Console 2.0.5 Known Issues

The 2.0.5 update has just hit PS4 and Xbox One. Here we will list the known issues of the update. Please also list any issues you’d like to report in this thread.

Updated: 18th November 2016, 12:30PM AEST

Hero Classes

  • Completing the Orbweaver quest line in Zhul’Kari was not unlocking Orbweaver class correctly. Status: This is now fixed. The only players that would have received this bug would have been on XB1 within the first couple of hours of update. If you were affected by this, please contact support.
  • Bonus masteries from classes are not shown separately on the Hero Overview tab. They are included in Hero instead. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Familiar trait icon is missing on the trait display of the card. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Weapon bonuses aren’t applying for Mechanist and Warden classes. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Class progress on the map screen is not displaying the correct progress. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Hero class troop type and kingdom is not being tracked for completing tasks. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Active Hero class is being shown as inactive in the class menu, and vice-versa. Status: Will be fixed in next update

Kingdom Power

  • Gold bonus from 4 star Kingdom Power is not included on the Income tab of Kingdoms. This is a display bug only, as it should still be awarding correctly. Status: Will be fixed in next update


  • Chat shows as “Unavailable”. This will remain so for the duration of this update, due to some third-party issues. Status: We are tweaking this and are aiming for approval from Sony and Microsoft in the next update


  • Some Armor (such as Dragon Armor) can have incorrect offsets throughout the game, such as the helmet being too low. Status: We are fixing for the next update


  • Some players are unable to access PvP. Status: This should be fixed now
  • Rare cases of some opponents starting the game with an empty board of gems. Status: This should be fixed now
  • Switching to the Defenders tab can appear the game to temporarily lock up for some users. Status: Investigating a fix. If it happens, please wait at least 10 seconds to see if the game recovers
  • Swapping defense teams may not save correctly. Status: Investigating
  • Ranked rewards screen shows the incorrect standings and rewards. Status: Will be fixed in next update, but is only a display issue. The rewards mailed at the end of the week should be correct according to your actual rank seen on the Stats or Leaders tab in the PvP Menu
  • Some people are occasionally not receiving their PvP Tier rewards.
  • Players sometimes seeing the Tier Rank up result even though they are that rank already.
  • Tier reward replaced with empty defense rewards

Guild Roster and Guild Activity

  • Last played time shows as ??? and times are no longer shown in the Activity Log. Unfortunately Microsoft raised some issues to do with showing times of other users. So we changed this to get the update passed. Our next update will involve the guild rework, so we will rework this menu anyway.
  • Profile screen showing the incorrect number of days since players have joined a guild Status: Will be fixed in the next update

Guild Masteries

  • Guild Masteries are not applying to non-PvP battles. Status: This should be fixed now
  • In some circumstances, if you load the Hero menu early in the game (eg. before going into battle or the guild menu), it wont display your Guild masteries. This is a display bug only. Status: Will be fixed in the next update

Sound Effects

  • Sound effects stop playing over time. Status: Should be fixed in the next update, but it could be a part of a bigger issue. Please let us know if you notice any specific areas of the game where sound effects degrade, as this may help us track down any further issues relating to losing sound effects

Spells and Traits

  • Devour & Web can be activated on Impervious troops. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Death Mark is not activating within the first two turns. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Plague’s spell is not affect health. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Stealthy trait’s effect can leave the board in a frozen state. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Summoning a troop may not summon it with any unlocked traits or ascension bonuses. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Traits have been reported to activate after death. Status: Will be fixed in next update.
  • Killing the final enemy with Gloom Leaf’s last trait freezes up the game on PS4. Status: Still investigating.
  • Attempting to summon a troop to the team when no free slots are available will cause spells to prematurely end turns, resulting in gems converted/generated to go to the opposing player. Status: Will be fixed in next update.
  • Mana Burn effect does not play.
  • When hit with split among random enemies damage, Barrier effect will lag

Troop Collection Menu/Troop Sorting

  • Available troops and troops shown in the ‘Show All’ view are not consistent. Status: Will be fixed by the next update
  • Sorting filters are not updating with changes. Status: Should be fixed in next update
  • You can filter troops by “No Troop Type”, which displays an empty troop list. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Troop Filter for Level showing 15-1. Status: Will change to be like PC/Mobile, removing the level ranges and just saying Level instead.
  • Troop Filter for Upgradeable showing 14-1. Status: Will change to be like PC/Mobile, removing level ranges and just saying Upgradeable instead.


  • Burning Scythe hero weapon needs correct french translation. Status: Will look into it, we share localization with PC/Mobile, so we will update when they do. This applies to almost all localization issues in this section. If there’s no status next to it, then see here.
  • Open All Mail needs translations. Status: Text will be changing to ‘Claim All’ like PC/Mobile in next update, which is localized.
  • German Leonis Banner text not correct. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Teraxis Spell text is incorrect in French. Always showing the same value instead of applying magic. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Burning Scythe hero weapon missing disease (‘Erkranken’) in German. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Daily task to open one gem key makes no sense (possibly auto-translated). Status: Will send off for proper localization


  • Revenge battles not counting towards revenge tasks. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Explore battles counting towards revenge tasks. Status: Will be fixed in next update
  • Some tasks not giving out rewards. Status: Under investigation. Anyone who can confirm this is happening please send a video if possible.
  • Hero class with ‘Counts as X’ bonus activated not counting towards task completion. Status: Will be fixed in next update


  • Sometimes real money items are not populated within the store (PS4 only). Status: We have a fix going out with the next update.

Other Issues

  • Arena and Casual PvP wasn’t applying difficulty bonuses to rewards Status: This should be fixed now
  • Receiving troops from chests would show it’s current rarity instead of base rarity Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Teams with 4 or more team bonuses break the card display. Status: Will be fixed in the next update, but is only a display issue. This does not affect the game at all
  • The Settings menu appears behind the reward banner menu. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Troops can be moved off screen into incorrect positions.
  • A different match of gems rarely showing as oversized on the puzzle board, when another match is being recommended and pulsing. Status: Will investigate, no ETA on a fix however
  • Serpentine Dagger hero weapon shows a Boost Ratio 3:1 tooltip, yet nothing in the description is clear as to what is boosted.
  • Dragonator 8000 hero weapon missing silence tooltip. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Mail icon won’t disappear for a few seconds after exiting the mail menu after claiming all mail.
  • Troops receiving large stat bonuses on revival.
  • Mana Burn tooltip is not showing up. Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Entering an invalid code into Redeem Code that is 10 characters long will present the player with the option to Quit (XB1)
  • Unable to invite players to guilds where their name codes contain expletives/swears (PS4) Status: Will be fixed in the next update
  • Battle already ended message appearing incorrectly
  • Sometimes pressing the confirm button when selecting an object will act as if the button was pressed twice
  • Event Chest screen shows the event troop name without spaces and not localized. Status: Will be fixed in the next update

Not sure if this is a bug, per se, but the Dragon Armor seems to be attempting to devour my Hero.


Thanks. We have noted that one.

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Scrolling over to the defenders tab in pvp has frozen my game 3 times randomly. I need to reboot the game each time it happens.

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Lost sound effect (magic cast and skull) after 40 pvp only music still on

Xbox one

I also had my sound go away, once after going into the Hero menu. When I closed the game and restarted, the sound was back to normal.

Also, this is a small thing, but I’ve noticed no sound plays when collecting tribute.

Got this error text after pvp fight

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This was a temporary fault and should be resolved now.

We noticed that earlier today on an account here. It happened a couple of times but seemed to recover after about 5 seconds, without requiring a restart. We’ll investigate this one further.

A few times it only took about 5-10 seconds, the 3 times I rebooted it was over 30. It could just be because we just got the update, but I just started going to opposite way to see rankings just in case.

  1. I am getting a 30+ second freeze when switching to “Defenders” tab in PVP

  2. Carnex’s spell text states that it is now giving 8 armor, but casting only gives 3 armor (pre-patch value)

  3. My mechanist is now getting the +5 magic bonus with Prismatic Orb, but is no longer gaining it when equipping War & Peace, Black Manacles or Dragonator 8000.

  4. On the main map screen, the progress bar for my maxed-out class appears to have been reset; it seems as if this is just a display bug?

Thanks so much for your efforts and awesomeness! Please ask if you require any screenshots or further info :+1:

The Skeleros bundle in the shop is showing up incorrect:

Update: Now that you replaced the Skeleros bundle with the Green Seer bundle, there’s still an error. When you click on the Green Seer bundle it shows up completely blank for what you get.

Also I got the same error that was mentioned above about 6 times in a row when I ranked up in PvP:

Weird sorting error when I go to troops. Why is Keeper of Souls at level 5 after a level 1 troop? I had leveled up KoS a bit earlier having not left the troop screen, but it should still sort properly:

When you collect tribute, there’s no longer the coin sound when you gain gold. Was that intentional?

After going to mail, I received my PvP position rewards. The mail for this has a “yes” and “no” button, but the buttons weren’t selectable. I just hit A (while no box was highlighted to indicate what I was on) and it claimed my rewards.

The “Show all” troops feature isn’t working properly. Examples of Troops I’ve unlocked that were not showing up with that selected: Nobend Brothers, all the current event troops.

When in the guild member view and you filter by PvP rank, there’s a weird “rank 0” message coming up for people who haven’t gotten their first PvP win yet:

When clicking on guild standings button within the guild this morning, the game froze and completely exited me out of the game. Haven’t had this happen before.

Don’t attack the current leader on the xbox one pvp leaderboard. The bug with the empty board at the start of the battle is still there… had to retreat.


I can’t access the pvp on ps4, for 3 hours I keep getting this error “our servers are currently experiencing difficulties. we’re working to fix the problem. please wait a few minutes an restart the game.” when I restart the game same thing happens. everything else works.

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@Andrew I’ve stopped having problems with the defenders tab.

Ok so I just hit tier 1 in pvp and now each ranked pvp match only has two opponents to choose from instead of 3. The hard battle has been removed that awards 3 trophies.

@Andrew @Nimhain @Alpheon

Edit. I exited out of the app and everything is back to normal. Lol weird

Whenever I try to click on pvp I keep getting a server error message. I’ve tried to restart the game a few times now and the same message keeps appearing.

As it stands, I can’t do pvp.

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Are you still having this problem? That’s the same problem I’ve got right now.

yeah, I deleted the app but didn’t help, same error