don’t know everything that is going on with the game, and must keep their mouths shut and take the backlash for the devil they sold their soul to.

If I woke up tomorrow and this game was gone, my world would be a better place. For now, I’ll just hope they don’t know what they are talking about again, and try to keep the 29 people who look to me to maintain a fun and rewarding environment for them to enjoy the game, but if this is the future, it’s also the end.


The frustrating part is they are not telling us that. If they were at least honest about it (“yeah, you’ll need to spend a bunch of gems, sorry, we had to do because game economy etc…”), that’d be different.

And they are nowhere near any forgiveness asking :rofl:

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Oh, I agree completely on this.

What separates this change from resource-generation nerfs is that this is a direct cost increase, which is in some ways far harder to swallow than something like losing access to LTs or getting less gold per PVP battle. It’s a psychological thing, I think.

They’re taking a serious gamble. This is the pilot event since Raid Boss and Tower of Doom have a bit of run time yet before they’re demoted to less-rewarding weekend Gem sinks. I suspect that someone (Devs, Publisher, or both, I have no idea anymore) is watching closely to see how profitable this triple-cost event turns out to be, and the next event’s launch will be adjusted correspondingly. Someone, somewhere will be analyzing play patterns to see who spends more, who spends less, and who spends the same, and a decision will be made.