The Monster Mash

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It will be a graveyard smash!

New Troop: Werewolf

The Werewolves of Ghulvania are extremely dangerous, however (unlike the old wives’ tales) lycanthropy is not something that can be caught from the bite of one of these creatures. In fact, it is a trait carried from parent child, often lying dormant for a generation or two, before activating.

New Troop: Villager

The Villagers of Ghulvania are mostly a peaceful and reclusive bunch. THIS one however just happens to have lycanthropy and will turn into a Werewolf at the very first opportunity!

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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@Sirrian I assume that, since it is the first Monday of the month, that the chest contents are changing?

Interesting concept anyhow. So the villager converts gems then transforms… the werewolf does not gain from the mana conversion

Pushing Ghulvania from 11 to 13 troops while there are so many kingdoms with only 9 (some even only 8) seems unfair to me.


Granted, one of those 13 is a base mythic, but still… was hoping for a Leonis or Glacial Peaks since both are still at 8.

Unfair to whom? To the Leonian citizens? Maybe we can convince them to write a petition.



I was personally rooting for Karakoth… that kingdom has overall so lame and unusable troops it need some serious help.

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I can’t help but notice this… (only applies to high-level people who have everything…)

So before, we were getting Common (and Rare) troops that we were never going to bulk-buy and ascend to Mythic on the spot due to sort of unreasonable expenses. But we still had whatever other troops showed up that week.

Now this is a Common + Epic where the Epic gets shafted too, unless the Common is also leveled. Sigh?

The concept is cool, its just not something that anyone using Mythic troops (and fighting Mythic troops) can really afford to use. Or, y’know, raise it to Epic only and have it be underleveled and tiny.

I also second the ‘Ghulvania again?’ complaints… this is their second double event, plus Draak, and we’ve got kingdoms sitting on 8 and 9 still.


And it won’t be in chests till November (likely), so you won’t get more for a while.

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good question.

so anyone looking forward to @Tacet’s video on this troop combo in action on offence.
my prediction of 4x villager still stands.

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Needs more Peasant.


In some mini events around two or more kingdoms we could have some quest with Ghulvania’s lycanthropy and some undead curses spreading towards Sword’s Edge and affecting the Peasants.

Maybe i’ll sketch up something with this idea… :thinking:

When a troop transforms, it becomes the level of the previous troop’s magic stat instead of staying the same level. Transform works like summoning in that regard.

Trust me, I tested this with level 3 Baby Dragons that transformed into level 9 dragons.

Still wouldn’t be the same rarity though, would it? I’m going to check myself in a few hours I guess…

Any guesses about what the rarity of Draakulis in the chests will be?

My records could be off (as I’m missing first few weeks), but in the last 14 event weeks since 11th July, Deep traitstones have been featured 4 times.

All while:

  • Dark have only been featured once during 12th April event
  • Stoic only once 6th June
  • Summer only once on 24th July

Bring back ‘traitstone parity’! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Neat mechanic

My guess is that they’ll be Mythic. :stuck_out_tongue:

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