CONSOLE: Who's Afraid of the Dark?

It was. Great to hear that.

@Saltypatra you going to create a know issue 3.05 thread?

Minor Issue
In the Store: Gems, Weekly Event, Specials are blank.

Yes, @Shiratori it was the bugged Achievement that Unlocked.

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Lol sniped this is why i asked previous question :slight_smile:

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retreating/winning and starting a battle stil takes forever lol

Is it ps4’s turn yet?

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Summer officially starts on Wednesday June 21st in the northern hemisphere.

The Summer Imp has never been released as a Glory troop for consoles, unlike the way it was on PC/Mobile. Shouldn’t that Imp be added to the console cadence at this point while we’re approaching parity to the Mobile release?
@Sirrian @Saltypatra

Welp, I suppose “Summer” might not be the first thing that jumps to mind over in Oz whilst the sleet, snow and black ice will prolly be making their appearance for you in the next few weeks… :stuck_out_tongue: