CONSOLE: The Monster Mash

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It will be a graveyard smash!

New Troop: Werewolf

The Werewolves of Ghulvania are extremely dangerous, however (unlike the old wives’ tales) lycanthropy is not something that can be caught from the bite of one of these creatures. In fact, it is a trait carried from parent child, often lying dormant for a generation or two, before activating.

New Troop: Villager

The Villagers of Ghulvania are mostly a peaceful and reclusive bunch. THIS one however just happens to have lycanthropy and will turn into a Werewolf at the very first opportunity!

New Troop: Spooky Imp

Happy Halloween, Adventurers!

When the crypt doors creak
And Ghulvanians quake
Ghouls come out for a singing wake
Happy Wraiths materialize
Zombies start to vocalize
And the Spooky Imps come out to socialize

The Spooky Imp will only be available as a Glory Reward this week, then will go back into hiding until October 2017.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Any word on why PvP, Guild Tasks and Seals all reset 24hours early??
Will it reset again tonight like how it should?

That’s nice. But with the fiasco going on, what guarantees do any of us have that they will remain in our inventory? I haven’t bothered to play today because I’m expecting a server reset on a Tuesday? when the console devs feel like going to work? Gee, I prefer a hamburger on a Tuesday.


Little dissapointed, i was hoping for pirate kingdom :frowning:

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Pirate kingdom will be added to chests and world map before the Pirate kingdom Event Ricky.
Maybe 5pm Aussie time today if we are lucky

What about Gard’s Avatar, @Sirrian?


I second this!

Going by that, then, we’d see Blackhawk and Gard’s Avatar very soon?

Is that what you’re thinking?

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Yeah, I’m expecting blackhawk to be on the map at 5pm. I also think gard will be this friday as a mid-week mythic


I hope you are right bro, but usually when new kingdom go out @Sirrian mention it and today he didin’t mention it

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This is a bit extreme. Yes there are problems but deleting or “loosing” troops has really never really been an issue in GoW.

However, the console resets have ALWAYS been an issue. If you just anticipate 1 or 2 reset issues per month you’ll be happier over all.


WARNING! Look out for the Glory purchases!

The Villager pack only gives 1 Villager instead of the usual 3! :unamused:
The Werewolf Pack gives 3 Werewolves (don’t mind that)! :grin:
The Spooky Imp Pack gives 3 Werewolves, no Imp! :cry:

So best wait until they have fixed it!

We’re looking into issues with Glory Packs at the moment.

Looks like I bought the last triple imp just in time lol

Glory packs have been fixed.

Came here to report this, except:

Villager pack shows that it comes with only 1, but it actually comes with 3.
Werewolf pack shows that it coes with 3, but it actually comes with the proper 1.
Spooky Imp pack seems to be identical as the Werewolf pack, in that it gives 1 Werewolf and the same traitstones that come in the Werewolf pack.

Guess I’ll be entering a support ticket…

Weird I got werewolves instead of imps

I guess they were in the middle of fixing everything, that’s why you got something slightly different :wink:

I sent my support ticket already, hoping for my Villagers and Spooky Imp to find their way to me.

now they messed up pvp ranking , resetted us but first has 12000 points.rankng shows people in our guild that long left.

Let’s suppose this mess will work at some point - what arcanes this week are supposed to be in glory bundles?