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CONSOLE: New Mythic - Draakulis

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-new-mythic-draakulis/
Hail to the King!

New Mythic Troop: Draakulis

Our console cousins deserve a new Mythic Troop for November, so here he is, all the way from Ghulvania!

Draakulis makes a fairly capable front-line tank, being Armored, and also able to buff his Life through spell and traits. His spell scales up very nicely with Magic gained from both high-level Kingdoms & support troops, and he can outperform Crimson Bat early in a battle when he has 4 enemies from whom to steal life.

As the famous bards Goblin & Sullivan once wrote:

When I sally forth to seek my prey
I help myself in an Undead way.
I bite a few more necks, it’s true,
Than a well-bred monarch ought to do;
But many a king on a first-class throne,
If he wants to call his crown his own,
Must manage somehow to get through
More dirty work than ever I do,
For I am a Vampire King!
And it is, it is, a glorious thing, to be a Vampire King.

Draakulis will be the ONLY Mythic Troop available in chests for the next 7 days, so now is a great chance to make sure he’s on your team (after 7 days, the Horsemen will be rejoining him in chests). He is available in Glory Chests, Gem Chests (10x Chance), and VIP Chests (100x Chance, for VIP players only).

Please note this announcement only applies to PS4 and Xbox versions of the game.

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Cool, thanks for posting. I wish I’d saved my keys and gems now, I never know when to save! Lol

Yeah just got him with glory keys. :grinning:

Anything else new in the chests?

No just the mythic.

@Sirrian Just got the mythic, but it doesnt count for the star rating. Could anybody look at it? Ghulvania should be 450 for troops and 1800 for lvls. Thx

We had the same bug on PC/Mobile, but looks like it never made it across to console

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Thank you. That was quick :smiley:

150 vip and 3500 glory keys. nothing :cry:

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another 1000 glory keys and I got him!


Finally took the time to make an account just so I could say how happy I am that a new Mythic comes in and I get it from my first 12 glory task reward.


Unfortunately that was the easy bit. Now you have to make an effective team with him

Yeah best see if he works with anything I actually have.

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General Question. When this focused event is over are all the Mythics put back on the chest list?

I recall reading a post from someone last week that they pulled hundreds of VIP chests and did not get any Mythics.


Yes after the focused event is done all mythics available are put back into chests.

I was under the impression that they opened hundreds of chests and did pull mythics but it wasn’t the exact mythic they were looking for.

No, the one I’m referring to wasn’t about getting the “wrong” Mythic, it was getting 0. Thanks for everyones replies.

Lol, sorry hard keeping up with all the mythic pulls and non-pulls.

I was just deciding about burning a few thousand Gems, or holding them until to Chest list was “open”. I’ve decided to hold them, and not specifically go for Draakuss.

A wise choice. Draakulis is terrible, fun to mess about with regarding getting his health super high for about 3-5 games and then you’ll never use him again.