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CONSOLE: Guardian of the Sands

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/console-x-3/
It’s double trouble in Khetar!

New Troop: Anubite Warrior

Khetar, long before it crumbled, was home to many cults. Two of the most powerful cults, the Anubites and the Settites, were always at war. The Anubites were a death cult, based around the worship of dead ancestors, and their wizards and priests summoned large jackal-like creatures to guard their tombs. They named these creatures Anubite Warriors, and they still roam the sands of Khetar today, protecting the many burial places.

New Troop: Settite Warrior

The Settites, on the other hand, worshipped nature in its many guises, in particular the gods of the rivers that brought life to the Kingdom of Khetar. Their wizards and priests summoned large crocodilian monsters to guard their temples - the Settite Warriors - and even though the rivers have long dried up, those creatures still roam Khetar today.

It was the war between the Anubites and the Settites that eventually brought Khetar to its end. The Anubites destroyed the Settites’ Rivers, plunging the kingdom into chaos. And the Settites broke open the Anubites’ Tombs, unleashing a horde of Undead upon the world.

Please note this Event only applies to PS4 and Xbox versions of the game.

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Cool, all platforms get Khetar this week! :slight_smile:

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Mountain and Forrest traitstones = great!

Ultra rare troops so we only get one per bundle = :sob:


@Sirrian, just wondering if there is any update on the update? Probably too early in the week to ask but thought I would do so anyway :grinning:

good, some unit for increase khetar kingdom!
But too bad, no extra unit this week.

Both of these troops look pretty cool, when the event starts in my area, I’ll try out both of these troops.

No bonus troop in glory bundle this week?

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Yay!! Mountain Traitstones!! :smiley:
Since it’s a new month are we getting a new Mythic also?

funfact: this is already old news on the steam version. we get The Mummy Returns instead. two completely different troops, wich are more useless than mimic is.

This week in Egypt.

I’ll ask here too. Is it normal to get troops from other kingdoms with event keys? My Mrs used a few and ended up with loads of flesh golem. He’s not even from khetar and she already had him maxed out.

its normal to me on the pc/mobile

i think there is a leftover drop from previous week kingdom but i never gave it more thought… also would like to know how exactly it works

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You could even get legendary troops from other kingdoms. That rarely happens but there’s still a slight chance.

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