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The (Un)Official Console Weekly Event Thread Part 1 (Closed)

This is a list of troops that are not currently available on the console but are in the PC version of the game. This will be an ongoing work in progress as troops do become available and new troops are added to the PC. Now the devs are working to bring the 2 sets of platforms to be as identical as possible but that is still some likely time off.

The information here is being taken from the current versions of both the PC and PS4 versions and comparing what is missing. The current console version of the game will be listed along with the version of when the kingdom/troop first appeared on the PC. While it isn’t a guarantee, in most cases, if the PC version number is lower than the current console version, then it was likely included in the last console patch. The troop may still be locked, but you should be able to see it in various challenges. Other notes will also be added in each Kingdom as necessary.

In the case where whole Kingdoms are listed, troops marked as “Quest Troops” can be gained by completing the quest line for that kingdom. Troops marked as “Event Troops” may not be immediately available upon release of the kingdom, but when they are, you will be able to purchase them with Glory for that week.

Last update: August 1, 2016

Current Console Version: 1.095

Troops released since the 1.085 Update (in chronological order):

Bone Dragon (Khetar) (Was the Event Troop already when the Update was applied)
Elf Eater (Grosh-Nak released)
Salamander (Pridelands)
Hobgoblin (Zaejin)
Green Seer (Forest of Thorns)
Bul’Tauros (Divinion Fields)
Fenrir (Maugrim Woods)
Anointed One (Darkstone released)
Giant Spider (Zhul’Kari)
Sylvasi (Pan’s Vale)
Skeleros (Wild Plains released)
Swamplash (Mist of Scales)
Zephyros (Stormheim)
Green Slime (Karakoth)
Gob-Chomper (Broken Spire)
Ifrit (Drifting Sands released)
Mercy (Whitehelm)
Faunessa (Pan’s Vale)
Imp of Love (Primal) - NOT IN CHESTS YET, SOON :tm:
Runesmith (Khaziel)
Venbarak (Blighted Lands released)
Ghiralee (Adana)
Valor (Sword’s Edge)
Rakshanin (Pridelands)
Wyvern (Grosh-Nak)
Sea Troll (Darkstone)
Bunni’Nog (Pan’s Vale)

Troops to come: (Arcane Traitstone provided with Event Troops)

DRACOS 1337 - Legendary - Yellow/Purple (2.2)
Royal Engineer - Ultra Rare - Blue/Brown-Shield (2.2)
Bombot - Common - Brown-Deep (2.2)

War - Mythic - Blue/Red/Brown (2.0)
Famine - Mythic - Green/Yellow/Brown (2.0)
Plague - Mythic - Green/Blue/Purple (2.0)
Death - Mythic - Red/Blue/Purple (2.1)

Blighted Lands:
Hellcat - Epic - Purple/Yellow-Plains (Event Troop) (2.0)
Creeper - Common - Red-Rage (Event Troop) (2.0)
Desdemona - Epic - Red/Green-Beast (2.2)

Broken Spire:
Lava Elemental - Ultra Rare - Red/Brown-Lava (2.1)
Fire Lizard - Rare - Red/Yellow-Storm (2.1)

Corrupt Sorceress - Ultra Rare - Purple/Brown-Skull (2.1)
Remnant - Common - Red-Rage (2.1)

Divinion Fields:
Astral Spirit - Ultra Rare - Yellow/Blue-Blade (2.01)
Moa - Common - Yellow-Summer (2.01)

Dragon’s Claw: (2.2)
The Dragon Soul - Legendary - Red/Purple-Dark
Visk - Epic - Red/Blue-Blood
Dragonmoth - Ultra Rare - Yellow/Green-Light
Dragonette - Rare - Green/Purple-Venom
Dragotaur - Rare - Green/Brown-Forest
Baby Dragon - Common - Red-Rage
Dragon Eggs - Common - Yellow-Summer

Drifting Sands: (1.09)
Dragon Cruncher - Epic - Red/Green-Beast (2.0)
Mad Prophet - Common - Purple-Death (2.0)

Forest of Thorns:
Sylvanimora - Legendary - Green/Brown (2.1)
Lady Anariel - Epic - Blue/Purple-Spirit (2.1)
Thorn Knight - Ultra Rare - Green/Purple-Venom (2.1)

Morthani’s Will - Epic - Blue/Purple-Spirit (2.0)
Wraith - Common - Blue-Stoic (2.0)
Draakulis - Mythic - Red/Green/Blue (2.1)

Glacial Peaks: (2.0)
Queen Mab - Legendary - Blue/Purple
Borealis - Legendary - Blue/Yellow
Tassarion - Epic - Yellow/Purple (Quest Troop)
Winter Wolf - Ultra Rare - Blue/Purple
Yeti - Ultra Rare - Blue/Brown-Shield (Event Troop)
Jackelope - Rare - Yellow/Purple
Winter Knight - Rare - Blue/Green
Snow Sprite - Common - Blue

Kruarg the Dread - Legendary - Red/Green (2.1)
Fel’Dras - Epic - Red/Blue-Blood (2.1)
Armored Boar - Common - Green-Stealth (2.1)

Guardians: (2.2)
Courage - Common - Red-Rage
Humility - Common - Yellow-Summer
Loyalty - Common - Green-Stealth
Justice - Common - Blue-Stoic
Sacrifice - Common - Purple-Death
Honor - Common - Brown-Deep

Sacrificial Priest - Ultra Rare - Purple/Yellow-Plains (1.09)

Rock Troll - Epic - Red/Purple
Lord Ironbeard - Epic - Yellow/Blue-Blade (2.1)
Apothecary - Ultra Rare - Green/Blue-Venom (2.1)

Anubite Warrior - Ultra Rare - Brown/Yellow-Mountain (2.0)
Settite Warrior - Ultra Rare - Green/Brown-Forest (2.0)

Leonis Empire (2.1):
Emperor Khorvash - Legendary - Blue/Brown
Amira - Epic - Red/Purple (Quest Troop)
Pride Guard - Epic - Red/Green-Beast (Event Troop)
Manticore - Ultra Rare - Yellow/Green
The Devoted - Rare - Yellow/Blue
Lion Prince - Rare - Red/Yellow
Khopeshi - Common - Blue
Sand Cobra - Common - Brown-Deep (Event Troop)

Maugrim Woods:
Spirit Fox - Ultra Rare - Purple/Green-Venom (2.0)

Mist of Scales:
Marsh Raptor - Ultra Rare - Yellow/Green-Light (1.08)
Marilith - Epic - Red/Green-Beast (1.09)
Naga Queen - Ultra Rare - Green/Blue-Swamp (1.09)

Pan’s Vale:
(All troops currently match.)

(All troops currently match.)

Winter Imp - Legendary - Blue
Spring Imp - Legendary - Green
Summer Imp - Legendary - Yellow
Autumnal Imp - Legendary - Brown
(Summer Imp had been accidentally available for a short time. So while some may have him, there hasn’t been an official release yet.)

Dwarven Slayer - Ultra Rare - Red/Yellow-Storm (2.0)
Northrender - Common - Brown-Deep (2.0)

Sword’s Edge:
(All troops currently match.)

(All troops currently match.)

Wild Plains:
Wild Fang - Epic - Red/Blue-Blood (1.08)
Winged Bison - Yellow/Green-Light (2.1)
Savage Hunter - Green/Brown-Forest (2.1)

Nobend Brothers - Epic - Red/Brown-Lava (1.09)

Tal’Rae - Epic - Red/Blue-Blood (2.01)
Spider Knight - Common - Purple-Death (2.01)

Please feel free to leave comments, updates, and corrections in case any of the information is incorrect and I will update things as soon as possible. Otherwise, updates will likely occur Monday or Tuesday with both the new PC and Console releases.

Shoutout to @Shiratori, original creator of this thread and my friend

We miss you buddy!


Here’s my continuation of the Weekly Event Thread for Console.

It is up-to-date, with the Leonis Empire Kingdom and Troops added.

So we are missing 60 troops? Is my count right?

58, I listed 2 Troops twice. Fixed.

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Crazy, but thanks for bringing the thread here. It is a lot of troops, but important to remember PC version was out a year before console.

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Tomorrow’s Event will be Runesmith, from the Kingdom of Khaziel. He is a Red/Purple Ultra Rare Troop, so there will be ONE Arcane Dark Traitstone in each bundle.

Link to Runesmith via @Lyya’s Database.

Red/Purple Troops for those Arcane Darks:
Flesh Golem
Dark Master
Mist Stalker
Night Terror

#Event Chests:
Will contain mostly Khaziel Troops, featured Legendary is Gorgotha.

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Doesn’t help that PC is getting 2 Troops a week.

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Sand Cobra is an event troop. It would be the other one this week.

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Thanks for picking up this thread, @TaliaParks.

And thanks for all your hard work on the other thread, @Shiratori. Hopefully we’ll still see you around the forums?

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Fixed. Thanks dude.

No problem, I literally kept a list like this in real life, so it’s natural to share.

Also, I believe I’m the “authority” when it comes to the Console version’s knowledge base now that @Shiratori left us.

As always, I’m here to assist, provide advice and raise a little Hell!

Sounds good! I trust we are in very capable hands. :wink:

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58 troops? Crikey. 12-18 months may be a fair estimate of when console catches up

As a suggestion, perhaps move “Imp of Love” to his own line from Faunessa’s? My eyes skipped right over it while reading and I was about to comment on the omission.

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At least rune smith is a 9th troop. Got another 5* city. Oh, and rune smith escaped into chests a bit early.

reaches for Ghiralee Why can’t I have you? The event keys might give me Carnex… please be the next event troop after that crappy Runesmith…

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Boom, done

No, I believe this is by design, and coincides with part of multiple scheduled weekly changeovers that all occur separately. Guild Stat reset, PvP reset, Event Reset, Daily Reset, Chest table update (NEVER concurrent with Event).

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The Weekly Troop will appear in chests after midnight local time.

Right now it’s 9:12am where Iam. Daily reset happens at 10:00am. I pulled a Runesmith out of a Glory chest at 2:03am.

Please keep in mind the Night Terror will be changing “In the Future” to Red/Brown (Lava) if you prefer that Traitstone.

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