(!) Spoiler Alert (!) -- [Any Details Provided are Subject to Change] (Part 1)

What’s this Friday’s mythic troop? Still Yasmine’s Chosen? Any updates to the troop since the last time it was posted?

Yes, and no changes that I can see.


Yeah, even thought it kind of summed it up I will try to be more creative in the title, Next Time TM

Is there an updated schedule? Just to see which kingdoms are coming up each week and which traitstones will be available. The list I have from a few months ago is all out of whack.

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What’s next week’s troop @yonizaf? :smiley:

I think it’s the goblins, but I could be wrong.

Currently it looks to be the goblin queen and princess. They already have their details and images posted in this thread, because they were previously scheduled for last week.

However, troop spoiler data tends to be unreliable shortly before a client update, as most updates come with major schedule changes. That’s the reason I avoided posting anything this week.


Thank you.

Here are a list of differences to existing troops between 3.0.5 and 3.1.0 that I’ve been able to determine via datamining.
Note that this list is not exhaustive; my methodology may be flawed.
Also note that my site will not reflect the datamined values; you’ll see what’s currently live if you follow any links.

New traits:
- Fortitude: Immune to Stun, Poison, Disease, Death Mark and Devour.
- Undying: Immune to Poison, Disease, and Death Mark.

- Traits changed: (Undead Slayer, Avenger, Armored) → (Undead Slayer, Undying, Armored)

- Traits changed: (Sturdy, Merchant, Stone Heart) → (Stone Heart, Merchant, Fortitude)

- Boost ratio increased from 3x to 5x.
- Spell cost decreased from 16 to 15.

Astral Spirit
- Traits changed: (Warded, Centaur Bond, Empowered) → (Undying, Centaur Bond, Empowered)

- Traits changed: (Divine Slayer, Necromancy, Magic Link) → (Undying, Necromancy, Magic Link)

- Traits changed: (Magic Link, Jinx, Air Spirit) → (Magic Link, Undying, Air Spirit)

Blast Cannon
- Traits changed: (Mech Slayer, Stone Link, Aflame) → (Mech Slayer, Stone Link, Impervious)
- +5 Magic at level 20.

- Traits changed: (Dwarf Bond, Sturdy, Pyromania) → (Dwarf Bond, Pyromania, Fortitude)

Bone Daemon
- Traits changed: (Daemon Shield, Warded, Death Touch) → (Daemon Shield, Undying, Death Touch)

Bone Dragon
- Traits changed: (Sturdy, Cursed, Frozen Soul) → (Undying, Cursed, Frozen Soul)

Bone Naga
- Traits changed: (Naga Shield, Venomous, Infernal Armor) → (Undying, Venomous, Infernal Armor)

Bone Scorpion
- Traits changed: (Undead Bond, Sturdy, Agile) → (Undead Bond, Undying, Agile)

Captain Skullbeard
- Traits changed: (Undead Bond, Greedy, Water Spirit) → (Undying, Greedy, Water Spirit)

Crimson Bat
- Traits changed: (Divine Slayer, Cursed, Bloodsucking) → (Divine Slayer, Undying, Bloodsucking)

- Traits changed: (Necromancy, Doom, Aspect of Death) → (Necromancy, Undying, Aspect of Death)

Deep Borer
- Traits changed: (Mech Bond, Water Link, Armored) → (Fortitude, Water Link, Armored)

- Traits changed: (Warded, Armored, King’s Will) → (Undying, Armored, King’s Will)

Dwarf Lord
- Spell reworked: Deals (Magic + 4) damage to an enemy, and all allies gain 8 Armor if that enemy dies.
- Traits changed: (Dwarf Bond, Merchant, Reinforced) → (Dwarf Bond, Reinforced, Fortitude)
- +11 Magic at level 20.

Dwarven Miner
- Spell reworked: Destroys (Magic + 1) Gems of a chosen color, and gives a 40% chance to gain 100 Gold.
- Spell cost increased from 3 to 8.
- -2 Magic at level 20.

- Mana cost reduced from 14 to 13.

Flesh Golem
- Traits changed: (Necromancy, Big, Regeneration) → (Necromancy, Big, Undying)

- Traits changed: (Human Slayer, Stone Link, Life Drain) → (Human Slayer, Stone Link, Undying)

Grave Knight
- Traits changed: (Undead Bond, Stone Spirit, Reinforced) → (Undying, Stone Spirit, Reinforced)

Keeper of Souls
- Traits changed: (Necromancy, Life Drain, Soul Legion) → (Necromancy, Undying, Soul Legion)

- Boost ratio increased from 2x to 3x for targeting Giants.
- Traits changed: (Dwarf Bond, Giant Slayer, Empowered) → (Giant Slayer, Fortitude, Empowered)

Lady Ironbeard
- Magic scaling increased from (Magic + 1) to (Magic + 6).
- Traits changed: (Dwarf Bond, Reinforced, Armored) → (Dwarf Bond, Fortitude, Armored)
- +2 Magic at level 20.

Lady Sapphira
Traits changed: (Cursed, Life Drain, Chill Touch) → (Undying, Life Drain, Chill Touch)

Lord Ironbeard
- Magic scaling increased from (Magic + 2) to (Magic + 6).
- Traits changed: (Dwarf Bond, Monster Slayer, Stoneskin) → (Monster Slayer, Fortitude, Stoneskin)
- +5 Magic at level 20.

Morthani’s Will
- Traits changed: (Inscribed, Reinforced, Armored) → (Inscribed, Undying, Armored)

Night Hag
- Traits changed: (Mystic Bond, Cursed, Warded) → (Mystic Bond, Cursed, Undying)

- Traits changed: (Undead Bond, Warded, Necro Master) → (Undead Bond, Undying, Necro Master)

- Traits changed: (Thick Head, Reinforced, Regeneration) → (Thick Head, Undying, Regeneration)

- Traits changed: (Water Brand, Avenger, Arcane) → (Water Brand, Undying, Arcane)

- Boost ratio increased from 4:1 to 3:1.
- Traits changed: (Dwarf Bond, Fireproof, Fire Link) → (Dwarf Bond, Fortitude, Fire Link)

- Traits changed: (Undead Bond, Magic Brand, Reinforced) → (Undead Bond, Magic Brand, Undying)

- Traits changed: (Undead Bond, Knight Slayer, Reinforced) → (Undead Bond, Knight Slayer, Undying)

-Traits changed: (Elemental Slayer, Mech Bond, Reinforced) → (Elemental Slayer, Mech Bond, Fortitude)

-Traits changed: (Thick Head, Warded, Unbreakable) → (Stone Heart, Fortitude, Unbreakable)

-Traits changed: (Monster Slayer, Jinx, Water Spirit) → (Monster Slayer, Undying, Water Spirit)

Twisted Hero
-Traits changed: (Undead Bond, Doom, Grudge) → (Undead Bond, Doom, Undying)

Vampire Lord
- Traits changed: (Knight Slayer, Life Drain, Fire Spirit) → (Knight Slayer, Life Drain, Undying)

- Traits changed: (Water Link, Life Drain, Fire Spirit) → (Water Link, Life Drain, Undying)

- Traits changed: (Undead Bond, Death Touch, Chill Touch) → (Undying, Death Touch, Chill Touch)

- Traits changed: (Undead Bond, Necromancy, Magic Spirit) → (Undead Bond, Necromancy, Undying)


Most of these trait changes look pretty positive, though Crimson Bat fans may be sad about the loss of Cursed.


Is there a tiny chance that there is a little more rework on troops spells? :disappointed:

What is Stoneheart o?

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Wow, dwarves gonna be even better! Rubs hands together with double mythic highforge and the fortitude crew!

There is of course a chance. I may be working from provisional data, especially if the ability to push troop changes at login time is implemented (I have not accounted for that). However, I wouldn’t expect a great deal of deviation from this list. Most spell activity is in unreleased troops.


Still no immune to mana drain?


I’m disappointed about the loss of doom on death, Since he has no current way to generate a bunch of souls himself necromancy is useless to him. Even for the sake of a trait fitting the look/flavor of a card, I think doom is a little more closer to the incarnation of death than necromancy. For example, Kerberos and KOS both can summon troops that generate souls which justifies necromancy from both a flavor and useful perspective. Doom removal much like pyromania with war was a bad choice as both were traits that synergized with the spell and while War’s traits were both generally good, Death’s first trait is pretty bad for utility and could very easily have been replaced with undying instead. Other than that I do like the trait changes overall.

What is your impression of this? Seems mostly like, with Undying, they have increased resistance to poison, disease and death mark, none of which figure prominently in the game that I’m playing these days. Unless this heralds some kind of buff to poison and diseased…

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Thats what i am hoping for

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