Not in a guild bug

Just got this msg “you are not in a guild”

@GoldPhoenix0 @Alpheon @Sirrian @Nimhain please help!!!

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Having the same issue, I submitted a help ticket, but am wondering as well if this’ll get fixed soon, since I’d just posted some recruitment posts and now can’t respond to anyone who responds. :cry:

Hopefully the devs will be able to get this fixed soon! :grin:

Also just submitted a help ticket. This is annoying, since was about to complete guild wars battles when I lost my guild.

Guilds are down on ps4 as well

I got the same message. This is very annoying and I hope they get this fixed asap…


The Xbox One update is going out now, so this problem will be fixed shortly. Make sure to restart your game so the changes take effect.

There will be a slightly longer wait on PS4.


Ps4 guilds are back up but i’ll restart anyways

I can’t get passed the loadscreen anymore after the update, a problem that I had almost all week and was just fixed …

Contact our support here so we can look into the issue for you.

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I replied in open ticket 34466

The difference with the past few days : the error message is now “502 Bad Gateway”

The support team is working on your ticket now. They will reply to your ticket when they have an answer to your issue.


Everything is ok now at my end and hope it stays like that.
The update looks nice!
Thanks for helping me out!

Guild wars menu is all grey but the first and last box, can you look into this on the PS4

Guild statue bonuses are broken.
We lost all bonuses running from last week and completed a statue and received no bonus

Yep same issue here. Also showing that next guild wars doesn’t start for 6 days.

The team is looking into this issue now. When I hear news I will let you all know.

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Yay! We got a week away from guild wars! :blush:
I for one need a break from this.:grinning: