CONSOLE: The Mummy Returns

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Long live(?) the King!

New Troop: Mummified King

While the wars between the Anubites and the Settites destroyed Khetar and unleashed a horde of Undead, not all the tombs were broken. Many of the Royal Tombs remained intact and still contain the restless dead, mummified Kings and Queens with the power to destroy those they touch.

New Troop: Bastite Priestess

The Bastite Priestesses, relatives of the distant Raksha tribes, took no sides in the Anubite-Settite War, preferring to stay and guard the Royal Tombs, as was the purpose of their order. Their descendants still live in Khetar, though they are no longer recognized as Raksha, having become feral and almost as dangerous as the horrifying creatures they protect.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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What about the special weekly event? Khetar troops going to get 25% boost?

Please don’t tell me bone dragon going to get 25% boost lol

Lol bone dragon %25 boost lol. Unless it’s khetar and undead, then it’s %50.

Sucks though since I already have khetar at 7*

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Well if it is the case, my new friend this week is sylvanimora :slight_smile:


I made a joke about this last week, looks like the joke is about to be on me. :wink:

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So are the snot troops going to be undead?

That also means Pharos-Ra on Friday?

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Should be next Friday and not this Friday.

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Will I expect the Khetar mythic troop to come on consoles this week @Nimhain?

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No Pharos-Ra this week


More pain for Harold after reading that…


I doubt his 20 glory keys would had saved him anyways…

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It’s one more week for saving keys up.

Hey Guys,

Just a quick update to the event. We had a couple of troop changes that went out with the update last week, but there weren’t any refunds available at the time. So during The Mummy Returns event the following troops will be available for Refunds:

  • Emperor Khorvash
  • Manticore
  • Ranger

Yup, rush everyone to refund manticore and EK lol

I keep seeing this refund thing. What is it?

When you get back all souls & traitstones from refunded troops.

Man these troops are terrible. What is the point?


There is a minor text issue that should only matter to new players.

In the Event Menu the “Week of the Divine” descriptive text reads “Week of the Divine” instead of " All Divine troops gain +25% to Skills"

Im glad you had event like "Using yellow for 400 gold bonus " but it doesnt make a difference im still doing around 3000-4000 per win, maybe put it at 1000?