GoW Events spreadsheet

Hi there,

I am currently the one managing the GoW Events spreadsheet :slight_smile: .

This spreadsheet was created by @Rasper and afterwards it was @MakoSipper who updated it. Big thanks to them.
Big thanks also to @yonizaf for giving the spoilers.

In this topic, I will put some updates and what I’m planning to do. If you have any comments/suggestions, just post here :wink: .


Here we go with the 1st update:


Aside ByColor tab, everything was manual. So I did some scripts to update the tabs automatically :slight_smile: . It means bug can occurs :sweat_smile:.

By Date

  • add a MaxStar column, so one can know how many stars you can get for the corresponding kingdom when the new troop(s) will be there. If it’s red it means you can increase your kingdom power level.
  • TODO replace the values by a picture → need to find a way to stock online these pictures…
  • add the Arcane + its colors that you will need for the new troops
  • add the troops from the new kingdom directly here
  • TODO troops not in the chest will be kept in this tab with a new status (if Console player are interested I can also put another status, like not released on Console and not in chest on Console)

By Color

  • merge with “Arcanes for Non-Glory Troops”: on the left, you have the old “By Color” tab contents and on the right “Arcanes for Non-Glory Troops” tab ones.
  • add a glory counter: it takes into account the discount of a 2xArcane week.
  • but, it’s incoherent because the glory needed to trait the Glory troops were not taken into account, so I add the number of Arcane required for the Glory troops

Arcanes for Non-Glory Troops

  • it will be kept hidden

Future Kingdoms

  • I don’t know what to do with this one :wink:

Base Mythics

  • add kingdoms to provide: 1) compute the max number of stars from the “History” tab, 2) add the Mythics so one can quickly see which kingdom hasn’t its Mythic yet

If you have any comments, just let me know.

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One to add/update, perhaps:

Sep-24: Stormheim, Yellow/Brown UR

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Looking good guys!

I need some help: I’m alright with that?
@Saltypatra, is it okay that I used these pictures on the google spreadsheet?


If some console players are interested by the spreadsheet could they tell me what troops are missing on Console compared to PC/mobile, please?

@Stan updates this each week.

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Hi Turintuor, could you insert the images of incoming troops on the spreadsheet just like in the past?
Thanks for yoour work ^^

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Could you post pics of the new troops coming ??? It was on there but I haven’t seen it. I really enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Sorry for the late answer. I’m not able to check by myself spoilers so I cannot provide this kind of informations… It’s better to check for spoilers here.

The spreadsheet is updated until the beggining of Februray, but:

  • no information for the week of December 17th
  • double release of a Mythic troop in November whereas no Mythic in December
  • no information about the Arcanes for the Mythics (aside the October’s one)

Thanks for managing the spreadsheet. Really appreciate it. I really like that you’ve made it easier to see how many traitstones we will need in the future and when we will be available to buy them next. It helps a ton! Have you considered a page with future troops. That would be really nice to see what we have coming in the future. Not a must, but would be a nice addition. Keep up the good work.

You’re welcome :wink: .

I don’t think I will put a spoiler tab because:

  • I don’t have this kind of informations
  • the spreadsheet is more about arcane/glory management regardless of the troops stats/spell

If you another suggestions, please let me know :slight_smile: .

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On the spreadsheet, through Oct 30 new troops are coming out on Mondays, while after that they are reported coming out on Sundays. (Nov 5, for example, is a Sunday.) Is this a real change, time zone confusion, or a mistake?

As always, thank you for doing the spreadsheet.

It’s time zone confusion. They’re releasing as always between Sunday/Monday PDT (for most folks, solidly Monday).

Very strange. I fixed it. Thanks for the report :wink: .

I am curious if you are still planning to keep this spreadsheet up to date?
This weeks epic from Broken Spire uses Arcane Spirit (blue/purple) instead of the announced Arcane Plains (yellow/purple).
Also we are just about on time for the new mythic from Divinion Fields?

Thanks for your efforts to maintain this sheet. I reference it a lot.

From what I read, @turintuor is currently on vacation and therefore doesn’t manage the sheet right now, but will continue to do so upon returning.
If I’m mistaken, someone will surely correct me soon.


Ahh thanks Sheba. Everyone deserves a holiday :slight_smile:

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Yeah I was in vacation :stuck_out_tongue: .
I didn’t expect to have no time/password for the spreadsheet… Sorry.
But it’s up-to-date now :wink: (even if the new kingdom should be different…).


Thanks Turintuor. Your efforts here are much appreciated :+1: