The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


My memory is exceptionally solid. I started typing every week that proves I’m correct… but I dislike typing. Search official news, console, Sirian. You will see with out me personally dragging everyone around by the nose that Weekly Event on console is based on the Glory troop, NOT the majority in Kingdom.

sometimes it coincides w/ majority sometimes it does’t. ALWAYS the troop.

Lol i guess we will see in couple hours :slight_smile:

Just tell me wich event didin’t fit im curious

Ha!!! and here I thought you played this game a lot.

Here is only ONE example

You must have very outdated version if Undead are not the majority in Khetar… perhaps its time to update again:)

I feel like I’m trying to prove 2+2 is 4. Seriously look at the old events everyone you will then see.

So far i remember

Adana + mech
Loenis + elemental
Maugrim woods + beast
Stormheim + Giant
Silverglade + mystic
Glacial peaks + fey
Khetar + divinity

Sorry but you are wrong khetar event was undead, i remember bone dragon had 50% boost :slight_smile: you forgot bastite was released same time then mummified king wich is undead and also had 50% boost, bastite only had 25% boost

No. That’s wrong. Khetar was NOT +25% Undead. It was matched the glory troop PERFECTLY like the others. +25 Khetar, +25 Divine (not many Divine in Khetar by the way, if you don’t want to look at the Troops menu)

Please read is you care

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I’m not going to weigh in on the how’s or why’s, but I just read the entire PC “stoned in the spire” thread and the event was 25% boost to Broken Spire and Giants.

I’m sure I used to be able to see details of past events on Ashtender, but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore.


Ok ok lol you are right but this is the only event who doesn’t fit my theory :slight_smile:

And if @stan is right, it will be the first event who doesn’t fit the glory troop so i guess it’s 1-1 :slight_smile:

Ok. But ALL of them match the Glory troops with 100% perfect accuracy, you memory is faulty like in the Khetar example above (and also like people saying Maw has a 90% devour rate). Im calling it a night before I need to prove 1+1=2

Look at Glacial Peaks

Fey just happens coincide with majority by chance

Look at Darkstone

Mystic does NOT coincide with majority

On and on and on and on and on…

@stan im trying to keep track of special events, do you think the list is full or i forgot an event?

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I can check that for you tomorrow. Glad to see the Habs won, btw. Now let’s go Oilers!

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Yes radulov the hero :slight_smile:

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alright i think i finally found it

!-Feb 27- War on , wax off : +25% Leonis and +25% Wildfolk, glory troop was Wandering Monk and Desert Mantis

2-Mar 6- The Mummy return: +25% Khetar and +25% divinity, glory troop was Mummified King and Bastite Priestess

3-Mar 13- Witches in Britches: +25% Darkstones and +25% mystic, glory troop was Night Hag and Giant Toad

4-Mar 20 - The Right to arm Bears: +25% Stormheim and +25% Beast, glory troop was Urska Wanderer and Snowy Owl

5-Mar 27- My Little Unicorn : +25% Silverglade and +25% Elf, glory troop was The Silvermaiden

6-Apr 3- Hello Ladies!: +25% Blighted Lands and +25$ Deamon, glory troop was Incubus

7-Apr 10- Snow-Body Loves Me: +25% Glacial Peaks and +25% Fey, glory troop was Snow Gardian and Frostling

8-Apr 17 - Stoned in The Spire: +25% Spire and +25% Giant, glory troop is Obsidian Golem

9-Apr 24- Dead Men Tell No Tales +25% Blackhawk And +25% Rogue , glory troop are Captain Blackbeard and Bone Scorpion

10- May 1- Journey To The Crest +25% dragon And +25% mystic, Glory troop are Dragonian Monk and Spring Imp

11- May 8- The Bogstein Strangler +25% ??? And 25% ??? , glory troop are Marsh Strangler and Bog Strider


Giant, broken spire. Who won? Lol

Thank you.

Past memory does not help as what they did in the past weeks on console seem to have changed now that we are almost caught up to PC though. This weeks event does not follow like the others we have had on console. Thinking about it. I don’t know if its related to following the PC, or creating custom events based on the universally negative feedback that Developers received over the last two PC Events. (Elf hunt, and then Brown w/ BB).


@Rickygervais “won” for

  1. Doing tons of research. See the lengthy post directly above yours that you chose to completely ignore.
  2. Writing it all up and then posting it here on the forums.
  3. Letting his research show how it worked in the past without removing weeks that disproved his theory(honest data collection). That in the past it was not based on “MAJORITY” troop in Kingdom, but matches my Glory Troop theory, and recognizing my memory of the events.

I give huge props to rickygervais for all that

Now though something has changed with this event. Majority troop has been out, see above. My theory is now out as well with this week.


Well when i am wrong i have no problem to say it. this is why i did the list to proove your were right



Based on my records, you’ve got all the correct events in order since the 2.2 patch was released. The first two didn’t have an equivalent event on PC/Mobile, so they were original events for console. Since then, I think everything has been a recycled PC/Mobile event. Obviously, we’ve skipped a few as we’re catching up.

As far as the “rules” of events go, I just assume that they will be whatever the devs feel like that week and the bonus won’t always be based on anything in particular, although it will usually make some kind of thematic sense. They probably do that to keep all the spoiler-watchers on PC/Mobile at least a little bit off-balance.

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Hey @Saltypatra,

It has been a while since we’ve had any kind of official update on what is going on with the console versions. Based on my tracking, I see that we’ve only got a couple weeks of kingdom events from the 2.2 version left. Has the 3.0 update been submitted to Sony and Microsoft, or is it still in internal QA? I know that 3rd party approval is not under your control, so I’m not looking for an exact timeline, just curious about where we’re at in the process.

Also, would the plan be to release Suncrest and/or Guild Wars soon after the patch is released, or should we expect a bit of time in between?

We’d appreciate any information you can provide. Thanks!


@Saltypatra Yes, I second this!

I understand if you have to add a ton of disclaimers and use vague words. Last year in August Sirrian was very detailed that CONSOLE would be 100% caught up feature-wise by mid-October, and Troop wide by mid-December. Unforeseen problems arise… and he later probably regretted giving that level of detail in a timeline. But please share what you can. Thanks.