The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

As the console versions of GOW are now caught up with the PC/Mobile version, I will no longer be updating this post after today. I will leave the chronological list of all troops released on console since the 1.085 update up, with the last troops being those released on December 4, 2017.

Please see the GOW events spreadsheet for current information and ongoing history: GoW Events spreadsheet

Last update: December 4, 2017

Current Console Version: 3.2

Troops released:

Troops released since the 1.085 Update:

Bone Dragon (Khetar) (Was the Event Troop already when the Update was applied)
Elf Eater (Grosh-Nak released)
Salamander (Pridelands)
Hobgoblin (Zaejin)
Green Seer (Forest of Thorns)
Bul’Tauros (Divinion Fields)
Fenrir (Maugrim Woods)
Anointed One (Darkstone released)
Giant Spider (Zhul’Kari)
Sylvasi (Pan’s Vale)
Skeleros (Wild Plains released)
Swamplash (Mist of Scales)
Zephyros (Stormheim)
Green Slime (Karakoth)
Gob-Chomper (Broken Spire)
Ifrit (Drifting Sands released)
Mercy (Whitehelm)
Faunessa (Pan’s Vale)
Imp of Love (Primal)
Runesmith (Khaziel)
Venbarak (Blighted Lands released)
Ghiralee (Adana)
Valor (Sword’s Edge)
Rakshanin (Pridelands)
Wyvern (Grosh-Nak)
Sea Troll (Darkstone)
Bunni’Nog (Pan’s Vale)
Marsh Raptor (Mist of Scales)
Wild Fang (Wild Plains)

Troops released with the 2.05 Update: (October 9, 2016)

Winged Bison (Wild Plains)
Savage Hunter (Wild Plains)
Nobend Brothers (Zaejin)
Sacrificial Priest (Karakoth)
Spirit Fox (Maugrim Woods)
Tal’Rae (Zhul’Kari)
Spider Knight (Zhul’Kari)
Plague (Apocalypse)
Death (Apocalypse)

Entire Glacial Peaks Kingdom
Queen Mab
Winter Wolf
Winter Knight
Snow Sprite

Entire Leonis Empire Kingdom
Emperor Khorvash
Pride Guard
The Devoted
Lion Prince
Sand Cobra

Troops released since the 2.05 Update:

Sylvanimora (Forest of Thorns)
Lady Anariel (Forest of Thorns)
Thorn Knight (Forest of Thorns)
Lava Elemental (Broken Spire)
Fire Lizard (Broken Spire)
Marilith (Mist of Scales)
Hellcat (Blighted Lands)
Creeper (Blighted Lands)
Kruarg the Dread (Grosh-Nak)
Fel’Dras (Grosh-Nak)
Armored Boar (Grosh-Nak)
Famine (Apocalypse)
War (Apocalypse)
Autumnal Imp (Primal)
Naga Queen (Mist of Scales)
Dragon Cruncher (Drifting Sands)
Mad Prophet (Drifting Sands)
Corrupted Sorceress (Darkstone)
Remnant (Darkstone)
Astral Spirit (Divinion Fields)
Moa - Common (Divinion Fields)
Spirit Fox (Maugrim Woods)
Draakulis (Ghulvania)
Dwarven Slayer (Stormheim)
Northrender (Stormheim)
Morthani’s Will (Ghulvania)
Wraith (Ghulvania)
Royal Engineer (Adana)
Bombot (Adana)
DRACOS 1337 (Adana)
Lord Ironbeard (Khaziel)
Apothecary (Khaziel)
Rock Troll (Khaziel)
Anubite Warrior (Khetar)
Settite Warrior (Khetar)
Winter Imp (Primal)

Troops released with the 2.1.5 Update (December 15, 2016)

Courage (Guardian)
Humility (Guardian)
Loyalty (Guardian)
Justice (Guardian)
Sacrifice (Guardian)
Honor (Guardian)

Troops released since the 2.1.5 Update:

Warg (Maugrim Woods)
Wayfinder (Maugrim Woods)
Forest Guardian (Maugrim Woods)
Abynissia (Blighted Lands)

Dragon’s Claw Kingdom
The Dragon Soul
Baby Dragon
Dragon Eggs

Couatl (Dragon’s Claw)
Dragonian Rogue (Dragon’s Claw)
Desdaemona (Blighted Lands)
Grand Inquisitor (Whitehelm)
Penitent (Whitehelm)
Werewolf (Ghulvania)
Villager (Ghulvania)
Spooky Imp (Primal) [Not in chests until Autumn 2017]
Satyr Musician (Pan’s Vale)
War Goat (Pan’s Vale)
Gard’s Avatar (Whitehelm)
Queen Ysabelle (Sword’s Edge)
Dragon Knight (Sword’s Edge)
Innkeeper (Sword’s Edge)

Blackhawk Kingdom
The Kraken
Lil’ Johnny Bronze
Deck Hand
Ship’s Cannon

Bonnie Rose (Blackhawk)
Mimic (Blackhawk)
Tuskar (Pridelands)
Sunsail (Pridelands)
Wulfgarok (Maugrim woods)
Sir Snothelm (Zaejin)
Giant Toadstool (Zaejin)
Desert Mantis (Leonis Empire)
Wandering Monk (Leonis Empire)

Troops released with the 2.2 Update: (February 28, 2017)

Mongo (Wild plains)

Troops released since the 2.2 Update:

Mummified King (Khetar)
Bastite Priestess (Khetar)
Night Hag (Darkstone)
Giant Toad (Darkstone)
Urska Wanderer (Stormheim)
Snowy Owl (Stormheim)
Minogor (Wild Plains)

Silverglade Kingdom
Silver Drakon
Elven Bard
Princess Elspeth

Silvermaiden (Silverglade)
Archdruid (Forest of Thorns)
Bugbear (Zaejin)
Jotnar Stormshield (Stormheim)
Incubus (Blighted Lands)
Dark Monolith (Blighted Lands)
Shadowblade (Zhul’Kari)
Dark Troll (Karakoth)
Void Portal (Karakoth)
Snow Guardian (Glacial Peaks)
Frostling (Glacial Peaks)
Ice Golem (Glacial Peaks)
Obsidian Golem (Broken Spire)
Gog and Gud (Broken Spire)
Lady Ironbeard (Khaziel)
Rock Spirit (Drifting sands)
Captain Skullbeard (Blackhawk)
Bone Scorpion (Khetar)
Dragonian Monk (Dragon’s Claw)
Marsh Strangler (Mist of Scales)
Bogstrider (Mist of Scales)

Troops released with the 3.0 Update: (May 11, 2017)

Troglodyte (Darkstone)
Peryton (Dragon’s Claw)
Aurai (Forest of Thorns)
Ogryn (Grosh-Nak)
Myzmer (Karakoth)
Penguin (Stormheim)

Troops released since the 3.0 Update:

Pharos-Ra (Khetar)
Nyx (Pan’s Vale)

Suncrest Kingdom
Jaguar Warrior

Prince Azquila (Suncrest)
SIr Gwayne (Sword’s Edge)
Tesla (Adana)
Clockwork Knight (Adana)
Sentry Bot (Adana)
Ketras the Bull (Wild Plains)
Bishop (Whitehelm)
High Paladin (Whitehelm)
Bandit (Pridelands)
Sekhma (Pridelands)

Troops released since the 3.0.5 Update: (June 18, 2017)

Dark Priestess (Ghulvania)
Desert Troll (Drifting Sands)
Stonehammer (Khaziel)
Necrezza (Khetar)
Bone Naga (Mist of Scales)
Orc Veteran (Grosh Nak)
Drake (Grosh Nak)
Bone Daemon (Blighted Lands)
Elemaugrim (Dragon’s Claw)
Merchant Prince (Darkstone)
Frost Lizard (Glacial Peaks)
Totem Guardian (Maugrim Woods)
Dwarven Gate (Khaziel)
King Highforge (Khaziel)
Queen Aurora (Silverglade)
Falconer (Leonis Empire)
Warhawk (Leonis Empire)
Forest Troll (Forest of Thorns)
Infernus (Broken Spire)
Snow Hunter (Glacial Peaks)
Sunbird (Suncrest)
Anthea (Divinion Fields)
Artema (Divinion Fields)

Troops released since the 3.1 Update: (September 4, 2017)

Xathenos (Apocalypse)

Urskaya Kingdom
Baba Yaga
Yaga’s Hut
King Mikhail

Urska Savage (Urskaya)
Corrupted Urska (Urskaya)
Euryali (Mist of Scales)
Princess Fizzbang (Zaejin)
Queen Grapplepot (Zaejin)
Wisp (Silverglade)

Troops released since the 3.1.5 Update: (September 26, 2017)

Yasmine’s Chosen (Forest of Thorns)
Asha (Dragon’s Claw)
Hammerhead (Blackhawk)
Dragon Turtle (Blackhawk)
Doomclaw (Urskaya)
Nax (Pan’s Vale)
King Silenus (Pan’s Vale)

Troops released since the 3.2 Update: (October 18, 2017)

Fire Giant (Stormheim)
Ancient Golem (Drifting Sands)

Merlantis Kingdom
Giant Crab

Nosferatu (Ghulvania)
Bat Swarm (Ghulvania)
Umber Wolf (Ghulvania)
Scorpius (Drifting Sands)
Wave Rider (Merlantis)
Hind (Silverglade)
Tzathoth (Karakoth)
Monster Muncher (Leonis Empire)
Flame Troll (Broken Spire)
Fire Bomb (Broken Spire)
Erinyes (Blighted Lands)
Mosasaurus (Blackhawk)
Scylla (Blackhawk)


Release dates of PC/Mobile Patches:

PC/Mobile Version 2.1 was released on September 12, 2016.
PC/Mobile Patch 2.1.5 was released on October 25, 2016.
PC/Mobile Patch 2.2 was released on December 14, 2016.
PC/Mobile Patch 3.0 was released on March 31, 2017.
PC/Mobile Patch 3.0.5 was released on June 19, 2017.
PC/Mobile Patch 3.1 was released on Aug 30, 2017.
PC/Mobile Patch 3.1.5 was released on September 26, 2017.
PC/Mobile Patch 3.2 was released on October 18, 2017.


Here is the updated unofficial console event thread. I’ll try to keep this updated until the catch-up is complete. If you see any errors or omissions, please let me know.

I’ll try to upgrade the formatting a bit for readability, but give me a little time on that.

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And a big thank you to @TaliaParks who maintained this thread for a long time, and @Shiratori who originated the idea.


I’ve read through your list twice and I can’t see the mythic troops Abynissia or Gard’s Avatar mentioned. Abynissia belongs to Blighted Lands and Gard’s Avatar belongs to Whitehelm.

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Good catch - I went through all the weekly event posts from Sirrian, but didn’t catch the ‘new mythic approaching’ posts. Original post is now updated.

Thanks, one change I might make is a running total of the troop count of all available troops on console in the OP. Currently that count is 233 to the best of my knowledge (excluding Summer Imp)

Edit: 233, not 133

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I don’t mind your idea, but I’m pretty sure your number is wrong, but maybe just a typo. Do you know a reliable way to reconcile that? Lyya’s site is showing 284 troops available on PC/Mobile. If I subtract the 50 (51 including Summer Imp) that are outstanding according to the list above, then I get 234 (233).

Sorry, I meant 233, not 133, edited :smiley:

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Seems like the catch-up is still on-track(ish). We have 2 months until a new kingdom is due to be released on PC/Mobile and are now 51 troops behind (I will just count Summer Imp as unreleased for now). Those 51 include:

  • 6 guild guardians to be released on guild update;
  • 9 troops from Dragon’s Claw
  • 8 troops from Blackhawk
  • 2 mythics which will be dropped into chests at some point (as with Draakulis)
  • 4 imps to be dealt with however they plan to
  • Desdaemona who will hopefully be gifted to all players then added to chests (as was done on PC)
  • 21 other troops from PC/Mobile weekly events. Of these, 6 are commons and 2 are legendaries, meaning they will probably be added directly to chests and not released by weekly event for us.

If they release two new kingdoms with the next update (as they did with the last update), we’ll be nearly caught up.


Well done @Stan

It will be back on track as soon as they do another random massive drop.

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The new patch goes to Sony and MS any day now.

I’m hoping that they will include both new kingdoms with the update and throw the other legendaries and commons into chests. If they do that, a few weeks with 4 troops for glory and we’d be caught up! Even if they did Dragon’s Claw with the guild update and Blackhawk a few weeks later, we’d still get there.

Oh plenty ways to catch up… they could just put everything into chests whenever the last PC mythic comes to console.

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As i played some arena two weeks ago, i saw unreleased troops in it.
Dwarven slayer, last week event.
Wraith, this week event.
Settite and Anubite warrior.

I guess next event will be kethar.


Going by the age of the unreleased troops, that would be my guess as well.

Only Draakulis in the vip chest? Or we still can catch horsemen?

I think technically, after the reset about 6 hours from now, 7 days will have passed. So theoretically the Horsemen will go back into the chests then. But that’s just going off a strict 7-day schedule from when Draakulis was released. It’s possible the Horsemen are already back in chests now, or won’t be until later tomorrow.

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If you’re trying for Draakulis, the next six hours is likely the last chance to get him exclusively. If you’re waiting for others to be back in chests, I wouldn’t burn any keys until you get confirmation of some sort (either from a developer or someone who has pulled a non-Draak mythic).

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Finaly catched War!!! wouhooooo now i got everything


Congrats Ricky!