CONSOLE: The Mummy Returns

  1. Your at end game, at +400 that’s ALOT to starting players.
  2. I can’t even tell if its working either.

It’s not worth it imo. The extra time you wasted using yellow troops could be spent doing more matches, potentially winning more with effective teams as well. Say 30 pvp to get to #1 that’s 12k, so I think it’s a double edged sword.

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When PC had +400 gold for using a full blue team I tried it out but it took so much longer that I ended up getting more gold for using my regular dragon team. Plus most teams with 4 of the same colour sucks so I ended up losing a few times.

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Also this week events really doesnt fit well together, divinity got a boost yeah cool but it only help feeding bone dragon this is so useless imo

Thanks for this, should be fixed now.