The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

Updated for this week’s PC and console events.

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Hi @Sirrian i was wondering if you guys going to make a video to show us how the AI customisation going to work?

I am really excited about this and certainly want to know more about this :slight_smile:

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Patience Ricky lol
We aren’t getting that in the next patch, and Sirrian always makes good videos.

Oh sorry i though it was in next patch

bumps this thread since I just inadvertently bumped the old one lol

@UKresistance @Rickygervais
No, Rickygervasis is correct: according to a post from Sirrian the console update will includie AI customization.

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He said consoles would get new ai system first, but I don’t remember him saying we’d get it in the next patch.

Check the bottom of this post:

You are right. I went through Sirrians old posts but didn’t catch that at the bottom. it does however mean to expect more pvp losses against the ai.


More losses is a possibility… It will depend on how well the customization is implemented, the player’s setup, and whether the computer acts as expected.

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I would be surprise to see the update before thanksgiving but if it happen i am ready! :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that Thanksgiving is an American holiday. It isn’t celebrated as an official Australian holiday/weekend, for them its just another Thursday.

The developers did state a week ago they were still on track “so far” for getting it out before the end of November…

If the Sony and MS approval processes flow through the US in any way, there could be an impact. Certainly wouldn’t affect the devs, but might slow down getting approval back in the first place.

IF they were to submit the update today (the day before Thanksgiving) you bet. But I’m pretty sure I read that its was put in already.

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Agreed, I think it was Alpheon that said it was submitted last week. Hopefully if the approval team IS in the states, they’re pushing hard to get it back to the devs BEFORE they leave for the holiday. I’m on vacation starting Saturday, so it probably won’t affect me anyway, but just for the sake of the troop catch-up, I’m hoping it comes sooner than later. I really don’t want to be updating this thread for just Anubite and Settite on Monday…

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Well 2 day left, let see what happen

Crossing fingers

You mean next update could come in the next 2 days? I’ll have to accelerate gold contribution then. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve been kind of secretly hoping for this Friday and have been cashing in my gold horde accordingly.

@Nimhain do you think we gonna get update before thanksgiving? :slight_smile:

So i guess it’s a no lol