Pharos-Ra... When is it coming to console?

Ok, so as someone who only has 2 kingdoms 5 starred, Pharos Ra and his 3rd trait look especially appealing to me (not just for soul generation, but also because it’s powerful).

Now, I realize, odds are I won’t pull him. However, anyone with a further knowledge of the game can answer me a few questions?

Given how releases have been going for console… when do you think (guesstimate) that we might get him?

Also, I have 10k glory to spend so I want to buy up the arcane traitstones that I would need for him BEFORE he’s out, so if I am fortunate enough to pull him, I’m not short 20 traitstones. I just purchases up the other 10 Arcane Skulls I need for him with this weeks event, but do you know of cards we don’t have yet that may be upcoming that would provide his other traitstone? Hopefully there is one, since I only have 7 of the 21 needed of that one.

Thanks guys!

It will probably be 2 months or longer before you see him on console.

We’re two mythics behind (I guess three as of this morning) and they have been releasing about one per month for the last few months (Draak was November 11, Abby was December 20 and Gard’s was January 20). I’m expecting Wulfgarok to be released this month (maybe on the 17th or so?) and would expect Pharos-Ra to be the next one. At the current pace, that would be mid-March, but schedules might change once the 2.2 update is released. For us to catch up to PC/Mobile, they will eventually need to accelerate the pace of mythic releases. Pharos-Ra is a 2.2 troop, so the update has to happen before he can be released to us.

For the stones, Arcane Spirits will be available with Night Hag (Darkstone event) - probably 4-5 weeks from now. Arcane Skulls are available now with Mimic and will come up again after the 2.2 update with Rock Spirit (can’t begin to guess when that will be available). You can see troops released on PC/Mobile that are not yet released on console here:

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Thanks Stan! Exactly what I was looking for.

So… about 2 months-ish for Pharos (estimated) and a month or so for the Arcane Spirits I need.


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Wow I’m looking at this and thinking this is the next thing we’re getting right now but I just felt spoofed, punk’d. :expressionless:

If I still had regular status, to avoid further confusion I would change the topic title for you to Pharos-Ra When is it Coming to Console if that would make it easier to understand, yes.