CONSOLE: A New Mythic Approaches - Pharos-Ra

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Meet the Ancient God of Khetar.

New Mythic Troop: Pharos-Ra

Before the wars ruined Khetar, before the Keeper of Souls made his home there, before even the Settites, Anubites, and Bastites had built their first temples… Pharos-Ra walked the lands , raising life from the dust.

While few cults remain to worship him today, they all fervently believe that he was the source of all living beings in Krystara… and the source of all death too. Pharos-Ra was keeper of the door to the mortal realm… and when he left, as the Settites & Anubites went to war, chaos descended.

He’s back now though… so who knows WHAT that means for Khetar, where his old temple lies in ruins.

Pharos-Ra will be the only Mythic Troop available from Glory, Gem, Guild & VIP chests for the next 7 days.

Please note this Troop is currently only available in chests for the week on PS4 and XBox One.

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And I’m out walking the dog just now and can’t get him yet! Something to look forward to when I get home soon, ha ha.


Hmm, mobile phone version?

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I wish the PS4 version was somehow compatible with my phone, ha ha.

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I will wait and see if the next kingdom is released on Monday first.

I guess asking for an increased Mythic drop rate during the condensed Mythic catch up period is being greedy?


Oops I didn’t think that through. Teach me to type facetious replies while organising kids for school…


The rituals were successful…!


Congratulations upon release and to everyone who loots him!

this is one of my three favorite mythics :grin:

Famine > Pharos > Elemaugrim


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I was always going to chase a second one and decided to use some gem keys since I almost had 1,100 stashed up, and…

Another successful ritual… :sunglasses:


i envy you having the resources to hunt multiples of a mythic :laughing:


Suncrest won’t be released until after Pharos-Ra’s chest exclusive is over.


Thank you very much.

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we had that too, there is no mercy, either exclusive mythic or new kingdom - never together :sweat_smile:
and they usually like to release it at friday right when the exclusive wears off

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Ha, yes, that cruel timing.

There was faint hope the troop catch up may have allowed a one off case but it is great to know conclusively.


Thank goodness for vip keys I was able to get two of the new mythic :slight_smile:

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No luck here, i should have know cause i got extremely lucky on the last mythic, no reason to happen twice

Are you vip 5? If not I’d try to get it, greatly increases your chances.

Vip 10 and my RNG always suck

Anyone have any good suggestions for possible team combinations for Pharos Ra and guild wars?

Used all my 350 Glory keys, 400 Gem keys, and even used over 6,000 guild seals & sadly no Pharos-Ra, sometimes my RNG kinda sucks, oh well better up next time I guess.