The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

Kingdom-wise, we’re all caught up. The next one is Urskaya on July 14 for PC. I figure we’ll either get it then or within 2 weeks after that though I wouldn’t be surprised if that was a simultaneous release.

GOW upcoming weeks events and troops! for more information. We are at the point where their release schedule won’t be that far removed from ours.


Yeah i believe we can now get it the same time then pc untill next update

I am hopeful that by September we are 100 percent in sync including mythics

That would be nice but i remember @Nimhain said we will be 100% close of the end of the year

Well let’s think about it.

June 23 Mythic Console - Stonehammer
July 7th Mythic PC - July one
July 14th Mythic Console Elemaghrim
August 4th Mythic Console Queen Aurora
August 4th Mythic PC August One
August 25th Mythic Console July One
September 1st Mythic PC - September One
September 15th Mythic Console - August One
October 6th Mythic PC - October One
October 6th Mythic Console - September One
October 27th Mythic Console - October One
November 3rd Mythic PC - November One
November 17th Mythic Console - November One
December 1st Mythic PC - December One
December 8th Mythic Console - December One

Assuming this goes by the count of a mythic every third week for console that is pretty spot on.

All of this is pure conjecture on my part and is not a guaranteed mythic release schedule.

So by this schedule that would mean January 2018 Mythic troops and event troops should be 100 percent synced.

I imagine event troops will be in sync by September or so, if not sooner.


Called it.


Original post updated for this week’s events. With two troops for PC and no bonus troops for us, we fall back one to nine troops behind. But we’re an update ahead for the first time ever! And will hopefully catch up a mythic later this week.


And in 2 weeks we should be getting those 2 troops so I really do think the behind factor at this point is the number of unreleased troops like Necrezza and Stonehammer plus 2 weeks worth of event troops rather than individually counting everything. They really do seem to be following a pattern now rather than the apparent haphazard way troops were released on console pre-Glacier Peaks.

So if the plan is to stay two weeks behind, then why hold back on the bonus troops? The only logical answer is that they are still holding some troops in reserve “just in case”. I’m fine with the current release pattern, but do want to get those old troops caught up.

Mostly, I’m just a little disappointed because I’ve been eyeing those Arcane Darks from Necrezza for months now.

Btw… Pridelands? :wink:

I don’t know what you’re talking about… :wink:

So new mythic is this week or next?

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Every 3 weeks means it should be here this Friday. It doesn’t look to be worth sinking the resources into chasing him though.

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I would assume it is still scheduled for this week, but I’m not expecting much response from the devs until they get the bugs with the PC version a little more under control.

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As with Ketras, I’ll toss a few gems at Stonehammer and hope I get lucky, but won’t go too far into my stash. I wouldn’t see myself using him.

Once you have spent a medium amount of resources it is difficult to stop and go away empty handed!

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I know. I set a limit knowing I’m likely to exceed it slightly before reason takes hold.

Not sure what we would be saving resources for. Been a long time since an impressive Mythic came. Who knows when the next will be.

Ok thanks i got 5800 gems but it’s growing quick with treasure map

We still have no idea what will be required for crafting, aside from souls. Elemaugrim sounds like the best of the recently released mythics, and assuming Necrezza ever gets released, I’ll have the stones to trait him immediately (should I be lucky enough to land him). I’m seeing people talk about using Aurora some as well.

It’s a good point, though. There hasn’t been a ‘must have’ mythic for a while.