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The Mummy Returns

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/the-mummy-returns/
Long live(?) the King!

New Troop: Mummified King

While the wars between the Anubites and the Settites destroyed Khetar and unleashed a horde of Undead, not all the tombs were broken. Many of the Royal Tombs remained intact and still contain the restless dead, mummified Kings and Queens with the power to destroy those they touch.

New Troop: Bastite Priestess

The Bastite Priestesses, relatives of the distant Raksha tribes, took no sides in the Anubite-Settite War, preferring to stay and guard the Royal Tombs, as was the purpose of their order. Their descendants still live in Khetar, though they are no longer recognized as Raksha, having become feral and almost as dangerous as the horrifying creatures they protect.

Please note this Event only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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The ability of Bastite Priestess makes me feel like it might be a tad uncomfortable to use. The two have an interesting synergy, but the specific kind of unreliability of the rare here outside of these two together is just… Strange.

What happens if you opponent has a Wraith and you’re using this in a team without the Mummified King, and just intend to use it with the first part of the ability? You could very easily back yourself into a corner like this.

It’s an interesting dynamic, but I don’t think this will be used much.


I feel like Mummified King is going to be excessively too weak. Anything with a boost ratio can do more damage than his ability despite his having the deathmark drawback. Bastite Priestess is a really cool card concept, but the way Mummified King is set up the only viable team you could ever make with it requires Bastite Priestess. Using a Mummified King without her makes him into an average single target troop that has the large drawback of instantly killing itself at any time.

At least cause it to deathmark the target too as well as himself.


I don’t even think casting mummified king is worth the turn you spend to cast him.

Even with Batiste Priestesses synergy, you are literally killing your own fairly weak synergy.

Not all can be A+ rated troops. Mummified King probably scales decently for Mythic. Similar to Bombot sorta, except he has a chance to live. Also it’s a targeted strike.


I agree 100% with this.

Glad to see you’re still here Eika. :slight_smile:

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Yeah the drawback is too big and I don’t think it’s going to be effective enough.
I won’t be using this personally.

So it caps at 12 magic when level 20 and mythic. Add 8 for kingdoms. Add 2 for guild. Nuke does Magic + 6. So at end game it is 12 + 8 + 2 + 6 = 28 point nuke.

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On the other hand, troops that self-inflict status? Cool. Can we have an ally-poisoner next? Just asking for humility’s sake.


Just throw him into a full-on martyr team. Maybe along side Death just for the irony.

Even though the troop could turn out to be OP, it would be nice to have a troop that’s a martyr but it damages the enemy team plus buffs your entire team in some way.

I forget the card game I used to play that had a troop called Man-Eater. Yugioh perhaps? It destroyed itself, but guaranteed an enemy kill as well. If that were to play out here, it’d probably have to be a mythic.


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Mummy king looks terrible…

Not sure about that; Dwarven Slayer and Bombot have spells quite similar to that (heavy damage instead of guaranteed kill), and are Ultra-Rare and Common, respectively.

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This is true. I just think YOU KNOW people will lose their minds because that spell would be similar to Maw. People don’t take kindly to losing a troop out of their control. So the mana would have to be pretty high. Even so, likely to never happen just from outrage.

Not to mention this would have to happen after the new mode that caps a troop use of only 1 per team.

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KITTY - Black Kitty… Pretty… YES…must spend mass glory on chests… must have must have.


Nothing worth playing with here…

I was also hoping the next Khetar event would come with a Khetar rework since every single end game players knows how broken a Bone Dragon can be and since Keeper of Souls 's third trait now falls behind every other legendary trait.

Well, I guess I’ll just welcome some new power level in Khetar buy a couple traitstone and wait for the next week.



Okay, yah, the Mummified King seems a bit underwhelming as a higher card, and I think his big schtick will only work best with the Bastite Priestess, but…

Being a HUGE Egyptian Mythos kinda’ gal, and liking the whole Bastet thing… Good on ya’, Devs, for this!! I’m especially liking, natch, the Bastite Priestess.

##Changes that need to happen for Khetar:

Bone Dragon:

  • Nerf skull production to 1:5 ratio based on armor destroyed
  • Buff base skull spawn from 8 to 10

Keeper of Souls:

  • Buff legendary trait to 100% chance to summon a rare Wight to be in line with Kerberos buff of 100% chance for a ultra rare Warg

Mummified King:

  • Add death mark to target as well
  • Give it a boost ratio based on skulls on the board at a 1:2 ratio (similar to that of Revenant)

But this is a buff to bone dragon? O.o
Makes him more reliable of making skulls, he doesn’t even need to crush enemy armor if he makes 10 skulls.