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PS4 Version - Level 50ish - Temporary Guild
PC / ANDROID - Level 1055 - FRiCTiON

:sparkles:Starting out on the PS4, not dedicated to a Guild just yet. Laid-back, but active in Guild War, Raid, Rapid Boss, Dooms, ETC…
:no_entry_sign: DISCORD REQUIRED group, Please :v:
strong text :white_check_mark: Guilds with both Versions, but not necessary.

:sparkles: PS4 Invite Code FENIXFLAIR_PKCX
(Below Invite Code = PC/Mobil Version :thinking: :ok_hand: :wink: )
:speech_balloon: MY Global Channel - Room #321

:question:ABOUT ME
I’m a single Mom, 41, Straight. - While I’m not looking for :two_hearts: :kiss:, IF the Right Guy came along… Who knows. But, focused on playing otherwise.