Non obtainable cards?

I’m a new player in PS4 version of GoW. Please allow me to ask some stupid question. I have look through many source but no luck finding answer yet.

How many cards in this game is not obtainable via any type of chest? I mean an exclusive card or something like that.

Thanks in advance

There are no cards that cannot be obtained… but some are harder to get than others…

All troops can be obtained, except for:
*The Imps from the Primal kingdoms, which are seasonal (so only 1 at a time is available depending on the season)
*There are six troops which can currently only be obtained from guild wars so they aren’t in chests. They will, however, be available in guild chests at some point.

Unfortunately there are many hero weapon cards which can’t be obtained. These were previously available for glory purchases as one-off events. The Devs have been making one per week available as an in app purchase. Unfair? I agree!


@Whiskeyjack is right about the Primal, guild war troops and old weapons (the weapons are periodically obtainable via real money purchases only)

here is list of cards in console:

im not sure how it goes in console but when in the pc/mobile a new troop is released via “weekly event” - that troop doesnt go to gold/glory/gem/vip chests until next “monthy chest update” happens (where all the event-troops from month ago are getting added to those chests)
i think console could have some “delay” similiar to that
so in a way certain troops may be not obtainable for a while after their initial release (they can still show up in event chests depends on the event kingdom) - but that may require someone from console to confirm that (im only a pc/mobileplayer)

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How about shiny gorgotha? Technically also a non obtainable card. Can’t remember if there are any other quest exclusive ‘‘cards’’.


Troops released in a weekly console event go to chests 4 weeks later, and I list the expected release dates in that thread you referenced.

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What about the merchant’s blade weapon on console?