CONSOLE: Hello Ladies!

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(Insert bad pickup line here)

New Troop: Incubus

Q. Why should the girl Daemons have all the fun?
A. They shouldn’t!
So here’s the Incubus, fresh from the Blighted Lands (quite fresh actually), arriving to steal your Significant Other’s heart.

New Legendary Troop: Dark Monolith

Inspired by the Holy Warriors of Whitehelm who built the Archon Statues, the Daemons of the Blighted Lands have begun construction of something even more terrifyingly powerful - the Dark Monoliths - because nothing says “Trespassers will be Prosecuted” quite like a giant burning statue of a Daemon Lord at your front gate.

The Dark Monolith will be available only in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, Glory, Guild, and VIP chests in 4 weeks’ time.

There will be a bonus troop, the Shadowblade, available in Glory Bundles this week.

Also being added straight to chests are the Dark Troll and Void Portal.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

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Spring imp also?

Might want to remove that part :slight_smile:

Spring Imp should be in chests once this event goes live.

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What do you think of Dark Monolith @verdugo ?

Not dank enough so do not like!


Maybe they can create a “Dank Monolith” that will be localized just to Scotland for you…



I’m at work for a few more hours. What’s the stones please folks?

Just to be clear, we can get Abynissia with event keys even though Jontar is the exclusive mythic this week, correct? Or does the exclusive mythic status override the possible event key mythic drop, which would force us to hunt for Aby after Friday but before the next weekly reset?


Abynissia is in event keys this week… Jotnar will remain exclusive in the other keys.


Great, thanks. As Aby is one of only two mythics (three including Jontar which I will be going after, after the reset tonight) looks like I’ll be spending a hefty number of event keys to see if I can snag her…

I thought mythic were not in event chest?

They are in them. A few got draak thru event chest months ago

good to know i was not sure since we don’t see mythic picture on event chest

so probably blighted land and demon event, aby +50% stats will be interesting

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Oh no! More Aby for me then!

Burned 150 Event Keys and stopped for now without getting the Mythic Abynissa. The Keys have become quite rare since the Glory Pack change late week and I think I’ll hold onto my last 500+ Event Keys. I did get a pair of Dark Monoliths, now about the only thing in that Kingdom that is not Ascended to Mythic with crazy number copies to spare.

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Just noticed Void portal and Dark Troll are supposed to be in the chests. Does that Include Glory Chests? as I just burned a ton of Keys and did not get a single copy of either the troop and they are only UR and Epic. Its just after the weekly change over, and on console a lot of times to the new troops are not in the chests.

Has anyone pulled one?

I’m a bit annoyed that we can’t just buy em with glory. Why not add them or at least one @Sirrian?
Otherwise targeting enough to ascend is going to be ridiculously difficult.


I’m still not convinced there wasn’t a typical console problem during the rollover and the 2 troops never got added to the chests properly. I not going to use a few thousand Glory keys for a low level Ultra Rare just to find out it was not added.