The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


@Strat is correct, Australia does celebrate Easter.

It’s not 8pm EST yet. Another 2 hours to go :wink:


Yeah i know, i meant he usually post at 8pm EST unless he drink too much and passed out :slight_smile:


Original post updated for this week’s events. I assume Gog and Gud will go directly to chests and won’t be available for glory. With this release, there will only be four unreleased (non-mythic) 2.2 troops left (Bogstrider, Marsh Strangler, Captain Skullbeard and Dragonian Monk). With this week as a template, that could be done in 1 week, or stretched out to two. In total, we’re only 6 events behind PC/Mobile now, though still 3 mythics behind.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind a chance at Spring Imp and Dark Troll for glory, as I haven’t hit on either of them in chests yet. We should be getting another exclusive mythic week sometime this month (assuming Ketras is OK to go before 3.0 is released), and the flood of keys I open there will hopefully net me at least one of each, but who knows?


Got one dark troll in chest and i would also like to see them in glory bundle


So the special event should be +25% broken spire and +25% giant


Why Giant? So far the Weekly Event coincides with a troop offered in the Shop for Glory. Obsidian Golem is an Elemental Construct. So try +25 Broken Spire, +25% (one of Obsidian Golem’s races).

Unless they are putting the Legendary troop up for Glory…


Hard to say we already got giant and elemental event i was hoping for something new like dwarf or robot…

Maybe construc but usually the event fit with the most of same type troop of the same kingdom


No. Please re read my post. It always (so far) coincides with the offered Glory troop in the Shop, not the majority type for that Kingdom. Hence that why it will be Elemental or Construct (unless they let us buy the Legendary).

Well know in a few hours anyhow.


Yes but look this week event was glacial peaks and fey are most common in this kingdom. Same for every other event we had before but i could be wrong i don’t say i am 100% sure it was only speculation

Edit: pc also had adana +mech 25% this week wich is most common in this kingdom

We also had

stormhein and giant
Adana and mech
Maugrim wood and beast

I dont remember other event but they all fit with most common of same kingdom


The great thing is that our beta-testers have already tried this event out for us. For some reason, I can’t seem to access the event archive on ashtender, but we’ll get exactly the same event that PC had when they had their Broken Spire event.


I’m pretty sure PC/Mobile had Giants for Stoned In the Spire’s week.


If it’s the case it will fit with my theory



My memory is exceptionally solid. I started typing every week that proves I’m correct… but I dislike typing. Search official news, console, Sirian. You will see with out me personally dragging everyone around by the nose that Weekly Event on console is based on the Glory troop, NOT the majority in Kingdom.

sometimes it coincides w/ majority sometimes it does’t. ALWAYS the troop.


Lol i guess we will see in couple hours :slight_smile:

Just tell me wich event didin’t fit im curious


Ha!!! and here I thought you played this game a lot.

Here is only ONE example

You must have very outdated version if Undead are not the majority in Khetar… perhaps its time to update again:)

I feel like I’m trying to prove 2+2 is 4. Seriously look at the old events everyone you will then see.


So far i remember

Adana + mech
Loenis + elemental
Maugrim woods + beast
Stormheim + Giant
Silverglade + mystic
Glacial peaks + fey
Khetar + divinity


Sorry but you are wrong khetar event was undead, i remember bone dragon had 50% boost :slight_smile: you forgot bastite was released same time then mummified king wich is undead and also had 50% boost, bastite only had 25% boost


No. That’s wrong. Khetar was NOT +25% Undead. It was matched the glory troop PERFECTLY like the others. +25 Khetar, +25 Divine (not many Divine in Khetar by the way, if you don’t want to look at the Troops menu)

Please read is you care


I’m not going to weigh in on the how’s or why’s, but I just read the entire PC “stoned in the spire” thread and the event was 25% boost to Broken Spire and Giants.

I’m sure I used to be able to see details of past events on Ashtender, but it doesn’t seem to be there anymore.


Ok ok lol you are right but this is the only event who doesn’t fit my theory :slight_smile:

And if @stan is right, it will be the first event who doesn’t fit the glory troop so i guess it’s 1-1 :slight_smile: