GoW Events spreadsheet

Bright Forest say Jan-29. Shouldn’t that be Jan-26, a Friday, like all other new kingdoms?

P.S. Thanks for all the work!

The devs said in the steam it will be the 29th instead because the 26th is a holiday.

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Many thanks @turintuor for keeping this up to date. Just noticed you updated it with data through 5/4… it helps me and my fellow fam with our resource allocation a ton! :smile: :beers:


An upcoming Shentang UR troop is marked yellow-red with Arcane Lava. Something must be wrong there…

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According to Taran’s World, that one should be Arcane Lava with Red/Brown. Probably just a data-entry error.

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Okay, fixed. Thanks :wink: .

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Updated the spreadsheet to take the Epics only available in Event shops into account.

Updated the spreadsheet to add the banners to the “Kingdom” tab (as requested by someone).

I just outline that there is 120 combinaisons of tri-color banner, abd that it’s going ages to have all of them…
Aside if the banner system is changed to something like that.

Stormheim should be getting another kingdom star next week right? 9 stars is at 17 troops. It should have 17 or 18 troops by next weekend depending on if it gets the bounty troop or not.

The spreadsheet wasn’t updated…

You’re right, Thanks :wink: .

Should Blackhawk on 2nd July be in orange as it hits 9*?

Yes it should :wink: . Fixed. Thanks.

I found a small mistake. On the Arcanes tab, it claims you need 2600 to reach 6 stars, but the difference between 5 and 6 is 300, which would make 2700 (assuming the value for 5 stars is correct). Adding picture of my Bright Forest which shows I need 300 to move up.

Edit: Oh, and your gap between 6 stars and 7 stars is wrong also. That should also be 300:

Currently it’s 400, but should become 500 once you correct the 5-6 gap.

Edit2: I’ve found part of the problem. Your Max Level doesn’t count the stars correctly. Kingdoms start at no stars, then progress to 1 silver star, then 1 gold star. So 5 stars is actually the seventh conditional, instead of the sixth. In working with guildmates, the values should be as follows:

< 600 = no stars
< 1200 = silver
< 1700 = 1 gold
< 2100 = 2 gold
< 2400 = 3 gold
< 2600 = 4 gold
< 2900 = 5 gold
< 3200 = 1 platinum (or whatever it is)
< 3500 = 2 plat
< 3800 = 3 plat
< 4000 = 4 plat
> 4000 = 5 plat


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Thanks :wink: .

I don’t know how and why but I was missing the 2900 threshold…

It should be fixed now.

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Great. Though, now there’s a new error. I suspect you did an insert, which slightly messed up your formula in Column D of the Kingdoms tab. You’ll noticed your conditions check cell F7, but then skip to F9.

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Thanks :wink: .

I used now the MATCH function which sounds better.

Here the Silver star is Power level 0.

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Nice, that makes much more sense. It’s a great spreadsheet. Thank you for your work!

Oh, hey, the Kingdoms tab is missing the Mythic Ubastet in Pridelands.

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Kingdom power level fixed on the spreadsheet to take the pets and weapons into account.

If you see any mistakes, please let me know :wink: .


Level 6 kingdoms require 2 legendary troops from that kingdom, but the spreadsheet doesn’t appear to be able to accommodate for that.