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Coming soon to a console near you! (Weekly Event: Khaziel)

This is a list of troops that are not currently available on the console but are in the PC version of the game. This will be an ongoing work in progress as troops do become available and new troops are added to the PC. Now the devs are working to bring the 2 sets of platforms to be as identical as possible but that is still some likely time off.

The information here is being taken from the current versions of both the PC and PS4 versions and comparing what is missing. The current console version of the game will be listed along with the version of when the kingdom/troop first appeared on the PC. While it isn’t a guarantee, in most cases, if the PC version number is lower than the current console version, then it was likely included in the last console patch. The troop may still be locked, but you should be able to see it in various challenges. Other notes will also be added in each Kingdom as necessary.

In the case where whole Kingdoms are listed, troops marked as “Quest Troops” can be gained by completing the quest line for that kingdom. Troops marked as “Event Troops” may not be immediately available upon release of the kingdom, but when they are, you will be able to purchase them with Glory for that week.

Last update: July 25, 2016

Current Console Version: 1.095

Troops released since the 1.085 Update (in as close to chronological order as I remember):

Bone Dragon (Khetar) (Was the Event Troop already when the Update was applied)
Elf Eater (Grosh-Nak released)
Bul’Tauros (Divinion Fields)
Hobgoblin (Zaejin)
Salamander (Pridelands)
Green Seer (Forest of Thorns)
Anointed One (Darkstone released)
Fenrir (Maugrim Woods)
Giant Spider (Zhul’Kari)
Sylvasi (Pan’s Vale)
Skeleros (Wild Plains released)
Swamplash (Mist of Scales)
Zephyros (Stormheim)
Green Slime (Karakoth)
Gob-chomper (Broken Spire)
Ifrit (Drifting Sands released)
Mercy (Whitehelm)
Faunessa (Pan’s Vale) / Imp of Love (Primal)

Troops to come:

Ghiralee - Epic - Yellow Blue (1.08)

War - Mythic - Blue Red Brown (2.0)
Famine - Mythic - Green Yellow Brown (2.0)
Plague - Mythic - Green Blue Purple (2.0)

Blighted Lands:
Infernal King - Legendary - Purple Yellow
Herald of Chaos - Epic - Brown Purple (Quest Troop)
Venbarak - Epic - Blue Purple (Event Troop)
Hellcat - Epic - Purple Yellow (Event Troop) (2.0)
Twisted Hero - Ultra Rare - Red Yellow
Hellhound - Rare - Red Green
Succubus - Rare - Red Purple
Quasit - Common - Purple
Creeper - Common - Red (Event Troop) (2.0)

Broken Spire:
(All troops currently match.)

Sea Troll - Epic - Purple Green (1.09)

Divinion Fields:
Astral Spirit - Ultra Rare - Yellow Blue (2.01)
Moa - Common - Yellow (2.01)

Drifting Sands: (1.09)
Dragon Cruncher - Epic - Red Green (2.0)
Mad Prophet - Common - Purple (2.0)

Forest of Thorns:
(All troops currently match.)

Morthani’s Will - Epic - Blue Purple (2.0)
Wraith - Common - Blue (2.0)

Glacial Peaks: (2.0)
Queen Mab - Legendary - Blue Purple
Borealis - Legendary - Blue Yellow
Tassarion - Epic - Yellow Purple (Quest Troop)
Winter Wolf - Ultra Rare - Blue Purple
Yeti - Ultra Rare - Blue Brown (Event Troop)
Jackelope - Rare - Yellow Purple
Winter Knight - Rare - Blue Green
Snow Sprite - Common - Blue

Wyvern - Ultra Rare - Green Brown (1.09)

Sacrificial Priest - Ultra Rare - Purple Yellow (1.09)

Runesmith - Ultra Rare - Red Blue (1.09)
Rock Troll - Epic - Red Purple

Anubite Warrior - Ultra Rare - Brown Yellow (2.0)
Settite Warrior - Ultra Rare - Green Brown (2.0)

Maugrim Woods:
Spirit Fox - Ultra Rare - Purple Green (2.0)

Mist of Scales:
Marsh Raptor - Ultra Rare - Yellow Green (1.08)
Marilith - Epic - Red Green (1.09)
Naga Queen - Ultra Rare - Green Blue (1.09)

Pan’s Vale:
Bunni’Nog - Legendary - Brown Purple (1.09)

Rakshanin - Ultra Rare - Brown Yellow (1.09)

Winter Imp - Legendary - Blue
Spring Imp - Legendary - Green
Summer Imp - Legendary - Yellow
Autumnal Imp - Legendary - Brown
(Summer Imp had been accidentally available for a short time. So while some may have him, there hasn’t been an official release yet.)

Dwarven Slayer - Ultra Rare - Red Yellow (2.0)
Northrender - Common - Brown (2.0)

Sword’s Edge:
Valor - Epic - Red Blue (1.09)

(All troops currently match.)

Wild Plains:
Wild Fang - Epic - Red Blue (1.08)

Nobend Brothers - Epic - Red Brown (1.09)

Tal’Rae - Epic - Red Blue (2.01)
Spider Knight - Common - Purple (2.01)

Please feel free to leave comments, updates, and corrections in case any of the information is incorrect and I will update things as soon as possible. Otherwise, updates will likely occur Monday or Tuesday with both the new PC and Console releases.


Yikes. Giant Spider, Green Slime, and Mercy? Hope y’all have Swamps saved up.

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And this week was Fenrir. Also Green Blue.

I’ll splurge a bit when Mercy comes out though really most of my Glory will go for Gob-chomper. Gorgotha and Maw after all.

Will these cards all come out in one update or ?

Depends on what you mean by “come out”.

If you mean “Will the non starred cards be added to the console in 1 update?” then yes, most if not all of these should be included in the next patch. But as you can see, just because they are on the console that doesn’t mean you can use them right away.

If you meant “Will they all be accessible in one shot?” then outside of a kingdom release (like Wild Plains) only 1 new troop can be pulled a week. Granted the PC had 2 new troops this week so you might see that pairing down the line.

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The first :slight_smile: im on ps4 so only comment on ps4 side.

There’s a Green Slime in the second Challenge in Darkstone on consoles.

That’s why some troops were marked with a *. I’ve seen both Mercy and Soothsayer in different challenges. So they were included in the last patch. They’re just not useable by the player yet.


So, when a troop becomes available for use, will you remove them from this list?

Or maybe just put the date they were made available next to the troop?

I was simply going to remove the troops as they become available on console and add the new ones that are added to PC.

If the troop isn’t on the list (outside of most imps though I may add them for completeness later) then you can assume it is on the console.

Speaking of imps, what do you mean by ~

Also, when a troop is listed as an ‘Event Troop’, does that mean you can only get them through the event chests? Also, does that mean they are of a limited time only?

The devs had mentioned that there were many troops they wanted to bring to console before the imps. While never say never, they are toward the bottom of the list of troops we will see.

Outside of the kingdom listings, all the troops should be Event Troops. So you should be able to get them with Glory and Event chests for that week (like Fenrir for this week.)

Now, those troops I listed as Event Troops within the kingdoms mean that they aren’t automatically available when the kingdom becomes available. When Wild Plains is released, if it follows the PC, Skeleros will be the Event Troop for that same week, but we’ll still need to wait for Wild Fang, which would then be available for Glory some time later.

Again, they may do things different so more troops will be made available so some of this is best guessing. We’ll see soon enough.

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Also the other importance of Event Troops is that when they are purchased with Glory, you will receive traitstones of the same color so this can be used to plan out which Epics and Legendaries you want to trait out.

Updated list to reflect that the Nobend Brothers was indeed the PC troop for the week.

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Updated list to remove Giant Spider as it is now possible to get this troop. This also makes Zhul’Kari match the PC version of the game as well as giving Consoles their first 9 troop kingdom (although due to a known glitch, Spider Swarm doesn’t count toward Kingdom Power yet.)

So when will this update roll out?

Most likely Tuesday when the next event starts. All the new 2.0 troops will be added then as well.

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Sylvasi is this weeks console event.


I was lucky to get him before when he was leaked. 5 in fact. At least I can ascend him cheaply.

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A few updates for today.

  1. Added the new 2.0 kingdoms and troops to the list. We should see these added soon.
  2. Added all the Imps to the Primal kingdom. We’re still not going to see them any time soon.
  3. Sylvasi is no longer a leak, but arrives for everyone today in Pan’s Vale. His Arcane Beast (Green Red) Traitstone can be used for himself or the following troops if you want to level them up:

Dark Maiden
Gloom Leaf

Have fun everyone.