The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)

It’s alright i will just pass my frustrations on the leaderboard lol


There are still a couple of days left in November, but I agree it would have been nice to see the update before the holiday.

Anyhow… your eagerness for the Guild update when your in the top Guild knowing your going to get your rewards nefed should clearly demonstrate to the developers that getting NEW content out in a timely fashion is vital for the longevity of the game.


I am more interested of that AI customization, there is so many team i would like try in defense but I don’t cause AI not playing them well

Pretty sure im gonna have lot of fun with this new toy

And yes new things keep the game fresh

Next event should be:
Anubite Warrior - Ultra Rare - Brown/Yellow (2.0)
Settite Warrior - Ultra Rare - Green/Brown (2.0)

Because I think those two are about the last unreleased troops at our current patch level lol

Other than that, it’s desdomonia and some imps.

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So what is your strategy guys?

Do you bank the more ressources you can before update is launched or you trying to get every troop you can now

I still got some card to mythic but i think i will spend my keys/gems only when the catch up will be done

I’ve got 30,831 gems and 34,679 glory keys saved for the near future and update. I’ve also got all the troops and I’m only missing a few copies of 4 legendaries to get them to mythic. Not concerned about them, though.

I’m sorted.


Very nice im only sitting on 4k glory keys and 7k gems that damn war cost me way too much lol

As long as you have what you need and wanted.

Yup wanted at least 1 card of everything

@Rickygervais, I am saving all my keys/gems until the update, getting a handful of troops to mythic will not make a major difference to me. Would rather have more chance of getting new troops that I can play with, even though most of them will probably be never used lol.

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I did quick math and you got over 1200$ of gems and probably another 500$ of glory keys

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Updated for this week’s PC/Mobile and Console releases.

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@Stan Thanks for keeping the list updated! :smile:

How come plague and death are under leonis empire? Shouldn’t they be apocalypse troops?

How long do we have to wait for the glory only troops to be put in the chests? For example; is Bombot in the gold chest now?

All troops go into chests 4 weeks after they appear in a weekly event unless otherwise stated.

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It was just a little formatting problem with Plague and Death - that should be more clear now.

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Bumping so you can edit title :slight_smile:

So this week is the good one? I can smell the update

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Edited for this week’s troops. Back from vacation and I think we’re up to date again.

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Think we’re out of new troops until new patch?

That’s what it looks like to me…

Is it normal to get loads of flesh golem with event keys for a khetar event? I told my Mrs to save em and her glory but she plays different to me!