Spoiler request: PC/Mobile can see events months in advance. Can console see the following week?

Just so we console players can plan accordingly, since there’s no way for us to get data from the game files.

One week would be enough, I suppose. For instance, I rather wait a week to fully trait my dragon soul or mechanist with arcanes from the shop if they will be available next week, even if I need the current week’s arcanes.

Could be as simple as a “Next week: event ###” at the end of the post or at the accompained forum discussion, so people can avoid spoilers if they don’t want to know, but those who do could go to ashtender and check accordingly.


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I think the order of released troops is the same as it was for PC, so you could check this thread:



Although on top of what @MakoSipper said, there are some cases when troops get added early (eg Console got Bone Scorpion two weeks ago) so it might skip those troops in the event list when their turn comes up.

Thank you. I was just about to mention the Bone Scorpion we got last week I think on console. This week is Dragonian Monk, but I don’t remember seeing the Bogstein Strangler troops or event, which should have been this week according to that long graphic.

If the developers are doubling up troops like it was mentioned in a post from Aug '16, it would still be helpful to have console schedule since things seem to be a little different. I am trying to figure out which week I can get Tesla and the new dragon mythic.


Actually on closer look, I think it is out of order. We are just now getting Dragonian Monk, but we have already gotten Archdruid, Captain Skullbeard, and Bugbear. Does that mean console will have Tesla the week of May 14th 2017?

I’m just trying to understand. Thanks for any help.

Its a blessing and a curse. We can’t see ahead for planning, but also have a extreme lack of hackers/cheaters/trainers etc. As soon as “soon” finally arrives and we are finally caught up then you will know what is planned because the schedules will be actually be aligned.

Unfortunately the console does not quite follow the PC release schedule. Its order and troops offer is similar but because we needed to “catch up” there are frequently differences: Events were out of order/some skipped/troop combos were different/Event bonuses different/ etc.

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I have been tracking the process of catching the console version up to PC/Mobile over here for the last few months:

Based on what I have seen, there is no reliable way to know when specific troops are coming. At this point, the critical thing is that we are waiting for Microsoft to approve the 3.0 patch. Until that is released, we don’t even know if there are any troops available to release, but once it is, I expect a flurry of new troops. The newest kingdom Suncrest will probably be released in the first or second week after the update, and Adana is the other big one that I would expect in those two weeks. We’re only 5 events behind, so they can catch up in just a few weeks by adding bonus troops to the events. Until the update is approved, there isn’t much point speculating.