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Draakulis is a broken troop

There are WAY to many battles lost to this troop due to the imbalance of how much life he gains per spell he casts. It ends up like fighting more than his entire team in life points over and over until he ultimately destroys the attacking team. There are no other comparable cards that offer such a overwhelmingly large buff for the cost. The potential of gaining 80 life per spell cast is ridiculous for 20 mana. Please adjust this imbalanced card.

Devour him. Problem solved.


He’s middling at best because he always drops the turn and doesn’t disable or immediately threaten kills. If you have the means, devour him. Otherwise, use spell chains to take him out before he casts.


shadow-hunter for the poor.

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Silence, web, devour, submerge, mana drain, Lord Ironbeard, Shadow-Hunter. There are a lot of different ways to kill him quickly or disable him. He is not a great mythic now but if he gets nerfed at all he will be useless.


Guess I need to adapt a different team. Thanks for the ideas and thoughts

Si he’s broken cause you can’t beat him?

I guess zuul raid boss is also broken then :stuck_out_tongue:

That raid Zuul Goth is broken with his barrier this week…