The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 3 (No further updates)


Since everybody else is updating their stuff in advance, I went ahead and added Stonehammer to the unreleased list in advance of tomorrow’s release on PC/Mobile.


I believe Glacial Peaks next week, with Snow Guardian, Forstling + Ice Golem available for glory.

Yes all mythics should be back in chests after the daily reset tonight (at least it’s tonight for us).


Omg ty for the heads up, anything will be added straight in chest?


I don’t believe we have any planned for next week.


Will we be getting a dragon’s claw event anytime soon?


glacial peaks event next week so i presume

Next event will be +25% glacial troop and +25% fey


I said a couple months ago that I was out of the prediction business, but these kind of questions are irresistible to me.

Based on Nim’s posts above, we know Glacial Peaks is next week, with 3 troops available for glory and probably nothing else going direct to chests.

Beyond that, I think the likely Kingdoms to get events are:

  • Blackhawk & Dragon’s Claw (both are newer Kingdoms with an Epic and Ultra-rare new troop)
  • Broken Spire (needs an event to target the new legendary Gog and Gud with event keys)

All the other available troops would be fine as bonus troops or going straight into chests. I don’t know if the Guild Wars delays that they’re experiencing right now might cause them to slow down the console releases a bit. I know they said they were in internal QA on the 3.0 console update, but I don’t know if they will need to incorporate any changes from what they are doing now into the console build before they submit it to Sony and MS. In any case, I think they still need a few weeks to get us caught up on troops in an orderly fashion.

As usual, please consider my predictions to be worth no more than the pixels that they’re printed on.


Since I won’t be available to update this thread until late Monday (at best), I have travelled through time to provide the updates two days in advance. Assuming there are no distortions in the space-time continuum, the original post should be correct as of Monday. If there ARE any problems, I’ll clean them up when I can next week.


Dragon’s Claw looks like it will be in May if it does indeed host an event although after Karakoth not getting an event, I think we can only safely say that Dragonian Monk will be in May.

I’m still hoping for Spring Imp in Glory Rewards.


I can’t make promises but I’ll see what I can do.


Come on we all know you the boss and sirrian follow your instructions, women always got the power lol


Suncrest added on PC/Mobile. I’ll try to get the event troops updated tomorrow after announcements, but it may need to wait until Monday.


Maybe nim will tease us 1 day before the event, like she did last week :slight_smile:


I think that was the first time that they ever telegraphed exactly what was coming, so I’m not holding my breath. I’d love it if they did, though. It sounds like they have a very clear plan of what is coming for the next few weeks, at least.


What do you think about Suncrest? Maybe in a month??


I don’t know. They’ve gone pretty quiet as they try to get Guild Wars out on PC/Mobile. We need to have 3.0 before they can release Suncrest and I haven’t heard anything about the submission going to Sony/Microsoft yet, but they’ve been really careful about not getting hopes too high for the last few months. The rate that they’re pushing the new troops out makes me think that they are planning to get us caught up pretty quickly, but they’ll usually say something at least once the submission goes in to Sony/Microsoft. I think they’ll get whatever they need to do around Guild Wars into the console 3.0 patch, submit the update for approval and they’ll probably release Suncrest either right when 3.0 goes live or the week after, with Guild Wars to follow soon after that. Assuming that they didn’t already submit the patch for approval, I would guess sometime in May for everything. What do you think?


Yeah that make sense


I’m hoping this week is another good catch-up week with troops from 2 or 3 kingdoms. Maybe Broken Spire (with the legendary in event chests), plus 1 or 2 bonus troops. We’ll see in a few hours, I guess.


Yeah usually sirrian post pc at 8pm EST and console 25-30 min later but maybe he did a big Easter party and forgot about it lol. Not sure if australian celebrate Easter


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