CONSOLE: Who's Afraid of the Dark?

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Certainly not the Dark Priestess.

New Troop: Dark Priestess

Many years ago, Draakulis set out to conquer the lands surrounding what he called the Bay of Skulls. The renaming of the body of water was pretentious enough, but Draakulis’ designs on expansion turned out to be even more so. The Wargare of Maugrim Woods were little problem as his troops marched slowly around the coastal areas, but he met formidable resistance from the Elves of Silverglade.

Soundly beaten by the Elves, and finding his home attacked by itinerant Goblin bands, who seemed to have an uncanny knack for knowing where they could get an easy meal, Draakulis retreated, but not before setting a plan into motion for the future (when you’re immortal you get to play the long game).

Draakulis corrupted a number of Elven Priests and Priestesses; some followed him home, but others stayed back to sow thoughts of hatred and fear amongst their people. The Dark Priestesses of Ghulvania are the remnants of the ones who travelled back to Ghulvania with him.

Please note this Event only applies to the PS4 and XBox One versions of the game.

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@Sirrian you got any info about what time you guys gonna release 3.05 on console?

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@Sirrian any chance you could add a glory troop as well say Necrezza?

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Just one unit this week? no bonus unit for reduce the late from pc version? Not cool…

Bonus things will come when they come. In happy that we’re only 2 weeks behind on the new new stuff and that’s something we should be excited for.

Game saying im not in a guild, you guys released update?

Same here - when will be fixed?

Having the same issue as @Rickygervais

I submitted a help ticket in case it wasn’t just happening to me.

The update should be out within 15 minutes on XBox One. PS4 will be roughly an hour after that if everything goes according to plan.

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@Saltypatra Ok ty so the “not in guild” bug is related with this?

you must be right. I know it’s little bit greedy to expected to have another unit this week (desert troll or bone naga). But true, just have to be patient and enjoy!!

Not greedy. I’d like them all too, but basically we’re on the pc release schedule, just a little behind. So the other things should come over the next few months whenever they feel it won’t be a burden.

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Once the new update has deployed you shouldn’t experience the guild issue anymore. Make sure to restart your game when it’s released. If you have further trouble the best thing to do is submit a ticket and support will sort you out.


Ty salty you the best :kissing_heart:

Will you automatically be put back into the guild or do they have to re-add you at this point?


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896.41MB on xbox one

100% Done, running the new version of Gems now. Still in my Guild. So far so good. Achievement poped.


The complete all gw battles achievement?

Yeah i guess cause it was bugged