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Witches in Britches

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/witches-in-britches/
There really ARE monsters under the bed.

New Troop: Night Hag

More than a century ago, a ship carrying a beautiful Leonine Princess ran aground on the rocks of Darkstone; it was travelling to Adana for her wedding. It was no accident. The merchants of Darkstone often lured ships to their ruin so they could plunder their cargo and riches.

Unfortunately for the merchants, the Princess was also a Sorceress - not incredibly powerful, but powerful enough to enact a curse with her dying breath.

Now, every stormy night, she returns from her watery grave to steal the souls of anybody who does not lock their windows and place a clove of garlic there as protection. The people of Darkstone simply know her as the Night Hag.

There’s also a theory that this is merely a story perpetuated by lock, shutter, and garlic merchants, but who wants to take the chance?

New Troop: Giant Toad

It’s a toad. A really big toad. A really REALLY big toad.
It’s probably as big as medium-sized dog, or maybe a very small LARGE dog. Smaller than a pony though.
But as far as toads go, it’s pretty darned impressive.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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Wow… I come back and interesting troops come out… I timed this well!

Looks interesting! I look forward to playing around with them :smiley:


Great stuff, really like the hag!

If she turns me into a newt, I mean Toad, is there any chance that I get better?


First troop with mystic bond trait and first common base troop with big trait.

Night Hag looks interesting. What’s with “gambling” spell lately eh?

Edit: Nvm Ogre is also has Big trait.

Also a very cool idea, a Giant Toad that uses his huge tongue to move an enemy troop to the front.
Brilliant! :wink:


Night Hag looks cool. Not sure if intended or not, but it’s kind of like alternate art of a troop we already have. Pretty badass.

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Welcome back, remember to carry frog’s repellant after going around on a “Night Hag tranformation spree”.


I read the title of this week’s event wrong… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thought it was “Witches and [The B word that rhymes with witches]”


@Sirrian, is her ability 33% chance for all 3? Or is it something like 40% for the 2 reductions and 20% for transform?

WOW low Mana cost 9 green to get the toad to fire and he does 13 points of Damage AND puts the troop at top… holy moly.

That is the exact ability as a hero weapon that costs 12 mana.

I wonder if they fixed the glitch with it. Last I recall, it wasn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

They will be reminded 100+ times tomorrow if not. xD

Ya I definitely don’t know all the troops and weapons as well as you do, but I thought this was off and it is nice to know I wasn’t imagining things.



It’s been months since we’ve had a troop use red minors :slight_smile: Guess they are working at equalizing

Blue - 2694
Green - 2964
Red - 3402
Yellow - 2604
Purple - 3084
Brown - 2754

The gap has closed quite a bit.


Yeah I was thinking that very thing recently. Where are the red minors?!

Most of the story went to the hag.

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Ohhh 2 for 1. Got emmmm

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I don’t believe so. Sirrian said it was a race condition they can’t get to duplicate in house.

Perhaps we’ll get lucky and the toad movement code will be different and not bugged.