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SPOILERS! New troops, as showcased by Nimhain

Coatl, which you may have already seen in a questline already.

Nimhain showed off this in her defense team:

It transformed into this


Nice^^ a bit like those double cards in Magic The Gathering


Specifically, the stats for those two are:

Common Ghulvania Human-Monster
Lycanthropy (9 Brown)
Convert Yellow Gems to Brown. Transform into a Werewolf.
(Immune, Alert, Stealthy)
MAX Attack:17 Life:27 Armor:7 Magic:14
Help, help, he’s being oppressed!

Epic Ghulvania Monster-Beast
Full Moon (14 Purple/Brown)
Deal [Magic + 6] damage to an enemy, and convert all Purple Gems to Blue to boost the effect. Transform into a Villager. [1:1]
(Cursed, Regeneration, Agile)
MAX Attack:19 Life:27 Armor:12 Magic:12
Don’t mention Team Jacob…


Haha Nimhain originally said I thought, to put spoiler tags in the global chat. I don’t know what happened with that.

She said to put spoiler tags in global chat?

Yeah maybe she can clear it up, but I remember seeing her say if you post the new troop on the forums please use spoiler tags. I think because they haven’t confirmed a date yet. They just said a few weeks. That isn’t to you btw, just sayin’ in general. Cats out of the bag now either way. She also seems fine with Tacet’s video. Also there’s always those people that wouldn’t want troops spoiled so maybe that’s why.

Ah, kay. Will spoilerize my part, for what it’s worth, then.

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Should fully heal, and maybe remove status effects on transformation.

Pretty sure that’s what Transform means - the troop is replaced with a completely new troop, full life and all, so there’s nothing to heal or cleanse.

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Amazing card, i just wasn’t expecting a conversion effect, but amazing anyway. :grinning:

So Ghulvina first kingdom to go to 13 troops?

Well, we are close to Halloween so…

Speaking of which, that Halloween imp is somewhere.

I hope the Purple imp become available without removing the Autumn Imp, because i didn’t pulled it yet.

We can have 2 simultaneous imps :slight_smile:

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What I’m curious about is whether the Werewolf’s Cursed will trigger every time a Villager transforms or only at the start of a battle?. Any ideas?

Summons don’t trigger Blessed/Cursed, I don’t see why Transform would.

Unfortunately, one of them tends to be Winter Imp. :unamused:

Well, it could work.
I’m still a little worried about getting these two because i don’t want to wait a whole year for it.

Maybe two separate cards, so we would get to trait both separately and have the effect trigger at the start of the battle?

They will be two separate cards, that can each be traited, and either can be put into your team. You could have Werewolf on your team and Cursed will trigger at the start, then he’ll transform into Villager when he casts, and become Stealthy.

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