GoW Events spreadsheet


You’re right. But it seems that every new kingdom will be released with 2 Legendaries. That was the case for Shentang, Bright Forest and Dhrak-Zum.
That’s why I don’t check if the kingdoms have 2 Legendaries :wink: .


Drifting Sands, Karakoth, Merlantis, Suncrest and Urskaya all have only 1 legendary. There’s some discussion on whether they intend to let Mythics count for that legendary requirement, but even if so, that currently leaves Suncrest high and dry.


You’re right. I didn’t check the “old” kingdoms :stuck_out_tongue: .

It was fixed.


On your Others tab, you’re missing the weapon “Ocean’s Protector” which appears in game, though I don’t know if it ever actually was available for players yet (which is perhaps why it’s left off).


No it hasn’t been released yet. Next week, I think :wink: .


Hi! Any info for August 27, 2018? The week is missing in the spreadsheet. I am trying to upgrade kingdoms and finding arcane traitstones is very time consuming!


We suspect the gap might be being left open for the new Kingdom release. If so, the Arcane stones will be Lava (red/brown).

Edit: the devs have not made any announcement regarding the date of the new Kingdom release or the 3.6 update, so either/both of these could be postponed. As with all spoilers, no dates are guaranteed and should be expected to change.


@turintuor the spreadsheet says Sin of Maraj can only get to 3* when it’s released is that because it doesnt have 2 epic troops?


It’s because it only has 7 troops at release on Friday. The 8th troop comes on Monday allowing for a possible 5*.


I didn’t realise it didn’t have 8 troops on release that’s the first in a while.


Actually, all recent kingdoms (Silvergale/Urskaya/Suncrest/Merlantis/Bright Forest/Shantang/Dhrak-Zum) got at least 7 troops on Friday releases, then 1 more at their event weeks. So it’s alway possible to 5-star any kingdoms the first hour their event start.

And yes, even with the rule of new system. It’s in fact easier now actually, as you don’t have to Trait and Mythic them all, just finish all the quests and upgrading a weapon. The latter is more tricky, but that also can be managed as there’s always one Legandary weapon, and there are plenty of Legendary Ingots from Raid/Invasion, so you can save them up for any new kingdoms.


Please tell me that this spreadsheet (my second favourite GoW resource after GoWDB) will be updated soon (tm?) for the new Factions in the spoiler data and which Kingdoms will be able to get additional stars each week, e.g. this week Whitehelm can get to 11 12 stars (if you have more luck with shards than I’ve had).


12 stars :wink: .

Darkstone is still at 8 stars even with the 20 troops…

EDIT: okay, everything should be updated aside the pets. I also add the new classes coming…
For the moment, troops from Faction will be considered like troops of the mother-Kingdom. I will see if in the future it’s necessary to make a difference between them…


Hi, I was looking at your excel sheet and was wondering if the Max Star level of Glacial Peaks should be at 9 instead of 8 because it seems to meet the 9 stars kingdom requirements: kingdom pet, 3 traits on 16 troops, and class (Frostmage)? I also don’t see Frostmage under your kingdoms tab so this might be due to that? Great job on the excel btw, very nice to have info all in one place. Thanks.


You are correct @EdelVV, Glacial Peaks is PL9 possible.


Thanks I forget to put the class :stuck_out_tongue: .


Good day

I give my vote for adding a list of classes and their 3 talent tree branches, and then possible talents for each branch.

Another idea that is not as time consuming is to add a column in the “By Date” tab, that shows previous max stars. I can’t be the only one who has to check if I already have 10th star when I see bold typed 11-14 max stars. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your work, we use the sheet a lot in my guild!


I think there are enough resources where you can find this information (wiki, gowdb).
I can still put some minimal information like the trees, if you think it could be useful :wink: .

If there is red that means the kingdom power level can be upgraded. In this case the previous level can be seen in the tab Kingdom.

You’re welcome :wink: .


I kust wanted to take a minute to stop by and say “THANK YOU” for your schedule.

It’s a must for me. I started playing back in May and of all the tips, videos, etc I used/use, that schedule is a MUST for me.

Anyway, I personally really appreciate what you do in making it available. If you guys ever need help, waves I’m your girl. Would be glad to help out.

Happy gaming ^^
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Something I thought would be handy is having the troop’s name (maybe on the far right column). Just for quick reference as to when it’s in chests.