Who's Afraid of the Dark?

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Certainly not the Dark Priestess.

New Troop: Dark Priestess

Many years ago, Draakulis set out to conquer the lands surrounding what he called the Bay of Skulls. The renaming of the body of water was pretentious enough, but Draakulis’ designs on expansion turned out to be even more so. The Wargare of Maugrim Woods were little problem as his troops marched slowly around the coastal areas, but he met formidable resistance from the Elves of Silverglade.

Soundly beaten by the Elves, and finding his home attacked by itinerant Goblin bands, who seemed to have an uncanny knack for knowing where they could get an easy meal, Draakulis retreated, but not before setting a plan into motion for the future (when you’re immortal you get to play the long game).

Draakulis corrupted a number of Elven Priests and Priestesses; some followed him home, but others stayed back to sow thoughts of hatred and fear amongst their people. The Dark Priestesses of Ghulvania are the remnants of the ones who travelled back to Ghulvania with him.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Weird troop

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Seems like a pretty bad troop, but maybe I’m just not thinking about a type of situation she would be useful in? The low mana and skull creation seem to be the best part of her. I guess a barrier will prevent taking damage from when the skull creation invariably doesn’t create a 4-match for you and sets up the opponent.


She the perfect replacement for Kraken in those Justice and Mab teams!

Yeah, useful for a Skull spam team, probably with a Health heavy front line troop.

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I wonder how the interaction would be if she was the first troop and she cast the 2nd spell on herself: She would have already gotten barrier the first time, the 2nd time she will take the barrier away without draining life and gain zero attack?


Even if she hit the barrier instead of actual life, she would still gain the attack. Notice how Draakulis’ “Steal life” works the same.


Wonder if that triggers Humility 3rd trait


Can’t wait to watch the A.I use this one .


Could work with a troop with Frenzy

So you’re saying she gains the attack?

I’m still reading it as the target gets the attack gain and then the barrier also.

We were talking about her being the target of her own spell.

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Ah got it :wink:

I guess our push for a more specific spell description didn’t work huh? :wink:


Perhaps she could be used to turn Gorgotha into a scary front-liner (he doesn’t need the Life and the extra Attack would substantially increase his effectiveness if the other troops also spam skulls).

That said, I don’t personally find her compelling.


I like Dark Priestess, I’m currently debating how to run a team with her.


Since she will be getting the 50% boost to stats, I would think she should be the top troop on a team. She’s perfect on any team that can gain life which would put her in a Justice or Loyalty kind of team. That Cleanse also gets rid of any debuff.

I’m looking forward to trying her with Loyalty.

Something like:
Dire Wolf (Ok, probably needs a better tank, but this could be fast death.)
Green Seer
Dark Priestess

Another troop that could be fun…

… if increasing attack really did anything against current DM/Devour meta.


I was thinking of putting together a Justice team, but this looks pretty good.