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The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread 2 (Current Event: Stormheim)

Last update: October 9, 2016

Current Console Version: 2.05

Troops released since the 1.085 Update (in chronological order):

Bone Dragon (Khetar) (Was the Event Troop already when the Update was applied)
Elf Eater (Grosh-Nak released)
Salamander (Pridelands)
Hobgoblin (Zaejin)
Green Seer (Forest of Thorns)
Bul’Tauros (Divinion Fields)
Fenrir (Maugrim Woods)
Anointed One (Darkstone released)
Giant Spider (Zhul’Kari)
Sylvasi (Pan’s Vale)
Skeleros (Wild Plains released)
Swamplash (Mist of Scales)
Zephyros (Stormheim)
Green Slime (Karakoth)
Gob-Chomper (Broken Spire)
Ifrit (Drifting Sands released)
Mercy (Whitehelm)
Faunessa (Pan’s Vale)
Imp of Love (Primal) - NOT IN CHESTS YET, SOON :tm:
Runesmith (Khaziel)
Venbarak (Blighted Lands released)
Ghiralee (Adana)
Valor (Sword’s Edge)
Rakshanin (Pridelands)
Wyvern (Grosh-Nak)
Sea Troll (Darkstone)
Bunni’Nog (Pan’s Vale)
Marsh Raptor (Mist of Scales)
Wild Fang (Wild Plains)

Troops released with the 2.05 Update:

Winged Bison (Wild Plains)
Savage Hunter (Wild Plains)
Nobend Brothers (Zaejin)
Sacrificial Priest (Karakoth)
Spirit Fox (Maugrim Woods)
Tal’Rae (Zhul’Kari)
Spider Knight (Zhul’Kari)

Entire Glacial Peaks Kingdom
Queen Mab
Winter Wolf
Winter Knight
Snow Sprite

Entire Leonis Empire Kingdom
Emperor Khorvash
Pride Guard
The Devoted
Lion Prince
Sand Cobra


Troops released since the 2.05 Update:

Sylvanimora (Forest of Thorns)
Lady Anariel (Forest of Thorns)
Thorn Knight (Forest of Thorns)
Lava Elemental (Broken Spire)
Fire Lizard (Broken Spire)
Marilith (Mist of Scales)
Hellcat (Blighted Lands)
Creeper (Blighted Lands)
Kruarg the Dread (Grosh-Nak)
Fel’Dras (Grosh-Nak)
Armored Boar (Grosh-Nak)
Famine (Apocalypse)
War (Apocalypse)
Autumnal Imp (Primal)
Naga Queen (Mist of Scales)
Dragon Cruncher (Drifting Sands)
Mad Prophet (Drifting Sands)
Corrupted Sorceress (Darkstone)
Remnant (Darkstone)

Troops to come:

DRACOS 1337 - Legendary - Yellow/Purple (2.2)
Royal Engineer - Ultra Rare - Blue/Brown (2.2)
Bombot - Common - Brown (2.2)

(All Troops currently match.)

Blighted Lands:
Desdemona - Epic - Red/Green (2.2)

Broken Spire:
(All Troops currently match.)

(All Troops currently match.)

Divinion Fields:
Astral Spirit - Ultra Rare - Yellow/Blue (2.01)
Moa - Common - Yellow (2.01)

Dragon’s Claw: (2.2)
The Dragon Soul - Legendary - Red/Purple
Visk - Epic - Red/Blue
Dragonmoth - Ultra Rare - Yellow/Green
Dragonette - Rare - Green/Purple
Dragotaur - Rare - Green/Brown
Baby Dragon - Common - Red
Dragon Eggs - Common - Yellow
Couatl - Epic - Yellow/Purple
Dragonian Rogue - Ultra Rare - Blue/Purple

Drifting Sands: (1.09)
(All Troops currently match.)

Forest of Thorns:
(All Troops currently match.)

Morthani’s Will - Epic - Blue/Purple (2.0)
Wraith - Common - Blue (2.0)
Draakulis - Mythic - Red/Green/Blue (2.1)
Werewolf - Epic - Purple/Brown (2.2)
Villager - Common - Brown (2.2)

Glacial Peaks:
(All Troops currently match.)

(All Troops currently match.)

Guardians: (2.2)
Courage - Common - Red
Humility - Common - Yellow
Loyalty - Common - Green
Justice - Common - Blue
Sacrifice - Common - Purple
Honor - Common - Brown

(All Troops currently match.)

Rock Troll - Epic - Red/Purple
Lord Ironbeard - Epic - Yellow/Blue (2.1)
Apothecary - Ultra Rare - Green/Blue (2.1)

Anubite Warrior - Ultra Rare - Brown/Yellow (2.0)
Settite Warrior - Ultra Rare - Green/Brown (2.0)

Leonis Empire:
(All Troops currently match.)

Maugrim Woods:
(All Troops currently match.)

Mist of Scales:
(All Troops currently match.)

Pan’s Vale:
Satyr Musician - Ultra Rare - Yellow/Brown (2.2)
War Goat - Common - Green (2.2)

(All troops currently match.)

Winter Imp - Legendary - Blue
Spring Imp - Legendary - Green
Spooky Imp - Legendary - Purple
Summer Imp - Legendary - Yellow
(Summer Imp had been accidentally available for a short time. So while some may have him, there hasn’t been an official release yet.)

Dwarven Slayer - Ultra Rare - Red/Yellow (2.0)
Northrender - Common - Brown (2.0)

Sword’s Edge:
Queen Ysabelle - Legendary - Green/Blue (2.2)
Dragon Knight - Ultra Rare - Red/Brown (2.2)
Innkeeper - Common - Yellow (2.2)

Grand Inquisitor - Epic - Red/Yellow (2.2)
Penitent - Common - Blue (2.2)

Wild Plains:
(All Troops currently match.)

(All Troops currently match.)

(All Troops currently match.)

Planning for the Apocalypse


I can’t recall but I bet they want the update out asap

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Thanks for keeping this up @TaliaParks! I really appreciate it.

(Gentle reminder to update for the last two weeks events).

I checked the recent PC/Mobile patch release threads and they dropped on a Wednesday (1.09), a Thursday (2.0.1) and a Monday (2.1), so I don’t think they will necessarily wait for the start of the event to go live if they get the go-ahead from both Sony and MS.

My pleasure :thumbsup:


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[[quote=“TaliaParks, post:1004, topic:10582”]
Barring another Sony rejection, @Alpheon indicated the update is this week.

will believe it when i see it :slight_smile:

Fair play, I am too lazy :beer:

This new mythic look very nice

It’ll come when it comes. The update, that is.

A little different than usual anyway. I wonder if we will get them in the same order PC did

Here I thought you meant death…

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Seasons don’t fear the reaper and neither should you, young Studs.

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This list was almost halved last night. Have you got the necessary info?

I have what I pulled from chests, is there an official list somewhere?

Show all in troop list was accurate last night except for war and famine

New troops added to glory packs today apparently

Oh so there are new troops in the chests now? Approximately how many?

I have 8000 glory keys I’ve been saving to get troops.

2 new kingdom and bunch of new troop… That was crazy i almost catched everything exept

Oooooh very nice. Can’t wait to get home and spend some keys!

Yeah I can confirm that. I got everything but War and Famine

I’ll update… no, overhaul this thread soon. Lots of change happened