Console 2.2 Known Issues

This is actually more User Experience than actual bug, but I noticed today that the default chest behavior was not ported from PC/mobile to X1. Xbox One is still defaulting to the highest key in inventory instead of gold keys. According to patch notes, this was changed in 2.2 for mobile/pc.

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Chat is still acting up for me and at least one other member in my guild. It’s frozen the game a few times. The game has also frozen and lost reward items for one member in my guild, at least. I’ve nearly lost a gold contribution to a task, it took 6 retry’s before it went. xbox

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Today I load the game, collect my 1st tribute and then…a black screen! (xbox)

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Any update on the PS4 being able to purchase the new Offers?

We’re on the same patch as PC/mobile, yet they’re still getting troops before we do…

Any chance you’ll fix that?

That is a very long story. The devs have been working on a plan to bring the two versions into alignment for many months and there have been some changes in the plan over that time. Now that we are finally caught up on patches, we’re in the final phase, but they haven’t announced exactly how that will work. I’ve got a thread going where I keep track of the progress which you can follow over here:

The devs are usually nice enough to update us in that thread as they work out their plans, but after getting burned with multiple delays from Sony & Microsoft before Christmas, they haven’t said a lot about the exact plan beyond this point.

And here’s the last and best explanation of the plan from a dev:

Plenty server error when finish pvp fight again… i was hoping the new server migration was for the better but it is same old story again

Yep. I’m having server issues on Xbox One this afternoon, too

Yeah, back in August Sirrian was VERY specific about their update schedule on console: including being 100% fully caught up (patch and troops) by mid December. Without rehashing I think we will only receive specific dates when they can be assured everything they need is through MS & Sony certification.

EDIT: If it were up to me: I would push things along as its got to be more difficult for the developers to support two version of their game, with two events, etc.

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Yes, I agree. I’ve pretty-much stopped making any predictions at this point. I see some perfectly reasonable ways to get caught up again, but I don’t expect it to happen overnight. I guess that’s a prediction… :no_mouth:

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Yeah make up your mind you stop or you continue? Lol

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Presumably addressed to support since the update effectively broke the game and it has not been fixed.

The same errors every day
Freezing chat not working can’t recruit
Chat crashing the gane pvp not paying and freezing.
Guild donations and rewards problems. troop errors etct etc etc .
update has broken game for many people and it is not being sorted because many effects are regional.

there are so many issues they are unsure of cause.

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How strange. No such problems at my end.

‘Rowanne is definitely broken. She’s not even wiping a team of mechs on normal difficulty with 45 armour!’

Hey dan remember posting that after the update?


Chat service is certainly annoying since checking chat when it’s down freezes the game.

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OK, yes that’s an issue,but you’re saying the game is broken. I just don’t use rowanne!

I saw this bug couple time and finaly could make a video, i think it is only animation bug
When kraken make his cast and then make a 4x gems match, sometime we see him doing another hit 3 damage to everyone but usually we dont see him hit, we just see the opponent health drop -3

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Unintended but not bad XD Might be worth doing all the time.

The errors on battle completion people are seeing, are they the token mismatch errors, or the battle has already finished errors, or something else? Just want to confirm what people are seeing.

We’re looking into chat becoming stable once again, and also fixing the fact that when its down and you check chat the game crashes.

@Frozensilent: The new offers should be available for purchase now.

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About battles errors: I have the 6 circles loading indefinately before begining battle that force me to exit game and reload. A loss is counted. Also the “kingdom doesnt match” msg after a battle, with this one, no loss counted but no win too…like the match never happened.


I’m getting the “this battle has already finished” error. Sometimes it counts as a loss and sometimes no result. Ps4. I got it twice yesterday but not at all today.